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Coronavirus Quarantine in Malaysia

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Movement Control Order / Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan / 行动管制令 

Heavy authority personnel were deployed to enforce restricted movement order on 18 March 2020. The spread of Coronavirus should not be taken lightly as the World Health Organization labelled COVID-19 as a pandemic in the year 2020. 

1. City under Quarantine

 In an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19, everyone is advised to stay at home until further official announcement.

2. Limited Train services

pkp / mco day 8 malaysia

Mass Rapid Transit service closed on non-peak time. It will be reopened on selective time. Most of the commuter are employees of essential services. 

3. Dengue Fever

Mosquito fogging during MCO/PKP 2020

Aedes mosquito are actively seeking vulnerable individual as food and the virus transmission are through infected mosquito bite. Mosquito fogging is when there are reported cases in the neighborhood.

4. Hand Sanitizer 

hand sanitizer 2020 MCO/PKP

Rubbing alcohol is now so widely accepted by consumer thanked to the COVID-19. Due to the rise of demand, healthcare companies are introducing different brands of rubbing alcohol to the market. It seem like Dettol could not fill the supply fast enough. 

5. Roadblock

Roadblock MCO/PKP 2020

In the early stage of restricted movement, food delivery riders are allowed to operate. Besides, Interstate are not allowed due to fear virus were to be transmitted to family members at rural states. 

Only 1 person in household allowed to go out buy essential items and the travel distance cannot be more than 10 KM. 

6. Takeaway 

Texas chicken no dining in MCO/PKP 2020

Prevention is better than cure. In fact, less likely any cure can be found to be effective against COVID-19. At this rate, social distancing is very important. A sneeze or cough could have devastating impact to the surrounding.

7. The Blame Game

China product at shelves MCO / PKP Coronavirus 2020

Fear on products from China is profound. Any products manufactured under the label "Made in China" were seen on the market shelves without much buyers. The latest blame game at political stage has inevitably affect consumer sentiment. 

8. AEON 8AM - 8PM

queue AEON MCO PKP Coronavirus

Due to the large influx of shoppers at specific time, grocery store at AEON is now limiting numbers of patrons into the store as a way to maintain social distancing.

9. Temperature Check and Hands Disinfectant

Sanitizer tunnel

Temperature checks and free hand sanitizer are common sight. A guard will ask you to stay out if high body temperature is detected. Lately, a sanitizer tunnel has been rolled out in order to disinfectant patron but soon later the plan is discontinued.

10. Landscape workers

landscape worker at work wearing mask

Let not forget contributions of essential workers at the front line battling to stop the spread of this pandemic risking their life in a duty for the public. Without proper city sanitation system, streets will be long run by street rats and pest. 

Visit Ipoh & Join Starwalk 2017

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Visiting Ipoh, Perak for the first time in conjunction participating Ipoh Starwalk 2017.

I cant stop thinking of participating in a marathon. It was my 2017 resolution to join Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017. However, the marathon pass sold out in just 4 days. To be honest, I even miss the early bird pass. I have tried calling all the charity groups soliciting for marathon pass but there was no return call.

No SCKLM 2017, no problem. Putting all focus on Ipoh, Perak instead. Hope get to mingle some good Ipoh folks there. One of the reason why I really into Starwalk because the event is organized by Thestar, one of my favorite English newspaper of all time. Second is New Straits Times.

Starwalk 2017

It is relatively a short distance. Anyone could finish the race It is shockingly only cost RM13.00 per person.

I never been to Perak's Ipoh before. As a Malaysian, I am really curious what is happening on other state. I believe we should carry a self-imposed duty to be more understanding the people living in Malaysia.

Starwalk definitely not just an ordinary marathon due to the size of sponsors and support from the state authority.

In this trip, accommodation and transportation is done by Airbnb and Grab.

There will be another review of the marathon event. Stay tuned !

Quit Smoking, Take One Nicorette Gum Instead

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The rise of cigarette price may have discourage them to smoke.

Nicorette Gum 2MG, a pack of cigarette

Malaysia government tax heavily on cigarette. Every time they raise it, they would announce for the benefit of many they would use the money to improve public health system. Whereas, the smokers get poorer and opt for cheaper / non taxed cigarettes.

Former smoker like me never enjoy smoking although it proved to have some effects on daily physical conditions such as increase of daily energy, increase of heart rate, eye vision getting clearer, reduce of sleeping time and feeling comfortable all the time. But, when it comes to a long term usage the good chemical will gradually accumulated in the body and turn into some dangerous substances

As we are speaking, when smoker runs out of money, cheap cigarettes is ideal option to reduce cost. However, it will only cause one to suffer serious coughing. To farewell all this misery, smoker should one day quit this carcinogen habit.

To prove author is a smoker ? check it out author previous cigarette collection 10 Tabacco / Cigarette warning labels

To be a former smoker is nothing to be proud of. Obtained a lifetime experience and more to a personal achievement as I have completely quit my last cigarette since months ago. (Author said it months ago as author frequently get back to smoking )

Nicorette Gum ease the cigarette withdrawal effect. Author was not mentioned earlier that he was a light smoker and currently taking Nicorette Gum 2MG nicotine as part of the plan to completely quit smoking.

There is a program supported by Malaysian government and universities it called Jom Quit. One of the initiative to combat increasing number of smokers nationwide and it proves government do concern about population health being and not just simply collecting taxes on cigarette and use it on other purposes.

Jom Quit website link : /

Nicorette Gum 2MG is sold at the price range of RM15.00 - RM16.00 for 15 tablets. Author ate 3 to 5 tablets a day to ease the pain of withdrawal effect. Without inhaling carbon monoxide from lighting up a cigarette is one day healthier.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Entopia

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It was a butterfly farm. Now, it is literally a theme park.

This is a school of insects. Not just display of butterflies. A tons of educational tools were being deployed for the visitors to digest. Awe and groundbreaking to express the experience given.

On the day of visit, there was a sight of middle east tourists enjoying their trip to Entopia. Good place for family and group,

I will be joining them for a lifetime adventure offered by Entopia. ( The butterfly theme park). One can learn nearly everything about butterfly and other insects too. Not from text book, from watching closely with both of your eyes.

Keep the brochure and wear the bracelet tag for later !

It takes time to visit all of it. There was an underground learning facility and a western concept restaurant. Handful of toilets and baby changing room. There is no turning back as you might lost on the way.

1. The little one shapes our land and fertilize the soil.

They are well fed !.   Give them a round of applause for what they did to our soil. We would not have so many palm trees without them. Their continuous effort is appreciated.

2. Plants and Flowers

For your information, a native flower of Madagascar. Flame of the forest is one of the useful plants. To be able to see it closely, surely no regret in life.

I am not a flower expert. This look like the flame of the forest from my view.

3. Amazing Butterflies

The smell of rotten fruit attracts butterfly !

Spot some real butterfly of this chart. Particularly the Chocolate Glass Yellow or Eurema Sari.

Enough and tired of seeing butterfly photos ? Enjoy the video below for more butterflies sightings

4. The Underground

Built a tunnel with an escalator. It does feel like underground because of the pressure. Well, the air condition did a pretty good job maintaining our body temperature to a comfort level. Besides, You stilll have a long way till the end.

You are required to crawl to be fit here. Some amazing things to discover.

5. Scientific Discovery

More time were spent here reading all these butterfly myth collected from all around the world. It just throw everything for you to digest. Everything from fictional and real scientific stuff. The kids must be confuse, well for adult like me, it already confusing. Still, it pretty outstanding !

The image above is a scientific discovery. Ant and caterpillar are friend as they have some common business. Caterpillar provides honey gland whereas, ant provide some protection.

6. The right place for family

Hi Toro !

A laboratory to learn on ant behavior. Ants exhibit some good practice such as hardworking. Have you bring your kids ? Your kids will be learning the wisdom and knowledge after the visit.

A restaurant in the middle of Entopia.

7. Learn importance of Pollinate

Looking like a real garden 

Observing the process of pollinating is an essential learning. Do not miss it out !

Butterfly hold an important job to transfer flower essence to another keeping them alive by reproduction.

Remember the flame of the forest ? How can the butterfly face it upside down ? anti gravity ? 

8. Tourist Attractions

These plants in the pot are attracting many flying butterfly to stand on the leaves for resting. Many visitors took out cameras for a closer shoot on these beautiful butterflies.

The sunlight is able to penetrate the garden feeling body temperature is rising sharply. 

9. Dragonfly

Dragonfly is rare. One can only found them near lake where water is present. It seem like dragonfly was not as many as butterfly.there is a place specifically introducing dragonfly and also the grasshopper.

10. One of a kind in Penang

Meet the little one Dagon

 Giant man made tree ? I cant figure out as if it was a living tree, how they transport it to here ?

A short-sighted caterpillar ?

They made a waterfall !

A very nice purple flower girl !

In the end of the journey, there was a shop selling souvenir too.

10 Things to do during Chinese New Year 2016

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4 out of 10 CNY activities You Have Done it unconsciously.

Chinese New Year is HOLIDAY !!


Sunway Carnival Mall
Sunway Carnival Mall

Each shopping mall in Malaysia offers spectacular seasonal decoration especially during all-time favorite Chinese New Year. Sunway Carnival Mall might have spent thousands in order to signify the coming of Lunar new year festival. There is no need to pay to take a picture with your friends !

Branches of man-made Cherry blossom were one of the attraction where passerby could write and tag wishes cards onto the branch. Most popular wishes are health, relationship and job !

Check it out Suria Sabah Shopping mall's Chinese new year 2015 decoration ! Suria Sabah Chinese New Year decoration 2015


It was not Chinese New year without lion dance. Lion dance is a hired performance done with or without the rising platform. However, the lion dance is must to be performed with loud instruments. One will see the lion dance performers making an art out of mandarin orange or carrying a 4-words scroll to gift to the one who funded the performance.


Well known director Stephen Chow's the "mermaid" is one of the selected few films to debut during the highly coveted first week of the Chinese New Year . The film recorded as highest opening ticket sales in a week in many countries including Malaysia.


Parkson counter

There is no way throughout the Chinese New Year week wearing the traditional red Chinese costume. I suppose new clothes mean ward off previous year bad luck. It was really fun though !


There is no compulsory on this point. Everyone went to do some look adjustment in order to wow the crowd of relative. However, dying hair is not very accepted by any parents thinking as it would probably give a bad impression.


Cameo Penang

Cocktail tables full of booze. Singing and dancing with band and DJ. A night before Chinese new year eve 2016 ! The lightning effect is quite cool. It was a little bit intense knowing that the entrance fee was FREE



Crowded temple with overwhelming devotees performing burnt offerings.


Night singing performance !



Everyone love gambling during this time. Only on this festival occasion, The full of dust poker cards and discolored mahjong were taken out from store shelves. Most of them were not addicted to poker or mahjong gambling. After the festival, the mahjong and poker will see no light again until next CNY.


The perception is winning and losing is a matter of luck.


Ritual before meal
A god blessed meal

An offering before a meal. The food then will be properly placed at dining table.