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McDonald Malaysia's Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest

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Pick McDonald Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Chess to play the game. I would recommend Quarter Pounder than Big Mac.


I played both Big Mac and QPC because I like both of the burger. In fact, all of the burger are equally tasty. As you can see above, I could get up to 11 QPC score while in Big Mac, I would not get so high in scores. As you keep playing the game, making more burgers, you will be graving for McDonald burgers for sure. To make the situation better, living in cities could enjoy discounted McDonald delivery order to your home by inserting the codes. How to get the code? Well, you are required to play the game since you are here just zoom in the image above to get the McDonald discount code.

There will be 6 stages in the game. Each stage is harder as you proceed to the next stage. All of the 6 stages will be unlocked fully on March 6, 2014. For example, February 24, 2014, we could play 4th stage if we won the third stage in the game but could not advance to 5th stage as it will be unlocked at later date.

At the end of the game, you will be redirected to a page displaying discounted codes and your game score. In the page, you will see written like "Free Quarter Pound Chess and Big Mac Burger delivery" I am not convincing they are no hidden fees but you can try by calling 1300-13-1300  

Beside Free burgers, The Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest come with exclusive prizes to win.  Stated in the Term and Condition, 3 grand prizes will be rewarded for active top 3 participants at the end of the contest period. The prizes are Ipad Air, Samsung Galaxy Grand and Canon Digital Ixus . The contest is running from 13th February 2014 - 12 March 2014 

Furthermore, top participant each day will also entitled to receive RM50 McDonald gift. It is a very rewarding contest !! 

You are required facebook account to play the game at McDonald Malaysia Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest Web