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Hyundai Malaysia Facebook Photo Contest 2013

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Source : Hyundai Malaysia Facebook

Full information and Hyundai Facebook photo contest at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

This contest named as Hyundai Mission Impossible . There are 3 parts of the mission. Every mission featuring a question. In order to win the contest, follow it step by step. The trick is to snap photo of you and the correct model of Hyundai automobile. If you are at mission 2 , I advise you the answer is Hyundai Sonata. Take photo of you and Hyundai Sonata, submit the photo after by liking their facebook page at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

 The duration of the contest is until end of January 2014. If you does not win the mission number 2, you could always try your luck at mission number 3. Winning the contest, you will need many vote so, spread the news at your friends and family to like the photo at Hyundai Facebook Voting page.. Get the most vote, the winner prize is yours.

Mission 1 :  December 5, 2013, Ended on December 15, 2013
Mission 2 : starts on December 19, 2013 ends on December 29, 2013
Mission 3 : starts on January 2, 2014, end on January 15, 2014

Information about Prizes 

Grand Prizes : Hyundai Inokom i10 1.1 Colourz
Runner-up Prizes : Samsung Galaxy Tab

Extra Information about the contest:  

1. Contest started  from December 5, 2013 until January 26, 2014
2. You must be 18 and above or having parent consent.
3. You must have Facebook and allow Facebook Hyundai contest app