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Share to Win Contest Everyone can win a Proton

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Everyone can own a Proton car low interest and free installment

Proton share to win contest

As you can see in the picture above, which automobile dealership give you this lucrative deal ?? 6 months free instalment that really worth to check it out !

Proton is national automobile brand in Malaysia. Everyone know that except for those prefer foreign automobile brand like Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and so on. Existence of Proton have a very strong agenda in national interest. Some of the Proton company income is invested in research and development automobile industry in Malaysia

Proton is eagerly promoting it brand. They have rolled out Proton Persona for the interest of people. The car charging RM388 for those who willing to purchase. There are so many choices You don really need to purchase Proton Persona. You can pick one of those Suprima S, Preve, Exora, Exora Prime, Sage FLX, Inspira and Satria Neo.

The best deal in my opinion, it would be Saga FLX. Try to calculate it with 2.5% interest rate and rock-bottom price at RM34,000 for this car plus down payment RM5,000 with 10 years. Your monthly repayment only RM300 or below.

The recent biggest news about Proton company is senior adviser Tun Datuk Seri Mahathir Mohammed resigned from the position. Many authority do not hope He resigned from the position. Will the next elected Proton adviser do a greater job for the company interest and raise the brand to the international stage? 
Beside this lucrative deal, Proton also would like to ask your help to promote their products and brand through social media in exchange you can win attractive prizes ! It starting from March 17, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Proton low interest

Low interest rate 2.5% . Proton is seriously taking less for themselves and giving more for the Malaysian people ! 

Proton car

It is so much cheaper than foreign made auto car. Own a Proton Preve for RM488. Myvi 1.5 cost RM 550-RM650. Which one is better you can decide for yourself ! 

Matta Fair 2014 will be held on March

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Biggest Tour & Travel Agents in Malaysia. MATTA fair over 1,000 Booths has been occupied.  

Matta Fair

Malaysian Associations of Travel and Tour Agents is confident that the fair which will be held on March 14 till March 16, 2014 could attract more than 100,000 visitors. The event planner decision for the venue is at Putrajaya World Trade Centre (PWTC)

Judy Cheah chairman of MATTA, She is expecting achieve sales over RM150 Million in MATTA fair 2014. She said, after all people still need to go travel despite pressure from rising cost of living.

She continue to talk about the fair held in 2013 last year which attracted over 100,000 visitor in March. The second MATTA fair 2013 organized in the month of September have been receiving 80,000 visitors. Furthermore, she explained MATTA had spent RM1mil in order to promote this event. She hopes the fair will be very well-received by the public members although the fair offered discounted travel package, it does not mean the quality of the package is lowered. Patron should realized that the discount is the result of subsidies by national airlines and national tourist offices.

In order to make the fair more vibrant and memorable for visitors, Attractive prizes will be given for lucky winner in MATTA 2014. Buyer Draws Contest, anyone who purchase over RM500 is entitled 1 entry. The grand prizes will be two business class flight tickets to London worth RM53,000. 

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014, there will be VMY2014 draw Contest. Minimum purchase of any domestic packages which mean You will be travelling within Malaysia. The prices of the package exceeded RM200 will be entitled entry to VMY 2014 lucky draw contest. Let say you purchase a domestic package worth RM1,000 , You are entitled VMY lucky draw contest as well as the RM500 Buyer Contest.

Beside Buyer and VMY lucky draw contest, there are hourly draw contest which the winners will be announced by organizer. 5 prizes will be giveaway every hour from 11AM - 7PM. Daily from 14-16 March 2014

All of the contests above are required You to safekeeping official receipts as a proof as if you announced as the winner of contest. Besides, there is a secret code will be given at Registration counter so do not forget to check them in prior !

Please be reminded the entry to the fair is chargeable. The entry ticket is priced at RM4. Pre-order is available at MATTA Fair 2014

McDonald Malaysia's Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest

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Pick McDonald Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Chess to play the game. I would recommend Quarter Pounder than Big Mac.


I played both Big Mac and QPC because I like both of the burger. In fact, all of the burger are equally tasty. As you can see above, I could get up to 11 QPC score while in Big Mac, I would not get so high in scores. As you keep playing the game, making more burgers, you will be graving for McDonald burgers for sure. To make the situation better, living in cities could enjoy discounted McDonald delivery order to your home by inserting the codes. How to get the code? Well, you are required to play the game since you are here just zoom in the image above to get the McDonald discount code.

There will be 6 stages in the game. Each stage is harder as you proceed to the next stage. All of the 6 stages will be unlocked fully on March 6, 2014. For example, February 24, 2014, we could play 4th stage if we won the third stage in the game but could not advance to 5th stage as it will be unlocked at later date.

At the end of the game, you will be redirected to a page displaying discounted codes and your game score. In the page, you will see written like "Free Quarter Pound Chess and Big Mac Burger delivery" I am not convincing they are no hidden fees but you can try by calling 1300-13-1300  

Beside Free burgers, The Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest come with exclusive prizes to win.  Stated in the Term and Condition, 3 grand prizes will be rewarded for active top 3 participants at the end of the contest period. The prizes are Ipad Air, Samsung Galaxy Grand and Canon Digital Ixus . The contest is running from 13th February 2014 - 12 March 2014 

Furthermore, top participant each day will also entitled to receive RM50 McDonald gift. It is a very rewarding contest !! 

You are required facebook account to play the game at McDonald Malaysia Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest Web

Airasia X Takeover Busking Challenge

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Join and win attractive prizes just submit video of you showing street talent. Be the one to take away the spotlight.

Do you have what it takes to win second challenge? Do not hesitate to see full information here Airasia X Takeover. Submit your video before 24th February 2014.

Airasia X

This event is organized by Airasia X Berhad for any residents from countries that Youtube is launched and to all participants aged 18 years and above. The title of the event is "Adelaide Busking Challenge". The exclusive prize for winner is all expense paid trip to Adelaide. For your information, there will be 2 finalists selected by the judges based on the video you submitted on Youtube and perform your busking skill again at Adelaide. Then, one of the winner will take away another mystery grand prize.

As if you are selected for a free trip to Adelaide, you are entitled to following :

1. Return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide. Flight inclusive 25KG baggage allowance and everythings but if exceeded baggage weight it will be borne by finalists
2. AUD $100 Fringe Festival vouncher
3. Half Day Adelaide and Hill Tour including German Town and Cleland Wildlife park
4. Half Day 4WD Tour with Off Piste Tours
5. Full day Barossa Valley Tour
6. 3 nights hotel stay
7. transport in Adelaide and various tours

Interested to join? I will just show you briefly how to participate based on my understanding, AirAsia X Challenge 2" Adelaide Busking Challenge". There are 2 stages in this challenge. 

Firstly, you must have a Gmail account for authorization purpose by Airasia X and a self made video and upload it at You will find submit video button at here . You may or may not show yourself in the video but there is a mandatory speech before you start showing your busking skill. it goes like "   Hi Airasia X, I'm (your name) and I've got what it takes for the (challenge name) in Adelaide because ... (say something why you deceive to be selected)

Second stage you will be taken to Adelaide and wait for their next game to win mystery grand prize.

Reminding those interested to visit Airasia X Takeover at youtube before 24th February 2014. If you did not join, you can vote for your favourite video so that the video maker can go Adelaide. 2 finalists will take off to Adelaide on 12 March 2014.

Do visit here for more detail: Busking Adelaide Air asia X

Airasia X takeover 2 challenges representative or ambassador not really know who are them. These guy are not joining to compete for the finalist but they show you little info on the video you are making for the challenge. 

Maybank's FIFA World Cup 2014 Campaign

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source: Maybank Malaysia

Official Maybank Promotion Free trip to Brazil website >>Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

FIFA World Cup 2014 is around the corner. It will be held at Brazil. Soccer fans are cheering for the event sparked worldwide outcry. Last FIFA World cup was in 2010 the final match between Spain and Netherland 1-0 is amazing soccer match. More information about FIFA world cup 2014 at

Do you want to go Brazil without paying transporatation fees?? Maybank Malaysia wanted You to have 2 tickets if you follow their Promotion. Do remember to follow their guidelines and term and conditions. I will explain briefly how to join FIFA World Cup 2014 Maybank Malaysia campaign !

Firstly of all let us see all the prizes You will have a chance to win !. 

Grand Prizes : 2 tickets for final in Rio De Janeiro stadium
First Prizes : 2 tickets to semi final in Sao Paolo
Bonus Prizes : VISA FIFA merchandise

How to Win ?

1. Spend RM100 with your Maybank VISA Credit Cards from December 13, 2013 until 31 March 2014.
2. SMS "WORLD CUP(space)12 digit IC number and send to 66628 . For example, send your sms to WORLDCUP XXXXXX-XX-XXXX >>> 66628

Do give them a call if you have any enquiries at customer hotline service 1300 88 6688. More information at Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

Malaysia-made Drive Sensibly (DS) smartphone application contest

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Malaysian made application "Drive Sensibly" DS designed for alcoholic drinkers. There is a contest give away. Free DS T-Shirt and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Drive sensibly
Source : Drive

Contest is running from December 18, 2013, until January 23, 2014. If you want to get DS free T-shirt, which you 100% can get only by downloading their apps at your android smartphone or Iphones. They will send it to your address after a short registration. Moreover, you can advance further take away Samsung Galaxy Tab by, wearing DS T-Shirt and snap a picture and send it to them..

If you seriously want to win it , visit this site and read thoroughly their TOS Drive Sensibly

I will provide some brief tips on the contest and DS apps.. DS apps are great tools in case you are really drunk , you could call someone it ease or call a cab.. Besides, there is a alcohol calculator where you can calculate how many should be enough for you ..!! 

 There are only 5 winners of Samsung Galaxy Tab.. It will be finalist by your creativity photo submitted. However, T-shirt are delivered 1 to 2 weeks time. Where to submit the photos?? You must have instagram and public privacy enabled in order for them to evaluate . Don forget to add tag (@drinksensibly) and (#beaDSangel)  excluding the brackets.. 

Most importantly, the participants must a non-muslim and open to all Malaysians above 18 years old. The organiser of contest are Guiness Anchor Berhad. 

Hyundai Malaysia Facebook Photo Contest 2013

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Source : Hyundai Malaysia Facebook

Full information and Hyundai Facebook photo contest at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

This contest named as Hyundai Mission Impossible . There are 3 parts of the mission. Every mission featuring a question. In order to win the contest, follow it step by step. The trick is to snap photo of you and the correct model of Hyundai automobile. If you are at mission 2 , I advise you the answer is Hyundai Sonata. Take photo of you and Hyundai Sonata, submit the photo after by liking their facebook page at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

 The duration of the contest is until end of January 2014. If you does not win the mission number 2, you could always try your luck at mission number 3. Winning the contest, you will need many vote so, spread the news at your friends and family to like the photo at Hyundai Facebook Voting page.. Get the most vote, the winner prize is yours.

Mission 1 :  December 5, 2013, Ended on December 15, 2013
Mission 2 : starts on December 19, 2013 ends on December 29, 2013
Mission 3 : starts on January 2, 2014, end on January 15, 2014

Information about Prizes 

Grand Prizes : Hyundai Inokom i10 1.1 Colourz
Runner-up Prizes : Samsung Galaxy Tab

Extra Information about the contest:  

1. Contest started  from December 5, 2013 until January 26, 2014
2. You must be 18 and above or having parent consent.
3. You must have Facebook and allow Facebook Hyundai contest app