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Webe The Next Big Thing in Malaysia

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What exactly is Webe ? It is a mobile Internet company in Malaysia. It open to public usage on September 30, 2016. There are things to know before buying Webe Internet service.

1. Enhance Telecommunication Business

Mobile Internet business in Malaysia is tremendously huge. One may think that Celcom is national mobile carrier due to it wide coverage nationwide, in fact, the real Internet player is Telekom Malaysia, the provider of Internet connectivity to every homeuser.

 It is safe to say Celcom, Digi and Maxis are three large mobile Internet providers in Malaysia before the Webe company step in the industry.

2. TM's master plan

Telekom Malaysia has always been dominating in home user Internet business. Streamyx and Unifi proved to be more stable landline Internet connection. It is the only Internet provider in Malaysia allows user enjoy unlimited data access.

It is not a secret that the stagnant of computer sales has dampen sales of TM service. The rise of smartphone has least and no growth to the TM market share.

3. TM and P1

The downfall of P1 mobile Internet business allows TM to buy it's company shares. Before all this, P1 received tremendous amounts of bad complaints from many of its subscribers. Bad image of P1 company is lifted when the news broke out that TM is buying its stake.

It is a win-win situation for TM and P1 as Telekom Malaysia is finally venturing to mobile Internet business for the first time breaking with traditional landline Internet service with a strong brand and foundation laid out by P1. Whereas, P1 has been engaging with Midas touch ever since with vast resource and technical espect offered by TM.

4. Unlimited Data

In history, It seem like there was never one mobile Internet company in Malaysia could offer unlimited data access. Neither are Celcom, Digi, Maxis, Umobile or even P1 itself. The one Internet company could make such marketing claim for unlimited data is carrying the brand name TM.

5. Unlimited Call

Do we have to come for this disccusion ? Wechat, Whassap and Line are not happy with that. Not we  dislike calling, we are more fond on the voice function than a call. Unlimited call may drag us back to the real-time calling but it will never stop us to shift from voice and texting seamlessly to a dialling. It will never get us to unistall Wechat, Whassap and Line. 

Besides, it might seem differ with those using Internet service living in rural areas where Internet is unable to be reached. Dialling still is an ideal way as if you are calling at offshore, cave and

6. Cheaper Price Tag

RM80.00 + for an unlimited data is quite a reasonable price for ordinary. From Webe company point of view, it still profitable because the policy of personal unlimited mobile data.

7. Tethering Problem

It is only wise to have criteria to use Webe service. If everyone start to use Webe as sole Internet service, there will be a backfire to TM landline Internet service. To charge as much as RM6 for 2 hours, less people are going to use tethering on Webe mobile Internet access to the computer.

Webe Internet connection is " Personal " as oppose to traditionally free offered by most of the mobile Internet company in Malaysia.

Would you sacrifice the usage of free tethering as an exchange to unlimited mobile Internet access ? if your answer is yes, then, webe is certainly for you.

8. Webe Marketing

It has been a joyful ride with Webe company rewarding users with cash rewards and some other prizes. It is all over the news and it seem like a too-good-to-be-true marketing scheme to attract users to test their product.

First Webe launched an app allowing Malaysian to get to know more about Webe. Then, it started to reward people with an incredible prizes. Luckily, those who won the prizes only needed to fill in personal information rather than paying a small fee for being a member.

I do not know you but I heard some crazy news that every Webe employees get a new high-end smartphones out of nowhere. Even before the launching of Webe service, On free time, Webe employees will drive to your neighborhood in a small van as if it deemed a beautiful day, therefore, they will reward you with cash rewards up to RM300 or a high-end smartphone such as Galaxy S6. All you need to do is participate and spin the wheel while they will capture your photo of you winning a prize and upload it on their official Webe Facebook page.

9. The Next Big Thing

It solves the mystery whether mobile Internet data can be unlimited likened to a landline Internet connection. There has been lots of rumor in the past that user could subscribe to an unlimited mobile data with merely RM30 monthly fee with a small tweak. The tweak however, it was not much a convention business practice as it will be using third-party such as VPN.

Imagine one can surf Youtube without the worry of data cap and sudden increase of hidden fee charged on gullible mobile end-user. It is all now a horrible past, Webe is the new savior for the miserable mobile Internet experience.

10. My Webe Experience

To be frank, author have bought the Webe service and yet to try it out. Perhaps I could give more tips after testing it for 3 months.

TM Stream Champion Deal and Fly Away Contest 2014

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Stream Champion Deal You Pay More and You Get More privilege.

TM Stream King Deal
TM Stream Champion Deal

Telekom Malaysia or TM is the national telecommunication provider in Malaysia. They hold the most biggest network connection towers. It is not foreign to us they are providing us a package that is very budget friendly to most of us.

Unifi, high-speed internet connection is available now at almost every corner nationwide. Malaysian will enjoy higher lifestyle with this. TM is eager to make a ground-breaking product to compete in TV and broadband service market segment in Malaysia. They will take more market share with this new contest and campaign.

It has been a while we know that we can upgrade to better package if we are Unifi subscriber. We actually can enjoy high-speed connection and enjoy latest TV series and movies. The "Stream Champion Deal" allows Streamyx and Unifi subscribers to upgrade in order to get more advantage ! Not to mention that TM will have new contest "Fly Away Contest".

In conjunction with the forthcoming "Brazil World Cup" at June, We will have a chance to win tickets to go there by participant ourselves in TM' "Fly Away Contest". It really a easy process all we need to do firstly is get our hand a Hypp TV pack. Hypp TV is owned by TM also different with Astro.

There are four packs we can choose from Mega pack, Sports pack, Platinum pack and Ruby pack. If you are fan of soccer, you might want to subscribe sports pack RM50. Sport pack will stream Brazil World Cup 2014 in live. Yes, You will get to see live session on Brazil World Cup 2014 in your home big screen TV.

Are you one of the  Hypp TV subscribers? join the contest now by pressing the "i" button on the remote control and join. Grab the chance before it too late ! We all know the contest is legitimate because TM should be able to afford the whole trip right??

Hypp TV contest will be commenced from April 1 till June 15, 2014. The requirement you must be a Hypp TV subscriber. They will be 8 lucky winners everyone will get prizes are 2x World Cup Match tickets, 2x Flight tickets and Hotel Accomodation. Winner will be notify through telephone.

Ok ! As for the Stream Champion Deal. It is an additional if you feel like your current internet connection is not satisfy your need. Why don You own the fibre optic Unifi while subscribing to Hypp TV. You enjoy many privileges in "Stream Champion Deal". See the list below !

Benefit of Stream Champion Deal

1.Valid to new and existing customers of Unifi service and Streamyx service. Promotion Period commence from April 1, 2014 - 31 July 2014

2. New Unifi subscriber VIP 10 or VIP 20 with additional subscription of either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack shall entitled to enjoy Unifi VIP10 at Unifi VIP5's price. That would be RM199.00 and VIP 20 at VIP 10's price RM249.00

3. An existing subscribers of Unifi VIP 5 and Unifi VIP 10 shall entitled to free upgrade when they subscribe either HyppTV Sports Pack or HyppTV Mega Pack

4. An existing customer of Streamyx 2Mbps and 4Mbps shall entitled Free Upgrade to Streamyx 8 Mbps when they subscribe to enjoy the package at 8 Mbps. The monthly fee will be RM160

5. HyppTV has 55 international and local channels with 19 free channels and 36 Premium Channels from as low as RM3/channels. Delivering to you via a dedicated 8 Mbps fibre optic line just for Hypp TV.

6. Unifi VIP consist of Video On Demand. Anything from Hollywood blockbuster, Full TV series and drama.

7. VIP 10 speed is 10 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing. VIP 20's speed is 20 Mbps and unlimited data download and surfing.

8. Streamyx and Unifi are entitled unlimited free calls to TM fixed lines nationwide. 10sen to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.

9. Unifi subscribers will be given a TM WIFI ID. Log in and start browsing at 23,000 TM WiFi sites nationwide.

10. Entitled to DECT phone, Residential gateway router with WIFI, HyppTV Set-Top-Box, Broadband termination unit. All are rental free !.

More information at Stream Champion Deal and Fly Away Contest 2014

TM Unifi and Streamyx Promotion 2014

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) introduces the best promotion in 2014 applicable with your existing Unifi and Streamyx

Streamyx and unifi 2014 promotion Hypp nourmous Deal

TM introduces HYPP TV and try to sell it to more consumers in Malaysia by making a marketing promotion titled The best "Hypp-Nourmous Deal". A marketing campaign that aimed for either newly or existing customer of Unifi and Streamyx. If you like all of the channels provided on Hypp TV you might interested in this greatest deal both for TM and You. It is important to know "Hypp-Normous Deal" is contract based for 2 years. Early termination may result penalty up to RM500.

As if you are applying for UNIFI and you are a new customer, let say You have taken to TM and apply for UNIFI VIP10 and in the same time subscribe to one of the Hypp TV pack at the cost of RM50 a month, you will pay RM199 including the Hypp TV subscription in next month. Previously, UNIFI VIP10 costed RM199 without Hypp TV subscription. Customer who subscribed UNIFI also can do a free upgrade by contacting TM hotline. Don miss the chance to own a discounted Samsung Smart TV. 

Streamyx and unifi 2014 promotion Hypp nourmous Deal

As for Streamyx subscriber, TM decided to extend the chance for them. Either existing or new subscriber are entitled for this scheme. For RM160 a month you are enjoying 8Mbps speed with Hypp platinum pack or Ruby pack it up to you !. Contact TM now if interested !

Great news for Unifi an Streamyx users log in for more detail TM Hypp-Normous Deal. If you are interested for this promotion start make your move before 31 March 2014.

You are encouraged to upgrade if availability for your area is catered. Who do not like free upgrade ? You can enjoy TV channels listed as below.

Hypp TV channels are following : 

1.       601 cHM HD                       25. 613 Warner TV
2.       503 Nat Geo Adventure        26. 305 UTV Bindass
3.       612 Universal Channel HD    27. 306 Jaya Max
4.       610 FOX Crime HD             28. 412 Al-Jazeera
5.       611 Syfy HD                       29. 112 EMAS
6.       623 Fashion TV HD              30. 206 STAR Chinese Channel
7.       603 iConcerts HD                31. 614 BBC Entertainment
8.       602 MTV Live HD                32. 561 Discovery Kids
9.       552 Nick Jr.                         33. 301 UTV Stars HD
10.   420 The Capital HD              34. 560 Kids Co
11.   307 UTV Movies                  35. 308 SonyMax
12.   115 MNC International          36. 302 Polimer
13.   604 Nat Geo Music              37. 821 Hypp Dino
14.   553 Cbeebies                      38. 822 Hypp Animasi
15.   501 BBC Knowledge            39. 831 Hypp Variasi
16.   620 BBC Lifestyle                40. 832 Hypp Aksi
17.   551 BabyFirst                     41. 710 Trace Sports HD
18.   833 Fried Chillies                 42. 841 Hypp Xtreme HD          
19.   711 Outdoor Channel HD     43. 221 now Hairun
20.   201 now International           44. 205 now Mango
21.   226 SCM Legend                 45. 209 SETI
22.   208 TVB8                            46. 207 Channel [V] Taiwan
23.   227 Screen RED                  47. 842 Hypp Sports Academy
24.   812 HyppGold                     48. 225 now Baogu