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Janji Sihat Contest 1 Million Malaysian Pledges for Healthy Livestyle

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Nestle Malaysia seeking 1 Million Malaysian to pledge their commitment living healthy lifestyle and preserve well-being. 

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat

60,000 Malaysians has pledged their commitment at Nestle Janji Sihat, when is your turn to do this ??

There are more than pledging, Nestle is serious about your well-being that why at certain stores such as Servay, Hua Ho Group, Cmart, Ecosave and many more,  if you purchase RM30+ Nestle products in one receipt, you are entitled 5 apples. Amazing right? It is not just at Servay and Apple only. Some stores offered different free stuff. You can see more information at Nestle promosi.

Beside that, 120 winner will be picked at duration from March 4 - April 15 by joining "Kongsi Kisah #JanjiSihat anda "

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat
Selected Stores 

This contest is very easy to participant. First thing you are required is either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Second, make a post with hash tag #JanjiSihat. As if Nestle Malaysia noticed the post and decide you as a winner, You could win prizes all worth RM12,000 .

Do remember that to read Terms and condition from time to time. It is highly encourage participant to be 18 years old and above. Those who are 18 years old and below must send their consent and personal information to Nestle Malaysia before participant.