Malaysian made Chinese New Year 2014 Songs

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Various Malaysian Chinese Organization will celebrate CNY by making Chinese New Year songs every year such as MY FM and Astro. They never miss a single year. This year is horse !

They never missed producing local made Chinese new year song in Malaysia. Our CNY celebration is overwhelmed with their songs filled our CNY atmosphere. Sincerely Wishing all of You a Happy Chinese New Year 2014 !

Although all the CNY songs are made from Chinese languages, I wish they could make subtitles for our friends who does not read Chinese in the coming future.

The most satisfied and most nice CNY song the author is picking up AI FM's 2014 CNY song. The title is
"New Year with abundant loves". It has subtitles and everything and most importantly it is a very good song.


Collaboration NTV7, One FM, 8 TV, they collectively made an awesome CNY 2014 song.. The title of the song is " Happiness is most important" in English language.If you decide to download it into your smartphone You can follow instructions located on their Youtube channel.


MY FM DJ crews collectively made a CNY song by the title "Kuda Kuda" . It is not a coincidence it related to the Chinese Calender this year is a horse year. The song is consist mixing the popular korean hits Psy's "Gangnam Style".


MY Astro is again making a CNY song for us. The title is "dream is alive" translated from Chinese. It could mean MY Astro wishing us our dream fly higher and can be achieved during 2014. Besides, there is a familiar elements in the song. Oh ! They also put a mixing with popular US singer Anna Kendrick's "Cups" song.


Melody FM's CNY 2014 song. The song consists chinese restaurants and foods that are being served during the period of CNY only. Most prominently is Yusheng.

MGirls is singing a lot Chinese New Year songs in 2014. Most of the song are singed in Cantonese.

Popular Malaysian Chinese singers Chong Shen Zhong is making a buzz in coming 2014 CNY. He made many CNY Songs. He also taken a concert tour for whole Malaysia.

Title as : New Hope in 2014


S P Setia Malaysian property infrastructure and business company wishing happy Chinese new year 2014. Listen to their CNY song

Petronas presents to you CNY video clips CNY 2014. Titled "Young Hearts" It is not a song, it is more like a story depicting CNY atmosphere. All the casts are Malaysian and the scene are most likely backward to 1990s


Tenaga Nasional Berhad 's CNY advertisement song " The Gathering" .. Enjoy !!