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Prank on McDonald Malaysia August 2014

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First prank video ever seen in Malaysia. News Media portrayed it was not funny.

If happiness can be generated through a video clip let say a prank then it were not classified as bad, illegal or evil. Some voiced out that this video has gone so far that rude and harsh gestures and words involved. Prank video itself is an entertainment. Those who involved in entertainment business were not real and they act on those video. Did you saw how happy they did it after they had prank the McDonald staff ??

It likely related to the ongoing boycott targeted on McDonald. They lashed out the word "F****** Israel" then they laugh it loudly as it seem like an awkward attempt. Let say if they got caught for illegal activities what were the possible punishments was right for their misconduct ?

What if they said to the police that everything they had done was recorded under the title as "Prank". Will Police just brush it off and close the case ? . I think the only thing that need to take into accountability was that was the female staff felt anything insulted ?? In the meantime, they ordered some McDonald burgers with no intention to buy it.

 I do not support them but they did said before the video begin that it was just a prank. Why so serious ? What if the McDonald staff was their friend and asked her to be actress in the video? What if the McDonald staff have received a prior notice or maybe they even say sorry to the female McDonald staff after recording ??