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Planeteupe Music Fest Malaysia featuring Wang Lee Hom and U Kiss

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Wang Lee Hom and U kiss are those will be attending Planet Eupe Music Fest at Carnivall Cinta Sayang Resort. 

planet eupe poster

Apparently, those who are living at Kedah the most privilege in this music fest. It will be held at Cinta Sayang Resort Sungai Petani on March 1, 2014. You can visit this grand music fest after finish work it will be 6PM.

Planeteupe corporation are excited to host this unprecedented music fest at northern region of Malaysia in order to thank the people support over the years by staging an entertainment events of this scale at their doorstep.

According to Planet Eupe corporation Managing Director, Dato Beh Huck Lee, the event has potential to change the music and cultural landscape of the northern region. the company also said keen on making this Planet Eupe as an annual event and view it as a integral part of company ongoing commitment to support and invest in local communities in which it operates.

A total of 20,000 tickets has been released to the market for sale in December 2013. There are 4 price bands. Ranging from RM90 to Rm390.

It is not specific whether Lee Hom will sing which of his signature songs but if you want to hear and see closer Wang Lee Hom this will be your best opportunity. In the other hand, They also invited korean band U Kiss who is likely to perform their 2013 songs "Neverland"and "Doradora".

Beside Lee Hom and U Kiss, Few Malaysia sensational celebrities Yuna and najwa latif are scheduled to attend the event. Price are showed at below.

More information visit at and you can buy ticket at