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Ah Beng Mission Impossible Chinese New Year Movie 2014

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Ah Beng movie is back with new title "Mission Impossible" scheduled to released at Malaysian Cinema on January 23

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In conjunction of Chinese New Year, they take the great opportunity to release the movie as a "Chinese New Year movie" it is also when most of the Chinese peoples are coming back from oversea to Malaysia.
For your information, Ah Beng is a comedy genre movie. You are surely laugh till fall out the cinema chair.

The movies goes like this Ah Beng working as a security guard received a phone call that subsequently cancelled his mood for upcoming CNY because the man who called him offered a mission should he take and complete, he will receive a great reward 1 Million. 

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With the strong desire for money, he abandoned CNY celebration and heading for the mission which bring him to Korea. Ah Beng does not speak any Korean language asked for those who can speak and all he need to do is make a signature on the paper which is part of his mission. He thought it will be an easy matter but the story still in early stage the real challenge lies behind. 

Will Ah Beng won the mission and take home 1 Million? You have to go see this on January 23, 2014. More information visit at

Ah Beng movie 2014 CNY
Ah Beng movie 2014 
The poster indicated a Chinese new year wishing and because this year fall under horse calender year, the wishing is related to horse. 

A movie is not complete without a good song. This is Ah Beng 2014 song for the movie composed by Alvin . If you like the song give him a like in Youtube !