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Malaysia McDonald's Double Beef Samurai Junior

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McDonald's Malaysia rolled out new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior" on September 26, 2014

McDonald's Malaysia double beef samurai junior

You know why McDonald's staffs always asks its customers "Large meal or not" It really obvious that they want you to you spend more on your meal. It is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for them to ask you. Large meal seem to be a very goo deal but you can always say something like "normal" or "no".  

Double Beef Samurai Junior

This burger cost around RM4.75 if you said "no" or "normal" to the staff. When you said "Yes, I want a large meal" the price will not be the same. There was a RM1 price increased for you to say "Yes". The price will be RM5.75 instead. Ok, you may say the french fries and Pepsi were to be larger than the medium-sized. Unless you are really hungry, you should order the large meal then.

The taste of Double Beef Samurai Junior is likened to a prosperity burger. Luckily, I ordered a double beef rather than one beef. I would be seriously surprised if I was not. Well, the meal is quite delicious and ward off starving. It seem that McDonald's Malaysia and KFC have things in common. KFC rolled out Tokyo sauce and McDonald introduced Samurai sauce. Wondering what is McDonald's Malaysia next new menu ?? 

Besides Double Beef Samurai Junior., I have eaten McDonald's Habanero Burger during the FIFA 2014 season and Mccountry and McFlurry Durian flavor . I am looking forward to eat more and more !!!

Prank on McDonald Malaysia August 2014

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First prank video ever seen in Malaysia. News Media portrayed it was not funny.

If happiness can be generated through a video clip let say a prank then it were not classified as bad, illegal or evil. Some voiced out that this video has gone so far that rude and harsh gestures and words involved. Prank video itself is an entertainment. Those who involved in entertainment business were not real and they act on those video. Did you saw how happy they did it after they had prank the McDonald staff ??

It likely related to the ongoing boycott targeted on McDonald. They lashed out the word "F****** Israel" then they laugh it loudly as it seem like an awkward attempt. Let say if they got caught for illegal activities what were the possible punishments was right for their misconduct ?

What if they said to the police that everything they had done was recorded under the title as "Prank". Will Police just brush it off and close the case ? . I think the only thing that need to take into accountability was that was the female staff felt anything insulted ?? In the meantime, they ordered some McDonald burgers with no intention to buy it.

 I do not support them but they did said before the video begin that it was just a prank. Why so serious ? What if the McDonald staff was their friend and asked her to be actress in the video? What if the McDonald staff have received a prior notice or maybe they even say sorry to the female McDonald staff after recording ??

McDonald's Malaysia responds Boycott on Social Media

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McDonald Malaysia shed some story on it side in a bid to wash away all doubts on them

It was unusual for a successful and big fast food restaurant like McDonald's Malaysia to make a comment on any issue. But in this particular matter, they needed to say something about it. This are the full unaltered original message published on their official Facebook page not long ago.

There were social media created in order to rally boycotting on McDonald Malaysia. More information at Boycotts McDonald Malaysia received thousand likes . Is this online rally get away easily and out of the sight of police attention ??

If freedom of speech practiced by democratic nations which including speaking freely towards any entities then it could mean something related to this online rally regarding McDonald's Malaysia. As long as it was peaceful rally, everyone have the right to voice up their concerns and ideas.

McDonald Malaysia and those boycott supporters are equally important in contributing free society that upholds freedom of people and peace.

Original version at this Facebook link please go to Original version in Malaysia language

Below is a copy of full message from management of Malaysia published on it social media July 25, 2014  (English Version)


Accusation and call of boycott towards McDonald Malaysia is unreasonable. All kinds of allegation has been made associating conflict and tragedy humanitarian at Gaza. However, the real victim of these accusation were towards our friends, employees and families. They have been a subject of discrimination and other franchise outlets we tried hard to find a legitimate stream of income. We like to share some information in order to clear the gray area and would like to get your attention on us

32 years development and growing up with Malaysia.

McDonald is a source of income for more than 12,000 employees, most of them are Muslim.

A total of 67 restaurants we owned and handled by 27 local franchiser, 40 percents to 50 percents of them are Malay Muslim
Besides that, McDonald's has created business opportunity for more than 50 local manufacturers and they provide employments to 2,500 local residents.

Coming the year of 2020 McDonald's Malaysia will grow to 500 restaurant and it will provide nation another 11,500 employment opportunity to every Malaysian

It is obvious any act of boycott will bring negative consequences to the economy of Malaysa and the livelihood of Malaysian working with McDonald's

Royalty Payment is a legitimate right to run a business under the brand of McDonald's

Payment of royalty is a fundamental to most business with a international brand or local brand. It was not an exclusive for McDonald's only. Need to be inform that McDonald's paid corporate tax and service tax in millions every year to Malaysian government.

We like to stress that McDonald's is not channeling it revenue, profit or royalty from restaurants in a bid supporting any form of political campaigns or ongoing conflict in any nations in the world. No truth in these accusations.

A big chunk of business profit has been used for development to expand business and Malaysian economy. In 2014, estimated 185 million invested to open 22 new restaurants and refurbish 29 restaurants in Malaysia


Since establishment 30 years ago, McDonald's always keen and committed towards local community, volunteer and caring work is our main priority.

Semenjak penubuhan kami lebih tiga dekad dahulu, McDonald’s sentiasa prihatin dan komited terhadap komuniti setempat.  Kerja amal dan kebajikan adalah keutamaan kami.

Ronald McDonald's House Charities Malaysia has contributed more than 11 million to help more than 20,000 unfortunate children. They have been doing it for 24 years continuously. As for Prosperity Gives Back Campaign contributed more than RM900,000 to charitable house since the year 2011.

Moreover RMHC offering scholarship, caring room for special children, sponsoring clinical operation discordant lip and palate and handling RMHC house at University Kebangsaan Malaysia's medicine center.aimed for families with low income helping them to stay for free in temporary in the meantime their kids get medical attention


We would stress that it is a McDonald Malaysia stance not to be involved and supporting any kinds of political acts, violence or suppression.

We ends with McDonald's Malaysia is sympathy towards innocent victims in any humanitarian tragedy.

For latest information, please contact us at

Boycotts McDonald Malaysia Facebook Page Received Thousand Likes

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McDonald Malaysia responded to the call of boycott instead of ignoring it 

McDonald boycott meme

Boycott companies is a hot potato topic amid conflict in some part of middle East. Boycott is could be an act of indirectly supporting one entity or group in this conflict zone. Do not feel strange when they are boycotting your favorite franchise food restaurant. They can talk whatever they like and it a freedom of speech. For instance, McDonald burger contained largely not beef but ammonia and low pay.

One of the Facebook page regarding Boycott on McDonald Malaysia garnered 1,000 likes in less than a month. The Facebook page is opened on July 9, 2014 with the title " Boikot McDonald's Untuk Selamanya" . In English translation, It means Boycotting McDonald's forever. Most of the contents published mostly directed towards the ongoing war at the Middle East.

One of the picture inside the Facebook page

Not much about complaining the McDonald burgers or low pay, it about Malaysian are paying McDonald Malaysia then all the funds were channeled waging a war. The Facebook page link is McDonald Boikot Selamanya

Moreover, there were more than one page regarding this matter. A Facebook page that created on the year late 2011 is still operating and updated few contents in this month. Facebook page link Kami Boikot McDonald

All of these boycott on McDonald Malaysia has received an unprecedented response. This message from McDonald Malaysia Official Facebook page published on July 25, 2014 is the sign of broken silence and wanted to tell the story on their side. This message is ended with a signature by management of McDonald Malaysia. The language used in this message was Malay. 

McDonald is best place to watch Final World Cup

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Grab the seats while available for your friends . More and more are coming for limited seats

Unless you have HD television at home and invited all your friends to come and join for epic shouting, your families were not at home, your refrigerator got all the food and beverage. then, this option is not viable for you. There is only few chances that your family got into a vacation during final FIFA world cup match. So, majority will opt for an outing.

I have seen the schedule. The final match will begin during your parents sleeping on 3AM. You do not want to shout till your parent came out with a iron stick right ? It either nearest McDonald outlets or 24 hours restaurant. I am sure lot of restaurants normally not 24 hours would like to earn your business !

But the reason to go McDonald is that we love to eat McDonald burger especially this mouth-watering Habanero burger. Besides, there is a lime McFizz to cure spicy Habenero burger. There is an interview with one of the McDonald outlet manger saying that this new Habanero burger is what customer ordered this past few weeks. Have you bite one of these yet ?

The option for restaurant is undeniably good. You could eat Ramly burgers if there were one but the chances is low. Besides, there is a low chance you can get into some rich restaurant with expensive projector for 100 inch moving images. Don you think those clever, smart and loyal customers already stand by there ??

  The next great thing is eating french fried made by McDonald. Making homemade french fried is a difficult task because it required large amount of oil and consume your valuable time. Besides, this is a exclusive FIFA world cup fry box. it should be put into collection if you wanted too. 

Download this great McDonald Gol apps to your smartphone. It really fun to play. The only thing you required was the limited edition FIFA World Cup 2014 fry box or this would not work. It really fun when you scan the fry box, you will drag to a penalty kick. Fire the kick with your finger like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo whichever you feel good.

Behold this Coca-cola limited edition glass which will be given out for you if you order specific menu selection. If you did not went to McDonald and eat, you would not even know this promotion exist ! 

So, will you watch later match Argentina vs Netherlands at one of the McDonald outlets or you will wait till Final match ?? 

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Astro want you to paint your photo into your favorite soccer team flag. You can get your favorite team flag on your Facebook photo with ease. More info at Astro ola ola paint

Promotion Astro on the Go apps for watching Final FIFA World Cup 2014. Non-Astro user can apply too. You can use this watch at computer, smartphone or tablet. More details at Astro on the Go apps

KAX phenomenon during FIFA world cup 2014. The purple cat hold by Hanis Zalikha, Fizo and Dafi. Some pretty local celebrity such as Nelydia Senrose, Nad Zainal was with kax. A Celcom Xpax's purple cat. More info at Malaysian celebrity like KAX so much

McDonald Malaysia Coca-cola Glasses Ramadan 2014

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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Glass. Only at every McDonald outlets in Malaysia. Drink ice cold lemon tea with this

McDonald Malaysia Ramadan Coca-cola glasses 2014 and Olympic 2012

To be honest the free glass from McDonald Malaysia looked familiar. If memory serves me right, They have been given out this identical glass when on the London Summer Olympic on 2012. I got the London Summer Olympic glass and this Sinar Ramadan limited edition Coca-cola glass from McDonald Malaysia that is why I know it really looked like the one I got last time. 

To get one of these limited edition Coca-cola glass, there is a readily available McDonald menu with revised price. The menu contained almost every delicious McDonald burgers with the right price tag inclusive one limited edition Coca-cola glass. All you need to do is fairy easy, choose the menu on the table counter rather than choosing the hanging menu.

Should you choose the hanging menu but insisted in front of the staff you wanted to buy separately limited edition Coca-cola glasses, you would be charge rip-off price something RM 10 for one. Besides, the term and condition you must fulfill in order to get this limited edition coca-cola glass is to purchase McDonald large pack and the time is between 11AM-6AM. 

Coca-cola glass 2014-Ramadan-McDonald Malaysia

Product name : Limited edition McDonald Coca-cola glass
Manufactured : China
Do not use     : Hot Tea / beverage, Knocking
Use                : Cold/Ice beverage

I do not think this is meant for hot beverage as there was a reminder at the back said " do not use heat" . The only way use it safely will be on ice/cold beverage. Maybe not, maybe it just a fragile glass designed to put at display glass cases for showcase to your relative and friends visiting your house.

McDonald Habanero Burger for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Habanero Spicy Chicken is a very spicy flavor served with medium-size Lime McFizz

McDonald Malaysia Habanero Burger
Habanero Chicken Burger 

Total price will be RM 11.50 . Habanero burger RM7.30 with fries + LimeMcFizz RM4.2 . I do not know where they get the name from Habanero, I am guessing it must be a Brazilian language. It is so spicy I felt like eating this burger like forever. I used to eat them quite fast. The size of the burger is satisfactory.

I just don know why the McDonald staff did not give me the exclusive and limited FIFA World Cup french fries holder. I apparently ordered a Habanero burger. Is that only available for those who purchase large set Habanero burgers ?? I just want to try it out the McDonald FIFA game apps they had made.

Without the limited edition French Fries holder, I think it pointless to play the McDonald FIFA game app right ? There were two choices available beef or chicken but both are spicy flavor. Cant they just Habanero burger original flavor ??

Source : Facebook page McDonald Malaysia

If it was not because McDonald is official restaurant FIFA World Cup 2014 and new Habanero burger, I would not convince myself for a meal trip there. Despite that, I think KFC got boneless chicken offer and I have yet to taste it. I am wondering whether McDonald Habanero burger or boneless KFC chicken. In the end, I would pick both it just the matter of time i will try both great offers.

In case you just on diet and never been to McDonald lately, I have a news for you that every McDonald Malaysia outlets are your new modern mamak stall. You can watch LIVE any FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. If you are seeing this, Uruguay vs England 3AM in less than 11 hours from now.

McDonald Malaysia's Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest

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Pick McDonald Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Chess to play the game. I would recommend Quarter Pounder than Big Mac.


I played both Big Mac and QPC because I like both of the burger. In fact, all of the burger are equally tasty. As you can see above, I could get up to 11 QPC score while in Big Mac, I would not get so high in scores. As you keep playing the game, making more burgers, you will be graving for McDonald burgers for sure. To make the situation better, living in cities could enjoy discounted McDonald delivery order to your home by inserting the codes. How to get the code? Well, you are required to play the game since you are here just zoom in the image above to get the McDonald discount code.

There will be 6 stages in the game. Each stage is harder as you proceed to the next stage. All of the 6 stages will be unlocked fully on March 6, 2014. For example, February 24, 2014, we could play 4th stage if we won the third stage in the game but could not advance to 5th stage as it will be unlocked at later date.

At the end of the game, you will be redirected to a page displaying discounted codes and your game score. In the page, you will see written like "Free Quarter Pound Chess and Big Mac Burger delivery" I am not convincing they are no hidden fees but you can try by calling 1300-13-1300  

Beside Free burgers, The Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest come with exclusive prizes to win.  Stated in the Term and Condition, 3 grand prizes will be rewarded for active top 3 participants at the end of the contest period. The prizes are Ipad Air, Samsung Galaxy Grand and Canon Digital Ixus . The contest is running from 13th February 2014 - 12 March 2014 

Furthermore, top participant each day will also entitled to receive RM50 McDonald gift. It is a very rewarding contest !! 

You are required facebook account to play the game at McDonald Malaysia Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest Web

Eat McDonald burgers with Mcsavers in Malaysia 2014

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Save more ordering Mcdonald burger with Mcsavers. Only at Mcdonald !!

Enjoy Mcchicken RM4, Cheese burger or 4 pieces of nuggets only RM3.00 and Apple pie for RM2.00 only. 

On February 8, McDonald Malaysia announced Mcsavers which consumer can purchase McChicken excluding drinks and fried for only RM4.00. It indeed budget friendly meal. Sundae ice-cream only cost Rm 3.00. They did not say the date the effect of Mcsavers promotion gone but they indicated to us every lunch and dinner We can enjoy Mcsavers promotion. Who benefit the most in this promotion?

It seem like those like to order burger only and dislike drink and fries benefit the most in this promotion as well as those like to order additional fries, sundae or drinks. Basically, it benefit most of the consumer. Even with Mcsavers, McDeluxe and other burgers lovers do not enjoy reduction of price.

I have eaten because could not resist the promotional campaign Mcsavers 2014 Mcdonald Malaysia. I ordered 2 Sundae and one apple pie the price is according to discounted due to promotion !

Donation to Malaysia charity through McDonald Prosperity Burger

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Eat at your nearest McDonald outlet now order a prosperity burger RM1 will be contribute to Malaysian Charity fund.  

It is not mandatory like "Zakah" in Islamic term that everyone need to contribute. McDonald Malaysia decided make a campaign for Malaysian unfortunate young and old living in charity-sponsored home. For your information, some of this home cater more than 100 peoples. You would not believe that their expenses are whopping up to RM10,000-RM15,000. 

In conjunction of Chinese New Year 2014, We already know McDonald will make prosperity burger available for the period of CNY. It only available for very short period of time and many wanted to taste the prosperity burger every year it must be done in this time. This burger is special because it has different drinks. You should try it yourself.

Although Chinese people are discouraged to buy foods at outside as they keen for family prepared foods during Chinese New Year, It does not mean they do not. The tradition is not keeping them going to McDonald ordering as there will a unique burger set meal signify Chinese New Year spirit. Some of the Chinese like to eat at outside when there is a meal designated for Chinese New Year period such as Oranges, Nian Gao, Spring Roll and luxury Yusheng in Chinese restaurant.

If you feel eating McDonald Burger or You feel that there is a responsibility call on Malaysian society, remember to order prosperity burgers at this coming January 18 and 19, 2014. Bring your family and friends. RM1 is very powerful when be like 100 peoples it will be RM100.00 for Malaysian charity.

Watch this below by McDonald Malaysia made a video clip for charity programme.