Digi Broadband Postpaid Sim Card without modem

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It way better without a modem

Digi Broadband postpaid Sim Card
Digi Broadband Postpaid

The reason behind subscribing without a modem because your smartphone can be a modem. Besides, you are not need to pay the expense of modem.

A front desk of any telecommunication center in Malaysia are not telling you the whole picture. When you are subscribing a postpaid with a modem, you are agree to pay the cost of the modem too when you are no longer using it.

The truth is it is not that bad using smartphone as a modem. With a modem, one is required to pay RM150 with GST something in the total RM156. Without a modem, one must be amazed to bring home Digi postpaid Sim card with just more or less settle the bill of RM50.