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Hottest Mobile Internet Plans 2017-2018

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Digi new prepaid and postpaid plans are the hottest topic in its own league.

Digi plan rm100

It takes them a while to use the term "unlimited" data as in the past only home internet get to use it. soem of us are happy and contented with unlimited data surfing Facebook and Instagram after monthly data depleted. But, as compeittion started to heat up, some company just has to pick up the challenge.

They know we like Facebook and Youtube. However, the consumer wants more just surfing Facebook or Instagram. Most notably, they crave more data, coverage and Internet speed. In recent years, they have been rolling out plan with data for watching movies on specific platform such as Youtube or iflix. 

In order to have advantage in a competition, there was not many other choice but listen to consumer demands and giving out more to the public as we are talking about small profitable compay. To be speific, unlimited data with enabled hotspot are just a great combination in successfully attract more subscribers before the end of the year 2017.

Digi newest plan RM100 is the lowest price you can get in the market for unbeatable bargain.It is literally designed for those who tried to squeeze every penny for their own. You cant get any lowest than that anymore. The plan can feed your data-hungry mobile and computer as you wish. Turn on your apple or android update or set it automatically update as you like without rely on home or someone else WiFi.

If you still have an issue with it, please just subscribe RM150 and any of your worries are no longer your concern. 

It even shocking fact that in the first quarter of 2018, Digi rolls out just another awestruck prepaid plans for you to have unlimited data on weekend without elaborate more on the speed. With these plans alone sent out a shockwave to the mobile community for a change of plan due to Digi new prepaid plan can be as low as RM38.

It will be hard time for other companies's mobile Internet plan to caught up, well, we are already excited what are their new plans to counter besides just racking up so many profit. 


Webe Hidden Charges Explained

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Webe self proclaimed RM79.00 is not the final price for everyone

Webenow RM199.00 without deductions

Like everybody else over excited launching of Webe to the public usage. Never win anything from Webe promotions a little bit disappointed due to numbers of players are skillful than me. Not gonna elaborate anymore indulging in the past.

It was not that bad. the first bill came in and stated "I owe Webe RM106,00 instead of RM79". But why I did not goes all-out anger ?. I believe because Webe has done some pretty good things in my life. Author has been using Webe since Oct 5.

Calling home so often never felt this better. Hey, I got unlimited calls and it stated in my bill goes like "everytime you call a local telephone like your parent house, it will be under Webe bill". It literally every time I call home, Webe gonna cover it. I know everyone would like Wechat and Whatsapp their parent but, not all parents are using smartphone.

I not asking everyone should be grateful Webe is not charge us RM200.00 per month. In fact, RM200 the real price everyone should pay for using Webe service.  Where can one possibly find a better deal than this ?

Refer to the above image, from oct 5 - oct 31 prorated RM173.00 from the final price RM199.00. As for the November, author is utilizing Webe service for the whole month as stated there RM199.00.

I will make a simple calculation on my Webe bill with all the eligible deductions. Before that,  I would have owe Webe RM372.00 without deductions. I will be devastated without the deductions.

These are the tricky parts. it stated in my bill that the deductions for RM120.00 only occurred in the month of November. Besides, the Webe certified phone deduction RM52.00 only applicable on the month of October.

After all the deductions. My bill goes down to RM200. Well, do not forget to add in the 6% GST for two months as much as RM12.00

My bill supposed to be RM200 but due to the first payment of RM106  to obtain the sim card is paid Deducting that be my November bill dubbed as of course as first Webe bill a total of RM106. The date to pay before Webe decided to cut my line is on November 22, 2016.

After all, I love Webe so much going through first month is indeed painful. Many users believe that they should pay RM106 + RM79 + RM12 GST. The total is RM197.00.( Inclusive of first registration fee and november bill monthly fee) 

After a few thoughts, I should have pay them RM91,00 (RM79.00+ 2months GST) instead of RM106.00. By the way, I left the viewer to decide.

Read until here ? Please visit another Webe threads at Webe the next big thing

1 Month with Webe Mobile Internet

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What if I told You never ever worry about data running out from apps update 

Almost a month using service provided by Webe since it launched on 30 september 2016. The first Webe bill has not reach my billing address yet. Previously using Digi postpaid for mobile data.

Webe and google app update
32 apps updated using Webe 

32 apps to update is date consuming. Count on games updates normally carrying 30MB per update. It so much better with Webe there is no more worry.

Proudly select "data charge may apply" at the Google Playstore setting. Because the charge was zero. Webe ain't gonna charge us a dime from downloads excessive data on updates.

Youtube 480p with Webe

At the early launch of Webe mobile service, behold the mobile data stability and speed. 480p is consider as high definition visual clip and I pretty sure never stream Youtube with the 480p setting. It reminds me using other mobile data service streaming Youtube on 360p due to worrying it might eat away big chunk of my data.

360p is perfect no lagging and detailed images but, 480p is absolutely astounding. To your surprise, the 3 minutes 480p video loads finish within 7 seconds on Youtube.

Pokemon Go and Webe

Unfair pricing for being non TM / Streamyx / Unifi users. As if you are not subscriber of any TM products such as streamyx and Unifi, you are not getting a special price. The total price using Webe Mobile Internet a month is more or less RM200.

Using a certified Webe phones you could get a discount as much as RM60. Another RM60 cut for being a TM subscriber either Unifi or Streamyx. An eligible of both pay merely RM79 more or less a month.

One thing I notice after being a Webe subscriber, I call home much often than before !

My speed test on Webe  : Webe speed test

Digi Broadband Postpaid Sim Card without modem

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It way better without a modem

Digi Broadband postpaid Sim Card
Digi Broadband Postpaid

The reason behind subscribing without a modem because your smartphone can be a modem. Besides, you are not need to pay the expense of modem.

A front desk of any telecommunication center in Malaysia are not telling you the whole picture. When you are subscribing a postpaid with a modem, you are agree to pay the cost of the modem too when you are no longer using it.

The truth is it is not that bad using smartphone as a modem. With a modem, one is required to pay RM150 with GST something in the total RM156. Without a modem, one must be amazed to bring home Digi postpaid Sim card with just more or less settle the bill of RM50.

What Happen Digi Prepaid Users Exceeded Quota

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Digi Prepaid Users no longer able to surf websites.

Digi warning exceeded quota

Although Digi raised it quota limit to 1.5G for RM30, all the Digi prepaid internet users are not longer able to surf any websites upon quota finished. A pop-up website will be immediately showed up on your smartphone screen whenever users tried accessing any websites.

Despite that, Digi users are still retain the righ to surf social media messaging such as Whatsapps, Wechat or Facebook with limited internet speed. User should expect slower speed downloading pictures on these allowed platform. 

Digi Top up after exceed quota

Top up is made easily accessible. Looking on the options of top up, it not likely a very price-friendly toward users unless in an event of desperate situation.

Would you spend RM50 for 10 days 4GB ? At least, there is a way top up and the hassle is greatly reduced due to the new implementation of automatic pop-up feature for all Digi prepaid users top up their account.


All Digi Subscribers join Digi Lalang Sampai Menang Contest

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Vote your winner of the match and win 50" LED TV only for Digi subscribers 

I felt Digi is generous giving back to the people after so many years supporting their brand. There will be 101 prizes all are 50" LED TV giving out for lucky winners of the contest. Anything could happen in the world cup 2014 , anything could happen to you and you might be the winner of the contest.

Spain versus Chile today morning with the score of 0 - 2 giving the Spain early flight ticket back to home. It is an unexpected moment the defending champion squad lost 2 straight matches. In the first match, Netherlands have tasted their victory winning Spain 5 - 1 score. In fact, as if there were no helping at the penalty granted by referee Spain would have score nothing.

Digi wants you to pick a side everyday on 9AM - 12.59PM. Today, Digi is giving out a match to be voted by you England vs Uruguay. Which side you think will win ?? Pick one of the squad at a limited time as you have voted let say England, a message will be sent to you by Digi as an appreciation. I really voted England because Uruguay lost the match to Costa Rica at staggering score 0 - 3.

The contest is fairy easy to join. Subscribe to any Digi plans and started using Digi 3G network at your smartphone to open designated portal. Only Digi subscribers is allowed to enter the portal for voting. No fees is taken from you to join this contest but you will need to be a Digi subscribers first.

Be a lalang and win this attractive prizes. If you sense Spain is going to lose to Chile but you are Spain no 1 fans just become a lalang for the sake of the contest attractive prizes !

More about "World Cup 2014" in Unitedmy

Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards 2014

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Scholarships for the right Malaysians. Take a glimpse on Maxis scholarship what they are offering to You !

Maxis Scholarships for Excellence Awards was launched in 2005. Maxis has awarded scholarships to 244 Malaysians. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark upon a journey that will lead them to greatest length.

The scholarships are for right people. Seeking well rounded individuals, who have demonstrated leaderships skills in the classroom, as well as sports, social work or other areas. Recipients of this scholarship will be able to pursue courses at renowned universities. A significant step towards pursuing their life's dreams and ambitions. Some of talented will also absorbed into Maxis talent pipelines at the completion of their courses.

Eligibility to apply

  1. Applicants aged 23 or below Malaysian.
  2. Completed or in final stage of attended foundation courses
  3. Minimum SPM 6As
  4. STPM 3As
  5. Dpiloma CGPA 3.5
  6. A level 3As
  7. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 90.0
  8. Recognized Foundation / Pre-university course CGPA 35.0
  9. International Baccalaureate 36.0

Additional requirements are possess a good command of English language, both written and oral. Excellent extra-curricular activities and possess leadership qualities.

Application window is open from April 15, 2014 - May 16, 2014.

Umobile unveils Samsung Galaxy S5 plan on April 25

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Umobile Malaysia offering RM555 or RM999 for Samsung Galaxy S5

You can get Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with only RM999 and RM555 but you are required to follow their following instructions.

It incredible low for RM555, what are the terms and condition for it? It required interested consumer to sigh up for Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card and sign up for U Plus LTE RM138 plan. This promotion will end on June 30, 2014. Be swift if you are qualify and meeting all the requirements for a RM555 Samsung Galaxy S5.

As for the RM999, you are required to be tied on a 24 months contract on Umobile plus LTE RM138 plan. Umobile did not just have 2 plans for Samsung galaxy S5.

There are Umobile plus LTE U58 and U88 plans with Samsung Galaxy S5 tied for 24 months. 

Umobile Samsung Galaxy S5U58 U88U PLUS
Monthly Commitment RM 58 RM 88RM 138
Internet  2GB 3GB 5GB
Free Calling 100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to other operators
100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to others
350 mins to all
Free SMS  None 100 to Umobile
200 to others
250 to all
Voice call charge 18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen to all
Contract  2 years  2 years   2 years
Phone price RM 1699  RM 1499  RM 999
Estimated 2 years cost  RM 3091  RM 3611  RM 4311

If you feel there is a hassle and burden tied up for 24 months. You always can opt for purchasing new Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract. Comparison among Maxis, Digi and Celcom have been made. You can try to do comparison what you have to pay after a period of 1 year and 2 years with the contract you signed up.

Visit here to know about Comparison Maxis, Digi and Celcom plan on Samsung Galaxy S5 : Comparison Samsung Galaxy S5 among telcos

Visit here to know the specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 and interested to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract through Online : Get Samsung Galaxy S5 COD through Online

Groupon Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S5 - Groupon's Samsung Galaxy S5 (Discounted)

Digi Wwwow Internet For All Awards 2014

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Digi's Wwwow Awards 2014 is back with more bigger and creative ideas

Digi Wwwow Awards 2014
Source : Digi Wwwow Awards 2014

Digi Wwwow Awards is like the version Hollywood's Oscar Awards, MTV Awards, Kpop's Golden Disk Awards. Wwwow Awards is consists of Commerce, Content and Community section.

Digi Wwwow is about collective of individuals and organizations who works, live and breathe Internet ! The objective is to recognize people like You the ones who are idea generators for Internet greatness, filling the web with high-potential business ventures, powerful-people-centric content, community-based creativity and much more bigger stuff.

You can join the campaign and win prizes do not shy away with this exclusive opportunity. It is once in your lifetime

Besides that, there will be 2 workshops open to WWWOW participants and non-participants, seats are limited and registration is required. Early birds take the seats. The date of the workshops are April 30, 2014 and May 8, 2014. What are you waiting for ? Join if you are interested ! I bet you will not miss this because top speakers are coming to attend this workshops.

It is a really big Wwwow awards this year seeing there are so many sponsors. Some of them are really familiar. Samsung, Says Malaysia,, Google, Asia Web, Lowyat, MSN and AIG. 

More information please log on to at Wwwow website

This Wwwow 2014 video explained everything you need to know !

TM Stream Champion Deal and Fly Away Contest 2014

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Stream Champion Deal You Pay More and You Get More privilege.

TM Stream King Deal
TM Stream Champion Deal

Telekom Malaysia or TM is the national telecommunication provider in Malaysia. They hold the most biggest network connection towers. It is not foreign to us they are providing us a package that is very budget friendly to most of us.

Unifi, high-speed internet connection is available now at almost every corner nationwide. Malaysian will enjoy higher lifestyle with this. TM is eager to make a ground-breaking product to compete in TV and broadband service market segment in Malaysia. They will take more market share with this new contest and campaign.

It has been a while we know that we can upgrade to better package if we are Unifi subscriber. We actually can enjoy high-speed connection and enjoy latest TV series and movies. The "Stream Champion Deal" allows Streamyx and Unifi subscribers to upgrade in order to get more advantage ! Not to mention that TM will have new contest "Fly Away Contest".

In conjunction with the forthcoming "Brazil World Cup" at June, We will have a chance to win tickets to go there by participant ourselves in TM' "Fly Away Contest". It really a easy process all we need to do firstly is get our hand a Hypp TV pack. Hypp TV is owned by TM also different with Astro.

There are four packs we can choose from Mega pack, Sports pack, Platinum pack and Ruby pack. If you are fan of soccer, you might want to subscribe sports pack RM50. Sport pack will stream Brazil World Cup 2014 in live. Yes, You will get to see live session on Brazil World Cup 2014 in your home big screen TV.

Are you one of the  Hypp TV subscribers? join the contest now by pressing the "i" button on the remote control and join. Grab the chance before it too late ! We all know the contest is legitimate because TM should be able to afford the whole trip right??

Hypp TV contest will be commenced from April 1 till June 15, 2014. The requirement you must be a Hypp TV subscriber. They will be 8 lucky winners everyone will get prizes are 2x World Cup Match tickets, 2x Flight tickets and Hotel Accomodation. Winner will be notify through telephone.

Ok ! As for the Stream Champion Deal. It is an additional if you feel like your current internet connection is not satisfy your need. Why don You own the fibre optic Unifi while subscribing to Hypp TV. You enjoy many privileges in "Stream Champion Deal". See the list below !

Benefit of Stream Champion Deal

1.Valid to new and existing customers of Unifi service and Streamyx service. Promotion Period commence from April 1, 2014 - 31 July 2014

2. New Unifi subscriber VIP 10 or VIP 20 with additional subscription of either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack shall entitled to enjoy Unifi VIP10 at Unifi VIP5's price. That would be RM199.00 and VIP 20 at VIP 10's price RM249.00

3. An existing subscribers of Unifi VIP 5 and Unifi VIP 10 shall entitled to free upgrade when they subscribe either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack

4. An existing customer of Streamyx 2Mbps and 4Mbps shall entitled Free Upgrade to Streamyx 8 Mbps when they subscribe to enjoy the package at 8 Mbps. The monthly fee will be RM160

5. HyppTV has 55 international and local channels with 19 free channels and 36 Premium Channels from as low as RM3/channels. Delivering to you via a dedicated 8 Mbps fibre optic line just for Hypp TV.

6. Unifi VIP consist of Video On Demand. Anything from Hollywood blockbuster, Full TV series and drama.

7. VIP 10 speed is 10 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing. VIP 20's speed is 20 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing.

8. Streamyx and Unifi are entitled unlimited free calls to TM fixed lines nationwide. 10sen to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.

9. Unifi subscribers will be given a TM WIFI ID. Log in and start browsing at 23,000 TM WiFi sites nationwide.

10. Entitled to DECT phone, Residential gateway router with WIFI, HyppTV Set-Top-Box, Broadband termination unit. All are rental free !.

More information at Stream Champion Deal and Fly Away Contest 2014

Maxis Malaysia Surf More 4G LTE Postpaid Plan

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Best Postpaid Plan from Maxis. Surf More 30 offering LTE network and no Pay-Per-Use charge after quota finished 

4G LTE network is getting better and better. More people are aware and acknowledge the existence of 4G LTE over 3G. Malaysian are constantly seeking stable and fast internet connection on their smartphone.

As if you are subscribing to SurfMore. You are promised to pay them monthly. It's either RM30, RM50 or RM75. 

SurfMore 30 : 1GB , (15sen/min) to all networks, (10sen/sms) to all networks
SurfMore 50 : 2GB, Vary
SUrfMore 75 : 5GB, Vary

The existence of SurfMore is to compete with other telecommunication plans in Malaysia. The most noticeable and most influential in Maxis Surfmore plan is the Surfmore 30. It is postpaid, 4G LTE network, sustainable call fee and many more perks.

Beside, If you are Astro Go subscribers, you might be interested to subscribe Surfmore 75 which the plan will get you complimentary 2GB .

Add Ons to SurfMore 30, 50, 75

Subscriber of SurfMore can use "More Voice" or "More SMS" add ons. Paying RM 12 a month , you will entitled 120 minutes to all networks (10sens/ min to all networks) .

"More SMS" add ons, RM6 a month for 120 SMS

It is very important to know Surfmore does not charge you if your quota used up. This new SurfMore allow subscriber to top up and enjoy greatest and fastest Maxis mobile internet connection. In the event, you are desperate need extra quota because your monthly quota finished, you could top up RM10 for 500MB, RM15 for 1GB, RM50 for 5GB.

You are still not convinced? Surfmore is allowed to subscribe Maxis "Values Extras"  for only RM8 . You can get even more with this. Just dial *100#

1. 8sen/min and 1sen/SMS for 10 of your favourite numbers within Maxis/Hotlink
2. 500 SMS a month within Maxis/Hotlink
3. 50% off on calls within Maxis/Hotlink network all weekend
4. 50% off voice and video calls within Maxis/Hotlink network every weeknight from 9PM to 7AM

TM Unifi and Streamyx Promotion 2014

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) introduces the best promotion in 2014 applicable with your existing Unifi and Streamyx

Streamyx and unifi 2014 promotion Hypp nourmous Deal

TM introduces HYPP TV and try to sell it to more consumers in Malaysia by making a marketing promotion titled The best "Hypp-Nourmous Deal". A marketing campaign that aimed for either newly or existing customer of Unifi and Streamyx. If you like all of the channels provided on Hypp TV you might interested in this greatest deal both for TM and You. It is important to know "Hypp-Normous Deal" is contract based for 2 years. Early termination may result penalty up to RM500.

As if you are applying for UNIFI and you are a new customer, let say You have taken to TM and apply for UNIFI VIP10 and in the same time subscribe to one of the Hypp TV pack at the cost of RM50 a month, you will pay RM199 including the Hypp TV subscription in next month. Previously, UNIFI VIP10 costed RM199 without Hypp TV subscription. Customer who subscribed UNIFI also can do a free upgrade by contacting TM hotline. Don miss the chance to own a discounted Samsung Smart TV. 

Streamyx and unifi 2014 promotion Hypp nourmous Deal

As for Streamyx subscriber, TM decided to extend the chance for them. Either existing or new subscriber are entitled for this scheme. For RM160 a month you are enjoying 8Mbps speed with Hypp platinum pack or Ruby pack it up to you !. Contact TM now if interested !

Great news for Unifi an Streamyx users log in for more detail TM Hypp-Normous Deal. If you are interested for this promotion start make your move before 31 March 2014.

You are encouraged to upgrade if availability for your area is catered. Who do not like free upgrade ? You can enjoy TV channels listed as below.

Hypp TV channels are following : 

1.       601 cHM HD                       25. 613 Warner TV
2.       503 Nat Geo Adventure        26. 305 UTV Bindass
3.       612 Universal Channel HD    27. 306 Jaya Max
4.       610 FOX Crime HD             28. 412 Al-Jazeera
5.       611 Syfy HD                       29. 112 EMAS
6.       623 Fashion TV HD              30. 206 STAR Chinese Channel
7.       603 iConcerts HD                31. 614 BBC Entertainment
8.       602 MTV Live HD                32. 561 Discovery Kids
9.       552 Nick Jr.                         33. 301 UTV Stars HD
10.   420 The Capital HD              34. 560 Kids Co
11.   307 UTV Movies                  35. 308 SonyMax
12.   115 MNC International          36. 302 Polimer
13.   604 Nat Geo Music              37. 821 Hypp Dino
14.   553 Cbeebies                      38. 822 Hypp Animasi
15.   501 BBC Knowledge            39. 831 Hypp Variasi
16.   620 BBC Lifestyle                40. 832 Hypp Aksi
17.   551 BabyFirst                     41. 710 Trace Sports HD
18.   833 Fried Chillies                 42. 841 Hypp Xtreme HD          
19.   711 Outdoor Channel HD     43. 221 now Hairun
20.   201 now International           44. 205 now Mango
21.   226 SCM Legend                 45. 209 SETI
22.   208 TVB8                            46. 207 Channel [V] Taiwan
23.   227 Screen RED                  47. 842 Hypp Sports Academy
24.   812 HyppGold                     48. 225 now Baogu

Hotlink's 4G SIM Card speed up to 75Mbps

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Are you Maxis Prepaid Subscriber?  You have smartphone with 4G SIM Card slot? Maxis offered 50% more data in the period of Chinese New Year 

Hotlink 4G

Official Maxis's 4G promotional campaign website >> Maxis 4G website

If your current broadband speed is slow and all you need is speedy broadband why not try Maxis's 4G SIM card right? Maxis is well known for broadband service in term of speed. There is no competitor yet can surpass them. It is undisputed champion in broadband speed. 

If you really wanted it so badly. Don make haste decision check their website thoroughly it might be your location is not cater for 4G Internet coverage. I assured most of the west Malaysia could enjoy 4G speed .
I don know it true or not 200MB video movie only need to wait for few minutes and you are on the couch watching movies.

In conjunction coming 2014 CNY, Maxis is keen to serve their subscriber better by introducing 50% more data who reload at the period of CNY which is 8th January 2014 - 28 February 2014. 

Digi Internet Prepaid Year End Promotion

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Digi offers December 2013 Year End Promotion for Internet Prepaid user. Don miss this !!

Full information and source please go to Digi Prepaid Internet Year End Promotion 2013

Digi Prepaid Internet are compatible with smartphone and broadband device. If you are using Digi Prepaid Internet on your smartphone the only bad side is You cant make a call. However, most people will choose Digi Internet Prepaid because there are many good sides and advantages.

Firstly, using a Digi Prepaid Internet, You don have to worry about quota expiry after the renewal. Your quota balance will be brought forward to the next month. In short, this month you leave 300Mb left and you just let it there when you reload another RM30 You will get another 1GB + 300MB from last month. The only reason you are reloading your Digi Prepaid Internet is your expiration date renewal to another 30days.

Broadband speed is stable. One can surf Internet, Facebook and open application without feeling very slow. Digi released news that after upgrading their service on Postpaid Internet, Digi users who does not like or does not have the right device for Digi Postpaid service, have flock in using Digi Prepaid Internet as they deemed Digi always their number 1 choice