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Men's Face Wash "Gatsby" Anti-Acne

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Men do wash their face occasionally.

 Gatsby Anti Acne

There is a sudden urge to maintain facial skin. It so useful for multiple occasion, attending wedding, party, date, outing with friends. There must be one time your girlfriend called you right after a workout or working overtime for a decent dinner, this is where face wash is critically needed. Imagine the sweat and smell on the face.

Face wash is a quick solution for any lazy men who are rushing for a meet up.  A compatible face wash for one that understands skin condition. There are face wash caters for oily face, acne, and even whitening.

no more obvious acne
Currently using anti-acne because main priority is to eliminate any available easily seen red dots / pimples. Besides, the above photo was taken after using Gatsby Anti-acne face wash. Well, skin does look good because phone camera fix it with beauty mode.

Plastic Microbeads Destroying Water Systems in Malaysia

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Will Malaysia follow US banning plastic microbeads products selling in the market

 Gatsby Anti Acne

Eye-catching brand "Gatsby" definitely men's ideal face wash. Imagine to have Mr Zul Arifin facial skin after using it.  As if you never discover this article or the story about microbeads, you never know the adverse effect of these tiny particles. It should have been just a normal face wash with weird-looking tiny colorful beads. I still remember purchasing it with the price range between RM15 - RM20.

Pretty satisfy with the Gatsby Anti Acne and going to use even though there is a complication about it. A threat to the environment.  It seem like everyone care about a clean acne, oily-free, face and ignoring the fact that the plastic microbeads

Gatsby Face Wash
Not that much but it there !

While using it, it was surprising enough there were loads of plastic microbeads. Even more shocking, found out that US has passed a law banning microbeads containing products in coming years. The objective is to eliminate pollution in US water systems.

As if US is concerning about their water systems being polluted by these tiny particles, the question is how could advanced country such as United States still could not invent a perfect water systems filters these tiny particles ?

Probably there is an another proper question to ask, When will Malaysia starts set a halt in products containing plastic microbeads washed down to drain causing so much mayhem due to its resistant on decompose.

 Watch the video below !

Microbead Ban Signed By President Obama
President Obama is finally banning microbeads, those tiny particles in your face wash.
Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, December 31, 2015

We Celebrate Global Hand Washing Day

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Hand Washing was a taboo though abundance of water supply

Lifebuoy soap

What are the possible reasons washing our hands ? most of us wash hands after a meal (especially Chinese and other ethnic living in Malaysia). The act of washing hands is just too much hassle but if the hands are really dirty, adults are conscious would wash their hands. But, we are not actually talking about before or after meal. To talk about washing hand frequently !

 Malaysian are not well educated in the subject of washing hands simply because we are not struck by the disease transmitted by hand. Name one of the deadly disease inflicted through hand shaking, any of your closest friend or relative ?. It was not diabetes or high blood pressure. For example of diseases are heavy colds, running nose, sneeze.

Diarrhea give us a perspective is a common and not really life-threatening. However, it was not actually correlated to washing hands. Do you think by washing hands before and after a food laid with many flies's egg would reduce your diarrhea disease ? I believe none.

Will you skip a meal because hands were not washed. I am not spreading religious teachings here but seriously take a look at Muslim friends. I think they have a water bowl on the table particularly to address this issue. Besides, that was not for drinking purpose. It's fine if you nearly or been drinking it all the time before reading this article.

By the way, most of the restaurants in Malaysia are well equipped a sink for washing hands. It was probably complying one of the health ministry requirements. Moreover, most of it come with a soap nearby the sink. By fact, Malaysian are blessed with high standard of filtered running water too.

Unitedmy author washing day on global hand washing day 2015

Reading the star newspaper on October 15, 2015. Convinced to wash hands after nothing has done to my hand. Just wash it for disease not seen by naked eye. Not so sure what are the market share owned by The Star newspaper but, Malaysian are definitely celebrating it with you. 

To be honest, there were a trend of over-supplying hand soap in the market. Look at the hand soap products on the shelves of every health and cosmetic shops. I guess it high demand from the consumer.  

Playing the game called honest or dare game, I would choose honest and say that I am not washing my hands before a meal because I did not think my hands were dirty. My conscious is hands are dirty when after meal. Wait a minutes, that was so wrong, how could we have a dirty hands after a meal. Our meal are some sort of "unclean" ?

The act of washing hands should not be underrated. Encouraging and do remember wash your hand from time to time. Accidents happen when you least expected !  

Nuffnang Malaysia Payment Proof

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Should or should not I post online income. 

Nuffnang Malaysia payment proof

I guess everyone will not post pay slip on payday of their employment. So, what makes me think that it different to the online income ? I guess sharing online income was not that bad and it was not that secretive either way. In the other hand, the traditional pay slip we got every end of the month just does not feel sharing it online.

I do not really want to brag about my online income but it should be something proud of guess so. I still post it without covering the letterhead of a big financial company logo. It is a daring move hoping that nothing really happen to me on the legal side. Do not want one day lawyer knocking at my door saying that I have done something wrong in the legal point of view. My intention is pure not for personal gain to help and share so that other could enjoy the knowledge and experience.

Nuffnang will send cheque covering HSBC letterhead to its member who successfully earned over the threshold which is RM50. It takes something like 1 month to reach one home. As you can see on above image, I live in Sabah and I still able to retain this cheque from post office.

Nuffnang Malaysia is smilar to Google adsense. Sometimes, Nuffnang ads is much more lovely and standout. As for Google adsense it is unrivaled source of online income. Both are not competitor I suppose and blogger could retain both of them in a single blog.

I still love both. Hard to turn off one when have to choose one of them. I do not wish one day when decision to pick one come suddenly, decision making process be like choosing between father and mother, who do you love most ??

I will love one most if one of them creates an option direct transfer all my earning to my bank account.

I wish every bloggers out there could earn some online income. I can, you can too! Be positive and patience in Nuffnang, one day the reward you will reap when you sow the seed patiently and effectively.

Maxis tells Malaysian to share Happy Deepavali Message 2014

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Share the spirit of celebration nationwide

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Those kids were asked few questions. you will be shocked what were the answers ! It was not made clear whether these kids acted in the video clip were orphans. By the way, Maxis pledged donating RM1 for each of LINE Malaysia users downloads the amazing stickers. Let them donate for the unfortunate !!

Step to step

  1. Get your LINE app in your smartphone and open it
  2. Go to "More" tab
  3. Go "Sticker Shop" tab
  4. Go "Free" tab
  5. Click "Celebrate Deepavali with LINE"
  6. Download and let Maxis donate on your behalf
  7. There will be a meaningful video for everyone to see. It available on Youtube though.

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Maxis, one of the largest brand operating mobile and network services in Malaysia is enthusiast in helping all of the underprivileged children's homes. This is only available till October 31, 2014. Now it your chance to do some charity for !!

Antabax Antibacterial Soap and Billboard

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Antabax Soap bar are made in Malaysia.  

antabax soap billboard

It seem like Antabax soap status is on par with KFC and Toyota. They have resources promoting their product through street billboard.

Antabax competitor are Lifebuoy, Dettol, Shokubutsu and many more.

antabax soap 85G

  • Product          : Antabax
  • Net Weight    : 85G
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
  • Type                         : Cool
  • Value (2014)            : RM 4.30
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : +60-(0)3-7882 2399

My rating on this soap bar is 4/5. The price for 1 Antabax soap bar is estimated between RM1.00 - RM1.10

More "soap bar" threads in

Watson Malaysia is selling Vaseline Total Moisture

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Vaseline Total Moisture

  • Product         : Vaseline Total Moisture
  • Net Weight    : 120ml
  • Status            : Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : Unilever Thailand Bangkok
  • Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) :  RM6.00 (Watson)
  • Website         :
  • Contact no     : 1800-88-1315

Join the Vaseline Skin dry contest at Vaseline Total Moisture win prizes such as H&M Gift Card RM500 and 5D4N Travel Package for Two to Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Maldives worth RM11,000

Vaseline total moisture nourishing your skin in 24 hours. For soft and smooth skin. Pure oat extract + Stratys for multi-layer moisture.

Direction of use : Apply daily all over the body.

The Second Transaction Experience with Lazada Malaysia

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Spending $ on Pre-Hari Raya season. Lazada Malaysia was having a grand-scale promotion. 

Like any other person could not resist the temptation of the huge promotion ongoing on Lazada Malaysia. I was thinking what should I bought that really useful. I went to a deep thinking for sometimes and the logical explanation why should I spend was " Since everyone buy something during this season, I should not be excluded ". 

Not a big fan of camera and being not profession in this industry. I should restrict myself purchasing something really cheap but the camera must be better than my smartphone camera. This Finepix S4600 seem like a good deal. It got everything I needed. The zoom, megapixel, flash and video recording.

I was like this is it I am going to purchase this straight away. I am going to checkout. Yet, I keep my impulsiveness aside and started to do a small research at Mr. Google. The result came back to me positively Lazada offered the best deal on this Fujifilm S4600. The result was some website offered higher price if I could remember it was Mudah or Lelong.

I release all my energy looking at this deal on Lazada Malaysia website for a moment and purchased it successfully. The truth is that I was going to purchase Nikon camera which was at the price of RM460. But, due to my knowledge in camera is not meet the requirement to judge both of the camera so I just purchase the cheaper one. All this time I know Nikon is the best camera, they are just good in high-end Nikon camera which cost a lot more.

You still do not believe me ?? Lazada Malaysia delivery is just awesome. Order on July 17 (Thursday) next week Monday I received a phone call to pick it up. I like to pick it up myself at courier rather than having them to send it to my home. As for you, you could ask them to send to your office or home. In fact, there is a service called Cash-on-delivery or COD in short which enable you to get the item at your doorstep then, you must pay them. This is for selected items only at Lazada Malaysia.

Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

Wash your Hands and Body with Life Buoy Bar Soap

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Unilever Malaysia encourage using Life Buoy soap to wash your hands from dangerous bacteria especially your children hands

Brand           : Life buoy
Name           : cool fresh with menthol & active 5
Net weight     : 80KG
Manufactured : Indonesia
Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings
Distributors    : Unilever Singapore & M.S Makmur Trading Company
Ingredients        : Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin

Consumer careline : 1-800 88 1315 or

Lifebuoy bar soap is one of the best soap in Malaysia apart from Dettol. Lifebuoy is made by main ingredients taken from palm oil seed. We are a proud nation one of the largest palm oil exporter and producer in the world. It really interested Lifebuoy taken few good initiatives such as promoting heavily on Global Handwashing Day. It is a brand new awareness campaign and beautifully presented by Lifebuoy newest video "Lifebuoy tree of life".

How many of us in Asian countries being educated wash our hands by our parents ? despite numerous campaigns again and again about hand washing we still forgotten to wash our hands. We are getting used to it ! What are the problems or sickness we will potentially getting infected as if we do not wash our hands ?

It is ironic to know that most of us were having shallow knowledge about hand washing practice because mainly we do not really need to wash our hands to eat foods as we use spoon and fork. When we have this shallow knowledge it will trigger a chain effect. If restaurant patron do not need to wash hands then, those kitchen helpers and cookers prepared our food without washing hands ??

A logical thinking will be everyone should wash their hands with soap and eventually make it a strict practice although we will use spoon and fork at any restaurants. If we do not become the role model, our children will not learn ! Use Lifebuoy bar soap today to wash your hands frequently at least wash your hands before eat ! it is most likely Malaysian use hands to eat KFC drumsticks and McDonald burgers.

Besides, It not just for washing hands it can be a soap for your body too. If you have not use Lifebuoy soap you definitely need to try it out. According to Lifebuoy, there are more than 1.6 billion people trust them. For your information, they have been championing health through hygiene sine 1930 with the campaign in US was titled " Clean Hands Help Guard Health".

Lifebuoy soap is saving every children in the world from diarrhea and viral diseases. Save yourself with Lifebuoy soap today !! No other soap company knew the importance of washing hand practice better than Lifebuoy does

Cadbury Chocolate Hazelnut and Roast Almond Halal Issue

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Cadbury chocolates batch is said to have contained pig-like DNA. Or more scientific named as porcine DNA 

Cadbury chocolate roasted almond and hazelnut that selling at your local stores are halal and clean products consumable by Muslim. Due to the extensive withdraw by Cadbury and authorities cracked down, The batch of contaminated Cadbury chocolates with porine DNA has ceased no longer available.

Cadbury Hazelnut and Cadbury Roasted almond malaysia
Uncontaminated with porcine DNA.

Cadbury Hazelnut & Cadbury Roasted Almond

Net Weight : 40G

Kcal : 240g
Carbohydrate : 20g
Sugar : 20g
Fat : 12g

Eating a bar of cadbury chocolate is better than eat a pack of maggi instant noodle according to kcal comparison maggi instant noodle and Cadbury Chocolate

Maggi instant noodle is about 300-360Kcal. Every person needs 1800-2000kcal everyday. Exceed the amount of kcal may or may not affecting one's weight.

Back to this Cadbury chocolate, It is not true that Cadbury business in Malaysia will get huge loss in revenue. Cadbury has many variety flavor of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate. In fact,  there were only two batches of chocolate in flavor of roasted almond and hazelnut contained porcine DNA.

Muslim Malaysia enraged knowing that the Cadbury chocolates is not halal although there were halal sign. The issuer of halal Malaysian Islamic Development Department(JAKIM) was cheated by company and demand a legal action against them alleged by one of the local politician.

To the extend that, urging a jihad by some Non-governmental organization on this issue. "They had crossed the line" sending a clear message to Cadbury company based in UK. Malaysia Health ministry carried out tests on Cadbury Chocolate after complains received by public and social media.

The photo of Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond above are uncontaminated with procine DNA. It is believed that after positively tested by health ministry, Cadbury has taken initiative to stop selling two related batch of Cadbury Chocolate.

The contaminated batch chocolate Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond is no longer available to be bought. The batch number for contaminated hazelnut is 200813M01H l2 that expires on November 13, 2014. As for Roast almond, batch number is 221013N01R |1 , that expires on January 15, 2015

Football Zombie with Rexona and Clear

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What are Football Zombie Syndrome or Sickness ? What are they trying to tell us ?

Luckily, I was selected as one of the winner in this contest. Please proceed to this entries Unitedmy one of the winner of Football Zombie Defender contest

It is not hard to guess what it is. It is none other than the coming FIFA 2014 at Brazil ! Without this grand event that unite us from any background there would not be a Football Zombie. Do you think it curable ?

How to cure this football zombie will be turn off the television. It certainly not easy to do it it is not as simple as that. What if your workplace colleagues start to talk about the FIFA players and scores ? You do not want to be sidelined and pretend you know it but in fact you were not watching the FIFA matches.

Turn on the television and start watch it till the end that would be the solution. However, most of the FIFA matches LIVE on midnight time because at Brazil there would be timeline difference if we watch it at Malaysia. Especially FIFA Brazil 2014 semi final and final matches who were going to miss the chance to see once in 4 years football event ?

That really ridiculous my colleagues expected me to see the match so that all of us can connect to the same topic but my workplace employer will be furious to know if employee stay up all night just to watch the matches. Who were going to do all the paperwork with energetic spirit ? I think most of the boss out there totally can understand our feeling to cheer favorite team in critical moment. My favorite team needed me to cheer them in front of television like consistently throughout the match.

Despite that and back to Football Zombie. This Football Zombie campaign shows you guy a series of video clips and a game to play. It called "Football Zombie Defender" . This game comes with attractive prizes to be won by lucky users.

Official website : Visit on

 More Football Zombie video clips at this channel : Football Zombie official channel

This video is not talking about those hollywood zombies that eats human flesh. Forget it, we will have new zombie variant It is a football zombie. It strange that every 4 year, the occurrence of Z symptoms or Z chromosome will resurface infecting everyone.

If you know these guys will become football zombies what can you possibly do to prevent them from getting infect ?

Darlie Malaysia giving out Transformers Cup

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As new Transformer movie will be out at the end of June 2014, Darlie is giving out awesome transformers-printed cups

This time they are not sending away normal cup with Darlie logo printed on the cups. We will have big Transformers logo printed cup if we purchase any Darlie products. Are you excited ?? It could be one-of-a-kind item out there in the market.

It is impossible you can have this cup without purchase any Darlie toothpaste. First of all, we will need to find one in 10 grocery stores that actually have this limited cup. We want to be the early adopter right ? I bet there are many people out there wishing to get this Transformer cups at any costs.

Darlie never published any hints there were limited Transformer cups but I am sure it will not lasts long. Hoping every Transformer fans will get this cup before anyone else. It will be very sad day for those fans who are not getting this cup if they were bought Darlie toothpaste. It is not like everyone who bought Darlie toothpaste can reject this cup. Everyone like free gift

They have published this post on Darlie social media Facebook page on May 28, 2014. However, there were lack of information where is the place will be available first. They should tell us where we can get this whether Giant or 7-Eleven stores ??

Have you get your Transformer Cup ? Do remind your friend about this lovely Darlie giveaways !


Darlie and Transformers promotional video clips . Buy one pack with two Darlie toothpaste today !

Janji Sihat Contest 1 Million Malaysian Pledges for Healthy Livestyle

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Nestle Malaysia seeking 1 Million Malaysian to pledge their commitment living healthy lifestyle and preserve well-being. 

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat

60,000 Malaysians has pledged their commitment at Nestle Janji Sihat, when is your turn to do this ??

There are more than pledging, Nestle is serious about your well-being that why at certain stores such as Servay, Hua Ho Group, Cmart, Ecosave and many more,  if you purchase RM30+ Nestle products in one receipt, you are entitled 5 apples. Amazing right? It is not just at Servay and Apple only. Some stores offered different free stuff. You can see more information at Nestle promosi.

Beside that, 120 winner will be picked at duration from March 4 - April 15 by joining "Kongsi Kisah #JanjiSihat anda "

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat
Selected Stores 

This contest is very easy to participant. First thing you are required is either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Second, make a post with hash tag #JanjiSihat. As if Nestle Malaysia noticed the post and decide you as a winner, You could win prizes all worth RM12,000 .

Do remember that to read Terms and condition from time to time. It is highly encourage participant to be 18 years old and above. Those who are 18 years old and below must send their consent and personal information to Nestle Malaysia before participant.

Nivea Malaysia Contest Stay Stain Free With Nivea Black & White

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Nivea Malaysia organized a contest everyone can win in every week just play this game

A game that fairly easy to play. I do not know how we can win prizes but certainly a very additive game to play. 

All we need to do is like their facebook page and start play the game follow the rules. The contest "Black & White challenge" is organized by Beiersdorf Malaysia which owned Nivea brand.

This contest run from February 7 until 13 April 2014. 

In the game you will be asked whether you are male or female. Choose respective gender and play the game. There will be a line of Nivea products and also non Nivea product. Pick the right Nivea product, drag it to the them. It is really easy !!

As you can see above, there will be leaderboard showing everyone scores. To increase chance of winning in every week, you are to collect the scores more than average people playing this game. A great game is meant to be shared like farmville or candy crush. Share with your friends at Facebook.

I am only managed to get less than 20,000 and get ranked at 380. You might get more score than me. Start playing now at Nivea Malaysia 2014 Black & White contest

The Music Run will be held at Kuala Lumpur by AIA 2014

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Run and listen to your favorite music along the way until the end of the journey. 

The event is supported and sponsored by AIA, Spotify, 100 plus, Hotlink, Airasia Red FM and many more. One of the new concept running with music will be held in Malaysia this coming March 23, 2014

The Music Run is newest most interactive 5KM running experience on planet. On each stop featuring 5 your most favourite songs to keep you up on running until you meet the end of the journey.

Venue is confirmed at Selangor Turf Club, Sungai Besi, Balakong Malaysia. It will be started as early as 7.30AM. The event is required registration which will cost fee. You can decide run solo or with group. For your information, children under 5 years old are fee waived. For running in a group, they are entitled 5% discount per ticket.

Interested participant must register at The Music Run and pay the registration fee about RM70.00. After you have paid, e-mail will be sent to you and You can vote your favourite song to be played at the designated venue. By joining " The Music Run " , You will collect 50 points and the point can be used to redeem prizes.

The Music Run also recruiting volunteer as they deemed as the backbone of every successful campaign. You will be entitled T-shirt, food, Volunteer allowance, certificate for the event. Being a volunteer has so many perks !

Source : The Music Run AIA at KL / Original Poster

Interesting about this " The Music Run " is that there are many attractive prizes awaiting their winner. Everyone should go back with handful of prizes. There are three contests will be run in the same time it will be " Superstars best dressed contest " and " Superstars photo contest " . Information can be found at AIA Music Run Contests.

To win attractive prizes such as Ipod touch, Monster iSport and many more. Please bring along camera to win the " Superstar Photo contest " and for other contest, please stay tuned on their facebook or website. Good Luck !

Move Your Body Campaign by Watson Malaysia

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Watson Malaysia organized a campaign "Move Your Body" in conjunction with World Health Day

Watson Malaysia being the leader in health and beauty retail industry is advocating awareness of healthy lifestyle amid World Health Day. "Move Your Body" campaign is one of the secret to get healthy body by dancing. One hour dancing is equal shedding 650 calories. (That why Korean is good on dancing, they know this secret )

To make it better, Watson Malaysia invented a very eye-catching dance moves as well as the unique sound tracks. Download Watson provided soundtrack and learn how to dance and start dancing using their dance moves. Remember to record yourselves with the complete dance moves and soundtracks, upload it to Youtube and send to them at the official website. The best thing is on the last part You could win RM5,000 cash participant in this campaign.

Be reminded that your video must be in MP4 format and should not exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds.

The reason behind this campaign is fairly easy to know. Watson Malaysia is serious about Malaysian well being. They have invited Hitz FM for this exclusive campaign. Beside submitting video, You could meet and dance with your favorite Hitz FM DJ.

Don forget to meet them at Sunway Lagoon on March 30, 2014. Those who like to join the meet-and-dance event at Sunway Lagoon, can get a discounted Sunway Lagoon pass RM30 with the terms that You must purchase anythings in the Watson outlets.

Wake up and dance with Hitz FM DJ