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Efforts to stop Bullying cases in Malaysia

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Say "Rage against Bullying" today an effort by Rage and Star newspaper to stop bullying cases at workplace as well as at school

Can social problem like bullying be stopped ? Those who were bullied will they speak up against them ? Most of people being bullied were not likely report the case. They will choose to hide it and choose to deal with them alone. The problem is they cant deal with this alone and they are depressed seeking for solution somewhere out there or someone to help them solve the problem. is a website championing stop bullying campaign.  They are specialise in collecting bullying cases in Malaysia for study and various purposes in a bid to solve them by creating ways for bullied persons deal the bullying situation effectively. In meantime, you will be exposed with statistic of bullying case in each state of Malaysia and that you will know which state has high numbers of bullying case.

Bullying cases in Malaysia we are well aware of as newspapers does not shy away to tell the truth to the public members. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. Start pledging to stop bullying now at Rageagainstbully website. There are more than 1,000 people has pledged to stop them. It will continue to grow if you are participate let more and more people aware this matter and address them efficiently and effectively in the best way possible.

Rage against bullying

Local celebrities has taken small steps to alleviate this growing social problem by doing their parts in this campaign. This campaign is with a goal that they like to raise more than 100,000 peoples pledging. In January 2014, they have already collected more than 1,000 people pledges. They hope to deliver this message to 99,000 more Malaysians out there. Share this and help to raise the voice who are voiceless in this matter. What you can do to partake?

All you need is a Facebook account and login Rage against bullying website. Put your name and follow the instructions. This is the least You can do to help them !.

bullying state in malaysia
Source: rageagainstbullying website

Statistic collected were those who voice up their fear. How about those who feared to voice up bullying case? This map shows that which State in Malaysia happened incidents of bullying.

 Bullying has many forms. You will learn by observe this graph. how they bully people.  Label people or calling their name that discomfort were considered a form of bully.

If you ever encountering serious bully problem involving physically you can dial 15999 for help !