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Donation to Malaysia charity through McDonald Prosperity Burger

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Eat at your nearest McDonald outlet now order a prosperity burger RM1 will be contribute to Malaysian Charity fund.  

It is not mandatory like "Zakah" in Islamic term that everyone need to contribute. McDonald Malaysia decided make a campaign for Malaysian unfortunate young and old living in charity-sponsored home. For your information, some of this home cater more than 100 peoples. You would not believe that their expenses are whopping up to RM10,000-RM15,000. 

In conjunction of Chinese New Year 2014, We already know McDonald will make prosperity burger available for the period of CNY. It only available for very short period of time and many wanted to taste the prosperity burger every year it must be done in this time. This burger is special because it has different drinks. You should try it yourself.

Although Chinese people are discouraged to buy foods at outside as they keen for family prepared foods during Chinese New Year, It does not mean they do not. The tradition is not keeping them going to McDonald ordering as there will a unique burger set meal signify Chinese New Year spirit. Some of the Chinese like to eat at outside when there is a meal designated for Chinese New Year period such as Oranges, Nian Gao, Spring Roll and luxury Yusheng in Chinese restaurant.

If you feel eating McDonald Burger or You feel that there is a responsibility call on Malaysian society, remember to order prosperity burgers at this coming January 18 and 19, 2014. Bring your family and friends. RM1 is very powerful when be like 100 peoples it will be RM100.00 for Malaysian charity.

Watch this below by McDonald Malaysia made a video clip for charity programme.