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Cadbury Malaysia gives special angpow to her in CNY 2014

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Possibly The most touching moment is when she yelled to her parent and the hugging returning to her home in 2014 CNY. Cadbury Malaysia made her and her parent wish come true.

Chinese New Year does not mean loudest crackers or big festival. It is about family gathering together.  

Her parents expression when seeing her daughter in front of them burst in tears. the moment is very touching. Her parents watched the video sent by her daughter at oversea and before that, they cried in tearfully longing their daughter return when asked in the video clip. Both burst in tears they wish to see their daughter in 2014 Chinese New Year.

It seem like Cadbury Malaysia listen to their wish both parent and her. Giving her an angpow containing flight to come back home. Her parent never expecting her to come home this Chinese New Year 2014 but everything seem a dream until they are seeing her. 

The girl in the video clip is called "Su Ling" apparently living oversea to caught her dream. Now she is home with her parents and they are celebrating a happy CNY in 2014. If you also like Su ling situation and You could not go back home during CNY, You are always have means to do that. You could send E-mail, letters or short messages to your parents who might want to hear from you. A small news of You to your parent might change everything in their feeling in 2014 CNY.

Now or never text your beloved one in this coming CNY !!