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McDonald's Malaysia responds Boycott on Social Media

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McDonald Malaysia shed some story on it side in a bid to wash away all doubts on them

It was unusual for a successful and big fast food restaurant like McDonald's Malaysia to make a comment on any issue. But in this particular matter, they needed to say something about it. This are the full unaltered original message published on their official Facebook page not long ago.

There were social media created in order to rally boycotting on McDonald Malaysia. More information at Boycotts McDonald Malaysia received thousand likes . Is this online rally get away easily and out of the sight of police attention ??

If freedom of speech practiced by democratic nations which including speaking freely towards any entities then it could mean something related to this online rally regarding McDonald's Malaysia. As long as it was peaceful rally, everyone have the right to voice up their concerns and ideas.

McDonald Malaysia and those boycott supporters are equally important in contributing free society that upholds freedom of people and peace.

Original version at this Facebook link please go to Original version in Malaysia language

Below is a copy of full message from management of Malaysia published on it social media July 25, 2014  (English Version)


Accusation and call of boycott towards McDonald Malaysia is unreasonable. All kinds of allegation has been made associating conflict and tragedy humanitarian at Gaza. However, the real victim of these accusation were towards our friends, employees and families. They have been a subject of discrimination and other franchise outlets we tried hard to find a legitimate stream of income. We like to share some information in order to clear the gray area and would like to get your attention on us

32 years development and growing up with Malaysia.

McDonald is a source of income for more than 12,000 employees, most of them are Muslim.

A total of 67 restaurants we owned and handled by 27 local franchiser, 40 percents to 50 percents of them are Malay Muslim
Besides that, McDonald's has created business opportunity for more than 50 local manufacturers and they provide employments to 2,500 local residents.

Coming the year of 2020 McDonald's Malaysia will grow to 500 restaurant and it will provide nation another 11,500 employment opportunity to every Malaysian

It is obvious any act of boycott will bring negative consequences to the economy of Malaysa and the livelihood of Malaysian working with McDonald's

Royalty Payment is a legitimate right to run a business under the brand of McDonald's

Payment of royalty is a fundamental to most business with a international brand or local brand. It was not an exclusive for McDonald's only. Need to be inform that McDonald's paid corporate tax and service tax in millions every year to Malaysian government.

We like to stress that McDonald's is not channeling it revenue, profit or royalty from restaurants in a bid supporting any form of political campaigns or ongoing conflict in any nations in the world. No truth in these accusations.

A big chunk of business profit has been used for development to expand business and Malaysian economy. In 2014, estimated 185 million invested to open 22 new restaurants and refurbish 29 restaurants in Malaysia


Since establishment 30 years ago, McDonald's always keen and committed towards local community, volunteer and caring work is our main priority.

Semenjak penubuhan kami lebih tiga dekad dahulu, McDonald’s sentiasa prihatin dan komited terhadap komuniti setempat.  Kerja amal dan kebajikan adalah keutamaan kami.

Ronald McDonald's House Charities Malaysia has contributed more than 11 million to help more than 20,000 unfortunate children. They have been doing it for 24 years continuously. As for Prosperity Gives Back Campaign contributed more than RM900,000 to charitable house since the year 2011.

Moreover RMHC offering scholarship, caring room for special children, sponsoring clinical operation discordant lip and palate and handling RMHC house at University Kebangsaan Malaysia's medicine center.aimed for families with low income helping them to stay for free in temporary in the meantime their kids get medical attention


We would stress that it is a McDonald Malaysia stance not to be involved and supporting any kinds of political acts, violence or suppression.

We ends with McDonald's Malaysia is sympathy towards innocent victims in any humanitarian tragedy.

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