Webe Hidden Charges Explained

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Webe self proclaimed RM79.00 is not the final price for everyone

Webenow RM199.00 without deductions

Like everybody else over excited launching of Webe to the public usage. Never win anything from Webe promotions a little bit disappointed due to numbers of players are skillful than me. Not gonna elaborate anymore indulging in the past.

It was not that bad. the first bill came in and stated "I owe Webe RM106,00 instead of RM79". But why I did not goes all-out anger ?. I believe because Webe has done some pretty good things in my life. Author has been using Webe since Oct 5.

Calling home so often never felt this better. Hey, I got unlimited calls and it stated in my bill goes like "everytime you call a local telephone like your parent house, it will be under Webe bill". It literally every time I call home, Webe gonna cover it. I know everyone would like Wechat and Whatsapp their parent but, not all parents are using smartphone.

I not asking everyone should be grateful Webe is not charge us RM200.00 per month. In fact, RM200 the real price everyone should pay for using Webe service.  Where can one possibly find a better deal than this ?

Refer to the above image, from oct 5 - oct 31 prorated RM173.00 from the final price RM199.00. As for the November, author is utilizing Webe service for the whole month as stated there RM199.00.

I will make a simple calculation on my Webe bill with all the eligible deductions. Before that,  I would have owe Webe RM372.00 without deductions. I will be devastated without the deductions.

These are the tricky parts. it stated in my bill that the deductions for RM120.00 only occurred in the month of November. Besides, the Webe certified phone deduction RM52.00 only applicable on the month of October.

After all the deductions. My bill goes down to RM200. Well, do not forget to add in the 6% GST for two months as much as RM12.00

My bill supposed to be RM200 but due to the first payment of RM106  to obtain the sim card is paid Deducting that be my November bill dubbed as of course as first Webe bill a total of RM106. The date to pay before Webe decided to cut my line is on November 22, 2016.

After all, I love Webe so much going through first month is indeed painful. Many users believe that they should pay RM106 + RM79 + RM12 GST. The total is RM197.00.( Inclusive of first registration fee and november bill monthly fee) 

After a few thoughts, I should have pay them RM91,00 (RM79.00+ 2months GST) instead of RM106.00. By the way, I left the viewer to decide.

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