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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Entopia

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It was a butterfly farm. Now, it is literally a theme park.

This is a school of insects. Not just display of butterflies. A tons of educational tools were being deployed for the visitors to digest. Awe and groundbreaking to express the experience given.

On the day of visit, there was a sight of middle east tourists enjoying their trip to Entopia. Good place for family and group,

I will be joining them for a lifetime adventure offered by Entopia. ( The butterfly theme park). One can learn nearly everything about butterfly and other insects too. Not from text book, from watching closely with both of your eyes.

Keep the brochure and wear the bracelet tag for later !

It takes time to visit all of it. There was an underground learning facility and a western concept restaurant. Handful of toilets and baby changing room. There is no turning back as you might lost on the way.

1. The little one shapes our land and fertilize the soil.

They are well fed !.   Give them a round of applause for what they did to our soil. We would not have so many palm trees without them. Their continuous effort is appreciated.

2. Plants and Flowers

For your information, a native flower of Madagascar. Flame of the forest is one of the useful plants. To be able to see it closely, surely no regret in life.

I am not a flower expert. This look like the flame of the forest from my view.

3. Amazing Butterflies

The smell of rotten fruit attracts butterfly !

Spot some real butterfly of this chart. Particularly the Chocolate Glass Yellow or Eurema Sari.

Enough and tired of seeing butterfly photos ? Enjoy the video below for more butterflies sightings

4. The Underground

Built a tunnel with an escalator. It does feel like underground because of the pressure. Well, the air condition did a pretty good job maintaining our body temperature to a comfort level. Besides, You stilll have a long way till the end.

You are required to crawl to be fit here. Some amazing things to discover.

5. Scientific Discovery

More time were spent here reading all these butterfly myth collected from all around the world. It just throw everything for you to digest. Everything from fictional and real scientific stuff. The kids must be confuse, well for adult like me, it already confusing. Still, it pretty outstanding !

The image above is a scientific discovery. Ant and caterpillar are friend as they have some common business. Caterpillar provides honey gland whereas, ant provide some protection.

6. The right place for family

Hi Toro !

A laboratory to learn on ant behavior. Ants exhibit some good practice such as hardworking. Have you bring your kids ? Your kids will be learning the wisdom and knowledge after the visit.

A restaurant in the middle of Entopia.

7. Learn importance of Pollinate

Looking like a real garden 

Observing the process of pollinating is an essential learning. Do not miss it out !

Butterfly hold an important job to transfer flower essence to another keeping them alive by reproduction.

Remember the flame of the forest ? How can the butterfly face it upside down ? anti gravity ? 

8. Tourist Attractions

These plants in the pot are attracting many flying butterfly to stand on the leaves for resting. Many visitors took out cameras for a closer shoot on these beautiful butterflies.

The sunlight is able to penetrate the garden feeling body temperature is rising sharply. 

9. Dragonfly

Dragonfly is rare. One can only found them near lake where water is present. It seem like dragonfly was not as many as butterfly.there is a place specifically introducing dragonfly and also the grasshopper.

10. One of a kind in Penang

Meet the little one Dagon

 Giant man made tree ? I cant figure out as if it was a living tree, how they transport it to here ?

A short-sighted caterpillar ?

They made a waterfall !

A very nice purple flower girl !

In the end of the journey, there was a shop selling souvenir too.