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Antabax Antibacterial Soap and Billboard

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Antabax Soap bar are made in Malaysia.  

antabax soap billboard

It seem like Antabax soap status is on par with KFC and Toyota. They have resources promoting their product through street billboard.

Antabax competitor are Lifebuoy, Dettol, Shokubutsu and many more.

antabax soap 85G

  • Product          : Antabax
  • Net Weight    : 85G
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
  • Type                         : Cool
  • Value (2014)            : RM 4.30
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : +60-(0)3-7882 2399

My rating on this soap bar is 4/5. The price for 1 Antabax soap bar is estimated between RM1.00 - RM1.10

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