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Hotlink's 4G SIM Card speed up to 75Mbps

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Are you Maxis Prepaid Subscriber?  You have smartphone with 4G SIM Card slot? Maxis offered 50% more data in the period of Chinese New Year 

Hotlink 4G

Official Maxis's 4G promotional campaign website >> Maxis 4G website

If your current broadband speed is slow and all you need is speedy broadband why not try Maxis's 4G SIM card right? Maxis is well known for broadband service in term of speed. There is no competitor yet can surpass them. It is undisputed champion in broadband speed. 

If you really wanted it so badly. Don make haste decision check their website thoroughly it might be your location is not cater for 4G Internet coverage. I assured most of the west Malaysia could enjoy 4G speed .
I don know it true or not 200MB video movie only need to wait for few minutes and you are on the couch watching movies.

In conjunction coming 2014 CNY, Maxis is keen to serve their subscriber better by introducing 50% more data who reload at the period of CNY which is 8th January 2014 - 28 February 2014.