Boycotts McDonald Malaysia Facebook Page Received Thousand Likes

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McDonald Malaysia responded to the call of boycott instead of ignoring it 

McDonald boycott meme

Boycott companies is a hot potato topic amid conflict in some part of middle East. Boycott is could be an act of indirectly supporting one entity or group in this conflict zone. Do not feel strange when they are boycotting your favorite franchise food restaurant. They can talk whatever they like and it a freedom of speech. For instance, McDonald burger contained largely not beef but ammonia and low pay.

One of the Facebook page regarding Boycott on McDonald Malaysia garnered 1,000 likes in less than a month. The Facebook page is opened on July 9, 2014 with the title " Boikot McDonald's Untuk Selamanya" . In English translation, It means Boycotting McDonald's forever. Most of the contents published mostly directed towards the ongoing war at the Middle East.

One of the picture inside the Facebook page

Not much about complaining the McDonald burgers or low pay, it about Malaysian are paying McDonald Malaysia then all the funds were channeled waging a war. The Facebook page link is McDonald Boikot Selamanya

Moreover, there were more than one page regarding this matter. A Facebook page that created on the year late 2011 is still operating and updated few contents in this month. Facebook page link Kami Boikot McDonald

All of these boycott on McDonald Malaysia has received an unprecedented response. This message from McDonald Malaysia Official Facebook page published on July 25, 2014 is the sign of broken silence and wanted to tell the story on their side. This message is ended with a signature by management of McDonald Malaysia. The language used in this message was Malay.