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TM Stream Champion Deal and Fly Away Contest 2014

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Stream Champion Deal You Pay More and You Get More privilege.

TM Stream King Deal
TM Stream Champion Deal

Telekom Malaysia or TM is the national telecommunication provider in Malaysia. They hold the most biggest network connection towers. It is not foreign to us they are providing us a package that is very budget friendly to most of us.

Unifi, high-speed internet connection is available now at almost every corner nationwide. Malaysian will enjoy higher lifestyle with this. TM is eager to make a ground-breaking product to compete in TV and broadband service market segment in Malaysia. They will take more market share with this new contest and campaign.

It has been a while we know that we can upgrade to better package if we are Unifi subscriber. We actually can enjoy high-speed connection and enjoy latest TV series and movies. The "Stream Champion Deal" allows Streamyx and Unifi subscribers to upgrade in order to get more advantage ! Not to mention that TM will have new contest "Fly Away Contest".

In conjunction with the forthcoming "Brazil World Cup" at June, We will have a chance to win tickets to go there by participant ourselves in TM' "Fly Away Contest". It really a easy process all we need to do firstly is get our hand a Hypp TV pack. Hypp TV is owned by TM also different with Astro.

There are four packs we can choose from Mega pack, Sports pack, Platinum pack and Ruby pack. If you are fan of soccer, you might want to subscribe sports pack RM50. Sport pack will stream Brazil World Cup 2014 in live. Yes, You will get to see live session on Brazil World Cup 2014 in your home big screen TV.

Are you one of the  Hypp TV subscribers? join the contest now by pressing the "i" button on the remote control and join. Grab the chance before it too late ! We all know the contest is legitimate because TM should be able to afford the whole trip right??

Hypp TV contest will be commenced from April 1 till June 15, 2014. The requirement you must be a Hypp TV subscriber. They will be 8 lucky winners everyone will get prizes are 2x World Cup Match tickets, 2x Flight tickets and Hotel Accomodation. Winner will be notify through telephone.

Ok ! As for the Stream Champion Deal. It is an additional if you feel like your current internet connection is not satisfy your need. Why don You own the fibre optic Unifi while subscribing to Hypp TV. You enjoy many privileges in "Stream Champion Deal". See the list below !

Benefit of Stream Champion Deal

1.Valid to new and existing customers of Unifi service and Streamyx service. Promotion Period commence from April 1, 2014 - 31 July 2014

2. New Unifi subscriber VIP 10 or VIP 20 with additional subscription of either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack shall entitled to enjoy Unifi VIP10 at Unifi VIP5's price. That would be RM199.00 and VIP 20 at VIP 10's price RM249.00

3. An existing subscribers of Unifi VIP 5 and Unifi VIP 10 shall entitled to free upgrade when they subscribe either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack

4. An existing customer of Streamyx 2Mbps and 4Mbps shall entitled Free Upgrade to Streamyx 8 Mbps when they subscribe to enjoy the package at 8 Mbps. The monthly fee will be RM160

5. HyppTV has 55 international and local channels with 19 free channels and 36 Premium Channels from as low as RM3/channels. Delivering to you via a dedicated 8 Mbps fibre optic line just for Hypp TV.

6. Unifi VIP consist of Video On Demand. Anything from Hollywood blockbuster, Full TV series and drama.

7. VIP 10 speed is 10 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing. VIP 20's speed is 20 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing.

8. Streamyx and Unifi are entitled unlimited free calls to TM fixed lines nationwide. 10sen to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.

9. Unifi subscribers will be given a TM WIFI ID. Log in and start browsing at 23,000 TM WiFi sites nationwide.

10. Entitled to DECT phone, Residential gateway router with WIFI, HyppTV Set-Top-Box, Broadband termination unit. All are rental free !.

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