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Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo is tasty

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It all about green sauce with green peas coupled with KFC trademark chickens.

Newly launched KFC promotion " Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo " . I think it was launched in the month of August. I am pretty sure KFC Malaysia launched this promotion after Aidilfitri holiday. The green sauce was tasty and there were many green peas submerged under it.

With that green sauce, you will have your mind changed that you should not dip your hot chicken meat into KFC chili sauce or tomato sauce. All your thinking will be dipping into Bangkok green sauce. When your mouth is full of green sauce remember to take the bowl of white rice closer so that it can fall into the rice instead of dropping to the floor or table. What a waste !!

If you feel spicy which some of you guys will get the regular ice cold Pepsi come to rescue. When you done with that you will keep doing the routine until there is no more left to eat. Not to mention that this set is RM14.90 slightly different than the price stated at KFC website