Digi Internet Prepaid Year End Promotion

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Digi offers December 2013 Year End Promotion for Internet Prepaid user. Don miss this !!

Full information and source please go to Digi Prepaid Internet Year End Promotion 2013

Digi Prepaid Internet are compatible with smartphone and broadband device. If you are using Digi Prepaid Internet on your smartphone the only bad side is You cant make a call. However, most people will choose Digi Internet Prepaid because there are many good sides and advantages.

Firstly, using a Digi Prepaid Internet, You don have to worry about quota expiry after the renewal. Your quota balance will be brought forward to the next month. In short, this month you leave 300Mb left and you just let it there when you reload another RM30 You will get another 1GB + 300MB from last month. The only reason you are reloading your Digi Prepaid Internet is your expiration date renewal to another 30days.

Broadband speed is stable. One can surf Internet, Facebook and open application without feeling very slow. Digi released news that after upgrading their service on Postpaid Internet, Digi users who does not like or does not have the right device for Digi Postpaid service, have flock in using Digi Prepaid Internet as they deemed Digi always their number 1 choice