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Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

Viper Challenge 2014 will be held on November

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Asia' toughest obstacle even is back with more exciting challenges for you

Viper Challenge 2014
Source: Viper Challenge 2014

Last Viper Challenge 2013 was a really big happening almost 8,000 participants. The event exposed everyone's limitation and weakness. Some people may overcome this event some people may give up at the half journey.

Before the event started, everyone believe they can make it believing in themselves to overcome this tough road. It is better to call your friends to come along as they will fire up your inner spirit and finish the journey together without anyone left behind.

It is true that this event is about teamwork, group's synergy. Some people lack of motivation and confidence but they have the strength to overcome this event but because of the said factors they may ended up stop and missing at half way. The point of this event is everyone who join, everyone will finish the line together

Viper Challenge 2013 edition will see improved running course at International Sepang Circuit. A new obstacles is being introduced to this 20 kilometers route. This grand event is calling on the name of past participants or new runners to join. This unique outdoor event will be held on November 1 and 2 in 2014.

There are certain rules in Viper Challenge. Let say there will be 9000 participants. Every 20 minutes the organizer will release only 500 participants until it reached 9000 participants inside the parameter of the game. If you join the game alone you are likely to be put a randomly-selected team by organizer.

Are you feeling interested in this sport event ? Register now at Viper Challenge 2014

Get a glimpse on how Viper Challenge works ! This video clips is great example. Those starring in this video clip were participant of Viper Challenge 2013.

Taylor College Malaysia Nationwide Roadshow 2014

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Welcome to visit Taylor's nationwide roadshow in March. Encourage SPM/UEC/STPM graduates

Did you just get your result and no way to start where to look to further your study? or you just want to hear and listen education experts? Everyone has a chance because Taylor is coming to your town !

As you can see from below charts, Nationwide roadshow will started on March 14, 2014. They will visit first town at Johor Bahru. Last destination would be at Sitiawan, Perak. Held at Flamingo Hotel, March 31, 2014. 

Many states like Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Johor, Kedah Kelantan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Penang are being selected on this Taylor roadshow. Check which is nearest to You and starting to plan how to get there !! 


A New Me Campaign organized by Ambank Malaysia started on January 1

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A very big and huge campaign by Ambank Malaysia. Winners will take away RM1,000,000 worth of Grand Giveaways

One of the campaign to tell Malaysian when you are using Ambank services you will be rewarded. Encouraging Malaysian to use Ambank frequently. This contest is titled as "A New Me" it is a integrated campaign and contest. 

Started on January 1, 2014 - May 1, 2014. Everyone should have noticed this campaign and get interested due to it extensive date of campaign. 

Are you interested? only the the winner with utmost knowledge has higher chances to win in every campaign organized right? Read the terms and conditions Ambank Malaysia "A New Me " Campaign TOS . The full promotion campaign page can be found at Ambank Malaysia

It is important to note that Existing Customers will be entitled to double the number of entries earned by New customers. New Customer and Existing customers of AmSignature Priority Banking Customers will be entitled to triple the number of entries.

The Music Run will be held at Kuala Lumpur by AIA 2014

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Run and listen to your favorite music along the way until the end of the journey. 

The event is supported and sponsored by AIA, Spotify, 100 plus, Hotlink, Airasia Red FM and many more. One of the new concept running with music will be held in Malaysia this coming March 23, 2014

The Music Run is newest most interactive 5KM running experience on planet. On each stop featuring 5 your most favourite songs to keep you up on running until you meet the end of the journey.

Venue is confirmed at Selangor Turf Club, Sungai Besi, Balakong Malaysia. It will be started as early as 7.30AM. The event is required registration which will cost fee. You can decide run solo or with group. For your information, children under 5 years old are fee waived. For running in a group, they are entitled 5% discount per ticket.

Interested participant must register at The Music Run and pay the registration fee about RM70.00. After you have paid, e-mail will be sent to you and You can vote your favourite song to be played at the designated venue. By joining " The Music Run " , You will collect 50 points and the point can be used to redeem prizes.

The Music Run also recruiting volunteer as they deemed as the backbone of every successful campaign. You will be entitled T-shirt, food, Volunteer allowance, certificate for the event. Being a volunteer has so many perks !

Source : The Music Run AIA at KL / Original Poster

Interesting about this " The Music Run " is that there are many attractive prizes awaiting their winner. Everyone should go back with handful of prizes. There are three contests will be run in the same time it will be " Superstars best dressed contest " and " Superstars photo contest " . Information can be found at AIA Music Run Contests.

To win attractive prizes such as Ipod touch, Monster iSport and many more. Please bring along camera to win the " Superstar Photo contest " and for other contest, please stay tuned on their facebook or website. Good Luck !

Move Your Body Campaign by Watson Malaysia

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Watson Malaysia organized a campaign "Move Your Body" in conjunction with World Health Day

Watson Malaysia being the leader in health and beauty retail industry is advocating awareness of healthy lifestyle amid World Health Day. "Move Your Body" campaign is one of the secret to get healthy body by dancing. One hour dancing is equal shedding 650 calories. (That why Korean is good on dancing, they know this secret )

To make it better, Watson Malaysia invented a very eye-catching dance moves as well as the unique sound tracks. Download Watson provided soundtrack and learn how to dance and start dancing using their dance moves. Remember to record yourselves with the complete dance moves and soundtracks, upload it to Youtube and send to them at the official website. The best thing is on the last part You could win RM5,000 cash participant in this campaign.

Be reminded that your video must be in MP4 format and should not exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds.

The reason behind this campaign is fairly easy to know. Watson Malaysia is serious about Malaysian well being. They have invited Hitz FM for this exclusive campaign. Beside submitting video, You could meet and dance with your favorite Hitz FM DJ.

Don forget to meet them at Sunway Lagoon on March 30, 2014. Those who like to join the meet-and-dance event at Sunway Lagoon, can get a discounted Sunway Lagoon pass RM30 with the terms that You must purchase anythings in the Watson outlets.

Wake up and dance with Hitz FM DJ

WWF Malaysia organized Earth Hour at Penang 2014

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Earth Hour has been a very success and phenomenon movement protecting mother earth our home and our ancestor home. Uniting our differences ! A role we need to play ! 

Penang State Government and WWF jointly organized in conjunction Earth Hour worldwide, a 3.5 KM night walk along Penang Heritage Trail.

Support this effort through your action will contribute large awareness across Malaysia. To join this Earth Hour night walk, a small fee RM60 to pay for every participant in return, they will get an exclusive 2014 Earth Hour T-Shirt, sticker and an E-certificate of participation.

Earth Hour has been global movement involving big cities. We always watch the world how they did to support Earth Hour campaign. Now Malaysia has the chance to extend the effort. Join this if you care and able to do ! Making this a success movement in our soil !

Earth Hour is a movement organized by WWF way back from 2007. Now the movement has made tremendous impact to cities. Well known Hotels and Shopping mall around the world amazingly practice this movement and making a role model for us. If big companies, hotel and shopping mall are doing and advocate this movement, we can do this too right?

Don forget to share this information and tell them on that day 29 March 2014, we are closing unused lamps for this wonderful occasion.

Efforts to stop Bullying cases in Malaysia

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Say "Rage against Bullying" today an effort by Rage and Star newspaper to stop bullying cases at workplace as well as at school

Can social problem like bullying be stopped ? Those who were bullied will they speak up against them ? Most of people being bullied were not likely report the case. They will choose to hide it and choose to deal with them alone. The problem is they cant deal with this alone and they are depressed seeking for solution somewhere out there or someone to help them solve the problem. is a website championing stop bullying campaign.  They are specialise in collecting bullying cases in Malaysia for study and various purposes in a bid to solve them by creating ways for bullied persons deal the bullying situation effectively. In meantime, you will be exposed with statistic of bullying case in each state of Malaysia and that you will know which state has high numbers of bullying case.

Bullying cases in Malaysia we are well aware of as newspapers does not shy away to tell the truth to the public members. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. Start pledging to stop bullying now at Rageagainstbully website. There are more than 1,000 people has pledged to stop them. It will continue to grow if you are participate let more and more people aware this matter and address them efficiently and effectively in the best way possible.

Rage against bullying

Local celebrities has taken small steps to alleviate this growing social problem by doing their parts in this campaign. This campaign is with a goal that they like to raise more than 100,000 peoples pledging. In January 2014, they have already collected more than 1,000 people pledges. They hope to deliver this message to 99,000 more Malaysians out there. Share this and help to raise the voice who are voiceless in this matter. What you can do to partake?

All you need is a Facebook account and login Rage against bullying website. Put your name and follow the instructions. This is the least You can do to help them !.

bullying state in malaysia
Source: rageagainstbullying website

Statistic collected were those who voice up their fear. How about those who feared to voice up bullying case? This map shows that which State in Malaysia happened incidents of bullying.

 Bullying has many forms. You will learn by observe this graph. how they bully people.  Label people or calling their name that discomfort were considered a form of bully.

If you ever encountering serious bully problem involving physically you can dial 15999 for help !


Fuelled by fans Powered by PRIMAX started in February 2014

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Petronas biggest contest will be starting in February 2014 after selected few public members who earned the right to be partnered with 5 Asian celebrities.

You can see my previous post about Petronas's finding suitable public member to be partnering with 5 Celebrities at Petronas fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX part 1

It seem like Petronas has found what they were looking for 5 public members and 5 celebrities has come to Malaysia for this grand event. Celebrities are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. They are Maya Karin & Sam Shaheizy & DJ Yoon(Malaysia), Him Law (HK), Bii (Taiwan).

Fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX contestant

5 public members has won the judges heart to be in this contest. There were more than 100 peoples come for orientation but failed to be included. Who are the celebrities and selected members ? 

List of Celebrities and Contestants

  1. REUBEN & Maya Karin
  2. Siti Norfaizah & Shaheizy
  3. Max Tan Hock Yong & Bii
  4. Wong Wei Pin & DJ Yoon
  5. Lim Chun Jeat & Him Law

If you would like to see their action-packed racing like running man but Petronas version, You should watch NTV 7 channel every Thursday and Friday 9PM started on February 6, 2014. Who will win the race and who is your favourite team?

After opening ceremony has been witnessed and ended, they are moving to retrieve car scatter around the Petronas station. It seem like they are provided with cars and monies for fuel and foods. Their first task is find the location "Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor". The host don really expose at once all of the the event challenges. It is a mysteries what are their next tasks and what are ahead them at Sungai Pisang!!.

Video : Watch Them on Internet !

1. Or you can watch on Youtube "Opening ceremony, celebrities and contestant meet each other" Part 1 " Part 1 Gathering !

2. Part 2 at Part 2 :Heading to Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor

3. Part 3 at Leading team is DJ Yoon

4. Part 4 at Escape Room

5. Part 5 at Kampung

6. Part 6 at Final who will win Rm100,000

Vote for your favourite team free polls 

Hotlink's 4G SIM Card speed up to 75Mbps

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Are you Maxis Prepaid Subscriber?  You have smartphone with 4G SIM Card slot? Maxis offered 50% more data in the period of Chinese New Year 

Hotlink 4G

Official Maxis's 4G promotional campaign website >> Maxis 4G website

If your current broadband speed is slow and all you need is speedy broadband why not try Maxis's 4G SIM card right? Maxis is well known for broadband service in term of speed. There is no competitor yet can surpass them. It is undisputed champion in broadband speed. 

If you really wanted it so badly. Don make haste decision check their website thoroughly it might be your location is not cater for 4G Internet coverage. I assured most of the west Malaysia could enjoy 4G speed .
I don know it true or not 200MB video movie only need to wait for few minutes and you are on the couch watching movies.

In conjunction coming 2014 CNY, Maxis is keen to serve their subscriber better by introducing 50% more data who reload at the period of CNY which is 8th January 2014 - 28 February 2014. 

Digi Internet Prepaid Year End Promotion

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Digi offers December 2013 Year End Promotion for Internet Prepaid user. Don miss this !!

Full information and source please go to Digi Prepaid Internet Year End Promotion 2013

Digi Prepaid Internet are compatible with smartphone and broadband device. If you are using Digi Prepaid Internet on your smartphone the only bad side is You cant make a call. However, most people will choose Digi Internet Prepaid because there are many good sides and advantages.

Firstly, using a Digi Prepaid Internet, You don have to worry about quota expiry after the renewal. Your quota balance will be brought forward to the next month. In short, this month you leave 300Mb left and you just let it there when you reload another RM30 You will get another 1GB + 300MB from last month. The only reason you are reloading your Digi Prepaid Internet is your expiration date renewal to another 30days.

Broadband speed is stable. One can surf Internet, Facebook and open application without feeling very slow. Digi released news that after upgrading their service on Postpaid Internet, Digi users who does not like or does not have the right device for Digi Postpaid service, have flock in using Digi Prepaid Internet as they deemed Digi always their number 1 choice

Top and Best Petronas's campaign 2013

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Reload RM100 and get extra RM25.00? Who will give you free RM25.00 ? Petronas will , Robert said.

Have the desire to accumulate mesra points? The best way is reload with Mesra card on Saturday of the month and get 2x mesra points.

Petronas's campaign "Fuel by Fans" win RM100,000 started on October 14

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It will be one of the huge event for Malaysian as it from Giant conglomerate company. Be excited !! It will start launch on October 14. Stay tuned!!

Petronas is a company involve in Oil and Gas. It also wholly owned by government. It also one of the Fortune 500 listed company in the world.

Petronas-fulled by fans-campaign-october