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Video FAM chanted in Stadium as "Bangsat"

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A viral video showing stadium goer chanted FAM management is not a good one

The video was not uploaded by me either. It was obtained one of the most popular Facebook page in Malaysia. The widely controversial video emerged as Malaysia soccer squads lost all three matches yesterday on September 15, 2014.

It remains a speculation or presumption that angry stadium patrols who always supporting Harimau Malaya get really pissed off and was recorded in a video clip. Despite the chanting, there were no violence occurred. It was believed to be a peaceful gathering and peaceful freedom of thought in a large crowd.

The chanting could be a little overdone. The chanting translated to English is "Football Association of Malaysia is a bastard or asshole". There were huge numbers of peoples followed the chanting. The repeated chanting was recorded in a video clip. Most of them chanted in a Malay language like this 

FAM bangsat, kami datang FAM bangsat. x2 Kami turun ke stadiun , satu jiwa satu malaysia, FAM bangsat dibunuh saja.

The outrageous chanting has aimed on FAM which the management were under someone respectful and powerful in Malaysia. We should think positively that this is just some emotional occurrence rather than a disrespectful acts.

Yesterday South Korea vs Malaysia with a score 3 - 0 was held in Incheon. As for Malaysia U16 vs Australia 1 - 2 was held at Thailand the qualification of Malaysia to World Cup was not materialize. The third match Malaysia versus Indonesia in a friendly match was held at Surabaya. The question remained mystery where is the location this chanting happened ??

Warning viewer discretion is advised. The content could be deemed as dangerous and inappropriate. 

10 Best 57th Merdeka Advertisement Video clips

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57th National Independence Day in Malaysia 2014. Some of the best video clips featuring Merdeka 2014


Title : We are family

2. Official Theme song for 57th Malaysia Independence Day

In Malaysia language, " DI SINI LAHIRNYA SEBUAH CINTA" . There are many version of it. More info at Lyric and Song



5. Malaysia Airlines #FLYINGHIGH

If you wish to listen to Yuna full song "Langit", visit here Langit Lyrics and song


Everyone is friendly we are family, an impression one felt depicted in Maxis video clip.

7. Merdeka with KL SOGO


Iconic for 57th Malaysia Merdeka Day. Upin & Ipin are accompany us celebrating this year Merdeka Day.You will see them often in this coming 57th merdeka. Upin & Ipin are virtual characters popular among Malaysian youngsters. The move to introducing Upin & Ipin as 57th Merdeka day Icon was inspired by a reason to make kids brought their parents to join Merdeka day.



Malaysia 57th Theme Malaysia, Where Love Grows

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57th Independence Day Theme - Malaysia, Where Love Grows or Di Sinilah Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta 


Cinta, Cinta kepada Nusa
Kini dan selamanya
Tak berbelah bagi
Cinta bergema sejarah kebangkitan
Semangat bagai Pahlawan
Alangkah Ong Bertuah nya

Kita rasa sayang dalam pada pertiwi ini
Kita terus berganding ke mercun

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Cinta yang Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita semua

Disini lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan Sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita
Segala Cabaran Kita Terus Tempuhi
Jangan ada yang leka
Tetap Berjuang

Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Cinta Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita Semua

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita

Ayuhlah Berbakti, hingga akhirnya

More version of the song at Youtube

Prank on McDonald Malaysia August 2014

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First prank video ever seen in Malaysia. News Media portrayed it was not funny.

If happiness can be generated through a video clip let say a prank then it were not classified as bad, illegal or evil. Some voiced out that this video has gone so far that rude and harsh gestures and words involved. Prank video itself is an entertainment. Those who involved in entertainment business were not real and they act on those video. Did you saw how happy they did it after they had prank the McDonald staff ??

It likely related to the ongoing boycott targeted on McDonald. They lashed out the word "F****** Israel" then they laugh it loudly as it seem like an awkward attempt. Let say if they got caught for illegal activities what were the possible punishments was right for their misconduct ?

What if they said to the police that everything they had done was recorded under the title as "Prank". Will Police just brush it off and close the case ? . I think the only thing that need to take into accountability was that was the female staff felt anything insulted ?? In the meantime, they ordered some McDonald burgers with no intention to buy it.

 I do not support them but they did said before the video begin that it was just a prank. Why so serious ? What if the McDonald staff was their friend and asked her to be actress in the video? What if the McDonald staff have received a prior notice or maybe they even say sorry to the female McDonald staff after recording ??

Video Running Man are promoting season 2 in Malaysia

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Running Man Season 2 will be even funnier and full of energy. Number 1 TV show in Malaysia

They are coming to you this November 2014. 4 of them Song Ji Hyo, HAHA, Ji Suk Jin & Kim Jong Kook are feeling excited to meet their Malaysian fans. There were a poll organized by popular TV agency in Malaysia that actually came out an unexpected result Running Man has been voted as most popular foreign TV show.

We have Running Man episodes broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on TV2 between 4PM-5PM. Although Malaysian generally do not understand Korean language, the subtitles has helped to ease language barrier. The popularity of the show in Malaysia has many determinant factors but language barrier never really deter them to watch it.

Funny, pretty and handsome casts and novelty landscape were some of the determinant factors. Not to mention the Korean wave in past few years could be one of the strong factor leading them to watch it. To the extend, some of them are going as far as learning their language. No doubt, the whole world have witnessed and known the influence of Korean Pop when the video Gangnam Style broke 2 billion views in Youtube.

Running Man Fan Meeting will be held on November 1 at Stadium Negara. In case you are interested there is an entrance fee. Race Start Season 2 are presented by One HD with supporting Sponsor Red Bull No.1 Energy Drink in Malaysia. Do not get overwhelm excited as the date of releasing tickets is yet to be announced.

Do not forget to share this out with your friends on this exciting news. Watch the video below and start to question "Where is Gary " ?

Video Angry Crowd riots at Shell Lundang

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This video dubbed as Riot at Kota Bharu Kelantan or Shell Lundang. The motive is unearthed when you have watched 3 related video clips 

It happened on the night July 28, 2014. A group of teenagers at 7-Eleven have been caught in a video lighted up firecrackers and someone filmed at nearby Shell Lundang. This is a profound finding that it explained why there was a riot at Shell Lundang. Besides, some people claimed they had threw the firecrackers towards the direction where car was passing by.

They threw on people walking by and the situation got intensed when they decided to threw at Shell station where at that time, there were many patrons filling up their car 

The second chapter of this incident was believed to be employer and employee of Shell went to the nearby 7-Eleven store spraying black pepper on them as a warning. Before this chapter unveiled, Employer of the Shell have been reporting this case to nearby police station but they never came to ease the tension.

When overwhelmed tension reached boiling point, a group of teenagers swarmed in Shell station. It is unknown what were their intention. However, there were evidence of act of stealing and vandalism. There were no apparent police intervention it might be due to festival period.

After the incident, 7-Eleven management had paid compensation to Shell station Lundang. Thousands of Malaysian had shared this video to their social media page. This is one of the viral video in the month of August 2014.

Hari Raya Videos in Malaysia 2014

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Complete list of new Hari Raya videos in Malaysia 2014. Do not miss these meaningful videos 

Earliest wishing all happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia. Happy holiday for everyone.

1. This advertisement video is made by Telekom Malaysia 

Title : Sister

Moral of the story always know and admit your faults. Especially during Hari Raya ask for the forgiveness of elders.

2. Jakel and Aaron Aziz

Get Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak brand at nearest Jakel clothing store. Check them out for original and high quality wear only RM60.

3. Petronas Hari Raya Video Song

Title : Ke Pangkuan Bonda

#PetronasRaya2014 , A hashtag newly created by Petronas for you who want to comment on this video clip. A very soothing song coupled with a family preparing for Hari Raya.

4. Astro Kosong Kosong chain videos

Casts : Lisa Surihani, Zizan Razak, Hanis Zalikha, Fazura, Nana Mahazan, Maya Karin, Feeya Iskandar, Azhael, Sheera Iskandar, Shiro, 

There are many video with the title "Kosong Kosong" by numerous actress and actors. One of them is from Lisa Surihani

5. Nissan Malaysia Hari Raya video

Title : Atuk

Grandpa and Grand mom went out dating without telling their son and grandson.

6. Hari Raya video by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Title : Ini Baru Raya

All the city dwellers back to Kampung. Try to catch live chicken is very difficult for those who never live at Kampung. Leave the job for elderly parent.

7. Panasonic Hari Raya Videos

Title : Riuh Punya Raya

There are 4 or more videos titled Riuh Punya Raya. In the end, they are promoting Panasonic electronic goods to all Malaysian.

8. Hari Raya video by JKKN

Title : Kuih Ibuku

True story of an adult man leaving behind his mother.

9. Hari Raya with Ambank

Title : Raya Bergaya

Raya bergaya with Ambank.

10. Hitachi Hari Raya advertisement videos

Title : Kasih Lebaran

There were more than one video. See them all !

11. Tenaga Nasional Hari Raya Video Song

It really creative video by TNB. So far, there are 3 videos with different genre. Joket, Original and Pop.

12. Hari Raya Video with TV9

From Media Prima a meaningful video. Spend more time with parent is always undeniably right decision

13. Hari Raya Proton Advertisement video

14. Hari Raya Aid with KFC Malaysia

More about " Hari Raya " in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 goods/product Malaysian buy online during/before Hari Raya

Video Malaysia Airline Crash at Ukraine 2014

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This has yet to be confirmed incident regarding crashing of a Malaysia Airliner

On July 17, 2014 about 11.30 PM there were global breaking news in CNN and reuters regarding this incident. Reliability of the source has yet to be confirmed. Surely attention is getting accumulated as this incident has been rated as breaking news in world news portal. 

Let us hope it did not happen as the incident about MH370 happened in March is still very much lingering. This will hit us hard acknowledge Malaysia Airline has two accidents in a year sparking global attention. Although it has been calmed down due to the Malaysian efforts in searching the missing aircraft and the involvement of Australian to help locating the MH370 airliner.

This is a video alleged capturing in the border of Ukraine. The smoke blew at a far distance and speculated it was a result of crashing Malaysian airliner carrying 295 passengers. Malaysian Airline has not made any statement so far about this due to the validity of this news.

The matter could be worse when one of the news reported speculating the airliner was not crash but shot down by rockets. The airline was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. News exposed it was MH17.

The news getting bigger when Ministry of Ukraine accused Russia shot down the passenger aircraft.

The image above is shared by an Ukraine in Twitter. The writing said " Russian Life News show from the first plane crash" it did not directly mention Malaysian Airliner but possibility is high

Searching is ongoing for survivors

More about "MH17" in Unitedmy

  1. 8 things You should know about MH17

14 Robbery Cases in Malaysia Caught On Video

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Robbery Cases caught on video. A successful move by setting up public surveillance camera at various places

We are all fear unfortunate event happened to our loved one. Many years ago, we have been so actively advocating to call upon authorities setting up public surveillance cameras. There were budgets allocated to this area of concern. Did this move impacted the security of the nation??

After so many robbery cases caught on video We must not reduce the significant of setting up more public surveillance cameras. Before this, we cant even get a glimpse on how all of these criminal plan work , now we do !

Although the video is not as clear as our smartphone camera, I think it is a standard procedure or protocol that public surveillance should not have clearer and cutting-edge image technology. The police image detection software should be able to detect any criminal face within minute even though the video is quite blur and remain unidentified by viewers. So, 2 mega-pixels camera in public surveillance camera should be enough ??

Besides, surveillance camera should be made compulsory to every business premises and districts. Personal surveillance camera should be made available either authority enforces legislation on setting up surveillance camera or provide financial assistance for setting up one.

Should we still supporting tax payers money to be put into building up public surveillance cameras to improve nation's security ? You can tell by watching all the video clips below !

1. Get robbed by a group of armed criminal

Criminal intended to scare off by wielding dangerous and sharp weapon to the public.

2. Robbing at Public Bank

This video must have been recorded by civilian who parked at road side. The robber got surrounded by public. He was no where to run but condemned by public waiting to be sent to nearest police station.

3. Robbery at a closed car maintenance shop

This video is captured of a robbery case happened to a Chinese women at Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya. The thief apparently hit his target with a hard metal causing the women fell to the floor unconscious. Handbag was stolen by the thief. This is a broad daylight robbery case. The video is uploaded to Facebook

Video link >> ' <<

4.Robbery Case at Kota Kinabalu

The incident happened in front of the Plaza Grand Millenium department store, was shared on social media via the Crime Awareness Group and went viral about 3,700 shares.


5. Car robbery at Melaka

6. Using of pepper spray to ward off robbery 

It is so unclear to the point that I don really see any pepper spray at the victim hand. Is pepper spray to powerful that enough to ward off two car hijacker? 

7. Don sit at the restaurant entry

A women bag has been successfully snatched by the criminal while talking to her friend

8. Indian Restaurant robbery

Crime and robbery is universal problem that we cant deny. I know many of us pointed finger to authority for as it is their responsibility. Malaysian authorities commented that we should protect ourselves by not wearing fancy and precious jewel at the streets.

9. Robbery happened at Taman Maluri Cheras

This is long time ago as you can see on the date embedded inside the video clip. It was 2009. They were  using motorcycle as transportation.

10. Robbery when owner is ordering

This robbery is certainly very fast and agile. He know the best timing to go in and snatch victim belonging without alerting both peoples. Did the snatcher purposely dropped something valueble and prompt victim to pick it up ??

11. Rob you while you are at hotel


12. PC shop get violently robbed

13. Failed robbery by shop patrons

I don really know what is this facility or nature of business but 3 guys trying to subdue apparently shop employee after they made a short mouth communication. Some said this incident occurred at Bandar Sunway.

14. Failed Robbery tried to steal motorcycle

Walk in to victim house and steal motorcycle. Eventually, the motorcycle pedal stuck at the gate. Victim found that the incident quickly grabbed a sweeper to scare off robbers.

The most common characteristics or physical appearances a typical snatcher and criminal

1. Wear hat
2. Motorcycle
3. Jacket
4. Safety Helmet
5. Mask

This is not an attempt to undermine any parties but merely compilation of robbery cases happened in Malaysia. All of this sources are provided by searching the Internet. Well this is not a move to strike fear to common people but to learn the tactic of many snatcher and criminal. We should see on the brighter side !

Want to see more robbery case videos at WhiteEastern Youtube channel

Cadbury Malaysia gives special angpow to her in CNY 2014

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Possibly The most touching moment is when she yelled to her parent and the hugging returning to her home in 2014 CNY. Cadbury Malaysia made her and her parent wish come true.

Chinese New Year does not mean loudest crackers or big festival. It is about family gathering together.  

Her parents expression when seeing her daughter in front of them burst in tears. the moment is very touching. Her parents watched the video sent by her daughter at oversea and before that, they cried in tearfully longing their daughter return when asked in the video clip. Both burst in tears they wish to see their daughter in 2014 Chinese New Year.

It seem like Cadbury Malaysia listen to their wish both parent and her. Giving her an angpow containing flight to come back home. Her parent never expecting her to come home this Chinese New Year 2014 but everything seem a dream until they are seeing her. 

The girl in the video clip is called "Su Ling" apparently living oversea to caught her dream. Now she is home with her parents and they are celebrating a happy CNY in 2014. If you also like Su ling situation and You could not go back home during CNY, You are always have means to do that. You could send E-mail, letters or short messages to your parents who might want to hear from you. A small news of You to your parent might change everything in their feeling in 2014 CNY.

Now or never text your beloved one in this coming CNY !!