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Watching Dracula Untold in Malaysia cinema

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The wild bed scenes has been filtered. Dracula drinks the blood using a cup in movie trailer, whereas in the movie, it was a crushed head skeleton that filled the vampire blood.

Dracula Untold meme

Watched it on Sunday during Hari Raya Haji. The cinema packed with people wearing shiny satin dress. Usually jean and t-shirt are ideal choice for casual wear but today is a celebration.

The movie "Dracula Untold" is one of the most favorite no-miss movie in October, 2014. Rumor spread like fire that Dracula was once human, Dracula has a different name which is Vlad the Impaler, Vlad was a mass murderer, Vlad is son of devil. Do not expect the synopsis to be like Dracula in wikipedia because everything you see in the cinema is made in Hollywood.

After the magnificent description scenes, Luke Evans (Dracula) brings the audience to the moments of mystery and thrill what is awaiting next. Audiences will instantly notice the main cast of the movie rather than a long description. They called him Vlad inspecting the slain Turk's symbolic helm. His most profound lines was "whatever they scout, they conquer".

Vlad was curious why there was a fallen Turk scout then, he tracked the path to a brokeback moutain sorry it was broken tooth mountain where Vlad sees for his first time the vampire. Unexpectedly, Vlad did not died in the hand of vampire which was unbelievable fact everyone walked in the dungeon have no chance going out alive but he managed to cut wounded. I think because the vampire is being merciful or gay whichever suits you.  The Tywin Lannister, which I recognized him who died in Game of Thrones drama series killed by his own son so that he got the time to focus on high-paying job in Hollywood movie.

The guy Dominic Cooper who acted bad guy in the movie "Need for Speed". This time, he acted as a Sultan who forsaken his biological brother Vlad and demanding Vlad's son and his people's son as many as 1,000 to serve under Turk's army. Well, if Vlad agreed on the terms the movie will end like 20 minutes. Certainly, it was the case Vlad chose to be defiant against Sultan's will. What a genius decision, Vlad was indeed a tyrant he never listened to his people before making a decision. He just make a decision that would bring destruction upon himself and the people under his rule.

Not a wise decision though and yet he made another big mistake in his life visiting for the second time for the "monster" in the cave. the vampire seem to be impressed with Vlad courage despite did not kill Vlad, he granted Vlad the power of great "forever alone". Then, the vampire told Vlad how lonely he was in the cave being cursed and waited for the right guy. Vlad, set him free by drinking his blood which does not taste good you will see he died right on the spot.

Vlad convinced the vampire (Read it slowly and speak like the actor) "Men does not fear sword, they fear monster", "I impaled the enemy to save 10 more peoples". That are some great lines spilled out if you must ask me. Wait, did the vampire knew everything about Vlad ? I think the vampire is being a stalker for Vlad for some times. I vividly remembered the vampire said "Do not lie to me or I will crush you down". I think it all about bromance if you think it for a second.

The power of "forever alone" is just so badass. He is able to see everything to a great distances, transform to a bat when running too fast. I was impressed but not too long. You know what make people and vampire the same ? Its Vampire does get hungry !

Dracula Untold is a totally good movie because it successfully impressed the cinema goers and drag them believing emotionally that Dracula was a human and a monster in the same time. He killed men in order to get rid of the threats. He loved his city, people and family. He could not stand to see his own people succumbed to the pressure of war and vicious demand. When he becomes Dracula, a monster, he single-handedly attacked 1,000 Turk army without sacrificing any of his followers. His son thought his father was sick, the son asked father "You are sick because protect family ?" , he replied, "I would do it all again"  

One of the unforgettable scene when Dracula's own people tried to get rid of him when they knew about Dracula is a monster. The priest exposed Vlad's identity, they acted against Vlad and burned the tent with Dracula inside. Then another emerging movie lines uttered "This is how you show your loyalty and gratitude to your prince ?"

10 Not Moral stories learnt in this movie

  1. Sacrifice and burden of the prince for the family and his people
  2. Do not mess with vampire
  3. Prayer could not help defend the city wall. It helps when God intervene but what makes you think God wanted Dracula to win the battle ?
  4. Two biggest religion in the world happened to be in a collision
  5. First Vlad wear red cape, second Vlad did not wear red cape which totally noticeble
  6. The Dracula bat storm sweeping the Turk army remind me of the movie bald head mummy's sand storm
  7. The recruitment of teenage for war existed in the past
  8. Never go war with Dracula during night time
  9. Vlad broke his promise drinking his dying wife's blood. That torturing scenes
  10. Dracula 's predecessor or master followed closely in the end of the movie implying a hardcore stalker