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Controversial Video Shahul Hamid sparked MIC Anger

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Police report has been lodged due to the a perceived remarks as racist and insulting faith of religion

This video has been uploaded few months ago but recently surfaced on social media due to a perceived inappropriate statements made. Local news portal has been writing for this topic but seem to have avoiding to show the actual and full length video. There is a 2 hours preacher speech attend by Muslim only.

 In the video, preacher touched variety of topics before the alleged remarks. Tune in to 1 hour and 1 minute or 1:01:50. The alleged topic content are related to curry powder carrying the brands of Alagappa & Babas. He said that the big Hindu statue with the tongue rolled out were made to taste all the curry powders. It seem to be an illogical in religious texts and more like a joke on the appearance of the statue.

Throughout the video he had mentioned biggest and well known brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Pepsi, Colgate, Safi and curry powders. The purpose he mentioned big brand names is to strengthen up local brands opened up by local entrepreneurs. Besides, he preached about Muslim needed to be taught using right-handed instead of left-handed.

It is wise to mention that preacher taught many to wash the eggs before use for cooking, wear appropriate clothes to close certain parts body, no conventional loan, support Muslim brands.

This full video previously have been removed by Youtube in the violation of it terms. If you are able to watch this in full video clip, it is because there is more than one account uploaded this video on Youtube.