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Malaysia Largest Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014

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6th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014. Do not miss this on March 27, 2014

There are so many exciting events happening in 2014 amid "Visit Malaysia 2014" campaign by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. It is too much huge and attractive events concentrated in the month of March. Let just mention few of them at here. Future Music Festival Asia 2014Avril Lavigne Concert MalaysiaPlanetupe Wang Lee Hom . All of these just tip of iceberg in "Visit Malaysia 2014"

More information on this event at it's official site myballoonfiesta 2014  

Beside just displaying various hot air balloons, there are many more excited things. "Balloon & Breakfast" segment from 6.30AM - 10.00AM and "Picnic Area" from 10.00AM - 7.00PM. It is important to know that this segment "Balloon and Breakfast" are contain fees. Which means people who like to participant are required to pre-order and the fee would be Rm30 for pax or RM50 for two pax. On that day, you are served with foods and coffee and also a picnic mat. It is very worthy !!

It really fun and joyful event organized on weekends so that every Malaysian could get a glimpse on this exclusive international hot balloon event. I can feel and hear the atmosphere even though it is not yet happening. 

Hold on to your breath because this event from March 27, end on March 30, 2014 will thrill your days like never before. Yo must join the "Night Glow" on March 29 where balloon will light up the night. Get ready with picnic mat and mosquito repellent head to picnic zone on that day.


There would be 6 zones as you can see in above image. Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Green Zones. One more extra "Picnic Area". 

Each of this zone are separated as each contained various activities. On blue zone, it is where you can ride the balloon. As for the Green Zone, where the activities such as wall climbing, hamster roll, KMX will be held. 

On the orange zone, it is where you will have opportunity to take a helicopter flight for 7 minutes but fee are imposed. Let say you brought a kids, you can bring them to yellow zone where most of the kids gather there for many exciting activities. And the rest, you might want to find out by yourself. 

Balloons international malaysia 2014
One of the balloon pattern
It is astonishing that there will be many patterns balloon releasing on the Malaysia air. Total of 19 Balloonist will be carried by the hot air balloon. Balloonist are coming from all around the world.  

This events will be failed without it sponsors. Let recognised some of the sponsorship. AKA Balloon, Persatuan pasukan udara Malaysia, Perbadanan Putrajaya, KakaoTalk, Moutaindew, Toyota, 8TV, Red FM and Samsung. 

If you have any inquiries contact them at 03-7981 8769 or visit their official site at