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Top 10 Comedians in Malaysia

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Jason Leong
Source : Facebook page JasonLeongComedy

Facebook link : Jason Leong Facebook page

He is a doctor but realizing later his hidden talent is become a comedian. His admiration local comedian is Harith Iskandar and Douglas Lim. He made a comedy advertisement related to sore throat medicine product. Besides, he also did stand-up comedian. His joke mostly in English language.


source : Harith Iskander Facebook page

Facebook link : Harith Iskander Facebook page

Godfather of stand-up comedian in Malaysia. One of the earliest Malaysian venturing in stand-up comedian business. He discovered his talent when one of his friend decided to invite him for a speech on stage at a party. After that show, there were people started sending invitation to him for a comedy talk in corporate parties. He joke in English language.


Source : Wikipedia

Facebook link : /OfficialZizanRazak Facebook page

Zizan Razak is a popular actor and TV host. He is consider as a funny person. He does not do stand-up comedy show. But, he is well known for his humorous acting. His joke mostly in Malay language.


source : Wikipedia

A member of popular group "Senario" . He often dress in a traditional China wear in one of the show "Melodi". He joke using Malay language. Senario received prestigious award in an award show Anugerah Lawak Warna. However, he seem to be inactive after his group were seem to be disbanded due to the show "Senario" has been redundant.


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Facebook page : Nabil Ahmad Fan page

A successful stand-up comedian in Malay language. He is an actor, comedian and singer. A champion in TV show "Raja Lawak Season 2" which give him a nickname of "Raja Lawak Nabil" which translated in English as "Nabil King of laughter".


Source :

He is one of the successful comedian. His joke mostly in English. His joke is funny as much as Harith Iskandar and Jason Leong. He is pretty well versed in joking related in many cultures and talkative person. I believe that his joke carrier is as successful as Canadian comedian Russell Peters.


Source : Facebook page ShuibFC

Facebook link : ShuibFC Facebook page

Shuib Sepahtu is a stage name for him. He just won "Super Spontan" tv show in third place with a cash prize of RM25,000 


Facebook link : Afdlin Shauki

He seem to have more than 1 million fans in his Facebook page. He is a writer, director and actor. Presence in many comedy shows. He is the founder of "Spontan" TV show. He is likened to Zizan Razak and he not really a stand-up comedian more of a celebrities in entertainment industry. His joke is all in Malay language.


Facebook link : Along cham

He is one of comedian with the title Raja Lawak due to winning on  Raja Lawak TV show. Besides, he is talented actor actively involving in big movie. He starred in Adnan Sempit Sawadikap the movie released in year 2014.


Source : Wikipedia

Facebook link : Raja Lawak Johan Facebook page

Johan a stage name for him real name is Yazid Lim is a popular TV host and comedian. One of the champion in "Maharaja Lawak" TV host entitled him to be called as Raja Lawak Johan or in English translated as Johan King of laughter.

He defeated all other comedians to be the most popular comedian in Malaysia in the year of 2012.

Winners of Anugerah Lawak Warna 2014

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Who are the most funniest guys in Malaysia ? An award dedicated for their lifetime achievement to make people happy and laughing

Last time when you told your parents about wanting to become a comedian. They say to you a big "No". A kids with parental motivation against their passion. The life is a long journey if you do not do what you love you will struggle along the way. Some of them determined to pursue the passion. their passion and consistency to become a comedian now has been recognized by all Malaysian.

There were no less talented comedian in Malaysia. Anugerak Lawak Warna 2014 is the platform for many to know some of the most talented Malaysian comedian. This is a prestigious award was held on September 19, 2014 only watchable on the channels Astro Warna & Astro Mustika HD.

List of celebrities and peoples attended the award show were Dato' AC Mizal, Nabila as host of the show. Others were, Yusoff Naslam, Luna Maya, Kamal Adli, Nong Cham, Wak Doyok, Yana Samsudin, Elizabeth Tan, Amir Jahari, SVJ, David Teo, Feeya, Khir Rahman, Kak Engku, Krill, Jambu Sharifah, Hairul Azreen, Nad Zainal, Arja Lee, Harith Iskandar, Shaarnaz Ahmad, Salleh Yaacob, Fouziah Gous, Jasmin Hamid, Almy Nadia, Zul huzaimy, Elfira Lov, Jihan, Sofi Jikan, Noor Khiriah, Mr.Os, Enor and many more. Sadly Zizan Razak and Maya Karin did not attend the show. There were few nominated actors and actress did not make appearance.

If laughter and smile is the best medicine and best expression then these guys deserved an award for their brilliant contribution.

Comedy TV Series 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Oh My English-April Fools (Winner)
  2. Osman Baku Musim 2
  3. Projek Memikat Suami
  4. Yem Rempit
  5. Benci Vs Cinta 

The Best Directors in Comedy TV Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Jamal Khan          - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Nazir Jamaluddin - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  3. Kye Fariz              - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  4. Shamyl Othman    - Oh My English - Hello America
  5. Tan Suhaimi         - Pengancam Perkahwinan

The Best Variety Shows in Non-Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Fuyoo Raya Zizan
  2. Karoot Komedia Raya (Winner)
  3. Kaunter Kaboom Raya
  4. Warna Raya
  5. Lari Lari Raya 

The Best Variety Shows in Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Super Spontan 2013
  2. Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013 (Winner)
  3. Sembang Tek Tarik
  4. Bintang Mencari Bintang
  5. Kan Dah Kena Siri 2

The Best Directors in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Osman Ali (Sejoli)
  2. Halmy Yusof (Kental Bikers)
  3. Shamyl Othman (Kami Histeria)
  4. Ismail Bob Hasim (Adnan Sempit 3)
  5. Waan Hafiz (Hantu Tok Mudim)

The Best Comedy Movie of the year 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Bikers Kental
  3. Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Kami Histeria
  5. Hantu Tok Mudim

Special Awards 2014

  1. Dato Jama Shada  (Winner)
  2. Pak Hamid Kurga (Winner)
  3. SENARIO band    (Winner)

The Best Actress in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Maya Karin - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Nur Fazura - Kami Histeria
  3. Yana Samsudin - Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Diana Danielle - Kami Histeria
  5. Intan Ladyana - Adnan Sempit 3

The Best Actress in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Jasmin Hamid             - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  2. Jihan Muse                 - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  3. Nadiya Nissa              - Pengancam Perkahwinan
  4. Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Awang Senandung
  5. Khatijah Tan              - Atan & Atoi

Most popular by voting for Female Comedian 2014

  1.  Tizz Zaqyah
  2. Didie Alias
  3. Jihan Muse
  4. Sharifah Sakinah (Winner)
  5. Noorkhiriah

The Best Actor in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Bront Palarae - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Azad Jazmin - Sejoli
  3. Zizan Razak - Bikers Kental
  4. Shaheizy Sam - Adnan Sempit 3
  5. Sofi Jikan - Hantu Tok Mudim

The Best Actor in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Shuib Sepahtu - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Kazar Saisi      - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah  (Winner)
  3. Hairie Safwan - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  4. Sharol Shiro    - Atan & Atoi
  5. Ajak Shiro       - Yem Rempit

Most popular by voting for Male Comedian 2014

  1. Jep Sepahtu (Winner)
  2. Johan
  3. Zizan Razak
  4. Achey
  5. Nabil Ahmad

Most Popular Comedy Radio Segments

  1. Spontan Era
  2. Gosip Mah Jemah
  3. Sketsa Johara (Morning Era) (Winner)
  4. Drama Ke Laut
  5. A.M Crew Bersama Dr.r Hot. FM

TV Show Apa Saja FBI 2014

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Apa Saja FBI : You will see many celebrities being invited to the show for a performance. 

Apa Saja FBI
Apa Saja FBI 2014 

Faizal Ismail will be hosting the TV Show to wow the audiences. Faizal Ismail is the one of the humorous TV host in Malaysia. In this show, he is able to manage the show and the celebrities on the stage.

First episode, honor guests were invited to the show. One of them are "the sibling". They performed a song with instruments. Most of the audiences do not know that they are actually one family. Besides, Shiro and Jihan were invited to do some joke in the show. They are very talented joker. Both of them have built up some chemistry in the show to humor the audiences. Jihan is most popular female comedian in Malaysia.

In the middle of show, Jihan and Shiro will demonstrate with a lucky audience in the show
"how to wrap up baby in a proper manner" It really cute and funny how they done it. On the show, they use normal tower and fold into a seemingly baby diaper.

One can watch this TV show at TV9 every sunday, time on 8.30PM . Apa Saja FBI is currently doing an on-going contest follow the instagram on #apasajafbi5 . Tag your selfie picture and get a chance to win shopping voucher totaled RM700 .

Now, Malaysian can enjoy Apa Saja FBI at Tonton website. The streaming link is Tonton Apa Saja FBI 2014

Prank on McDonald Malaysia August 2014

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First prank video ever seen in Malaysia. News Media portrayed it was not funny.

If happiness can be generated through a video clip let say a prank then it were not classified as bad, illegal or evil. Some voiced out that this video has gone so far that rude and harsh gestures and words involved. Prank video itself is an entertainment. Those who involved in entertainment business were not real and they act on those video. Did you saw how happy they did it after they had prank the McDonald staff ??

It likely related to the ongoing boycott targeted on McDonald. They lashed out the word "F****** Israel" then they laugh it loudly as it seem like an awkward attempt. Let say if they got caught for illegal activities what were the possible punishments was right for their misconduct ?

What if they said to the police that everything they had done was recorded under the title as "Prank". Will Police just brush it off and close the case ? . I think the only thing that need to take into accountability was that was the female staff felt anything insulted ?? In the meantime, they ordered some McDonald burgers with no intention to buy it.

 I do not support them but they did said before the video begin that it was just a prank. Why so serious ? What if the McDonald staff was their friend and asked her to be actress in the video? What if the McDonald staff have received a prior notice or maybe they even say sorry to the female McDonald staff after recording ??

Video Running Man are promoting season 2 in Malaysia

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Running Man Season 2 will be even funnier and full of energy. Number 1 TV show in Malaysia

They are coming to you this November 2014. 4 of them Song Ji Hyo, HAHA, Ji Suk Jin & Kim Jong Kook are feeling excited to meet their Malaysian fans. There were a poll organized by popular TV agency in Malaysia that actually came out an unexpected result Running Man has been voted as most popular foreign TV show.

We have Running Man episodes broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on TV2 between 4PM-5PM. Although Malaysian generally do not understand Korean language, the subtitles has helped to ease language barrier. The popularity of the show in Malaysia has many determinant factors but language barrier never really deter them to watch it.

Funny, pretty and handsome casts and novelty landscape were some of the determinant factors. Not to mention the Korean wave in past few years could be one of the strong factor leading them to watch it. To the extend, some of them are going as far as learning their language. No doubt, the whole world have witnessed and known the influence of Korean Pop when the video Gangnam Style broke 2 billion views in Youtube.

Running Man Fan Meeting will be held on November 1 at Stadium Negara. In case you are interested there is an entrance fee. Race Start Season 2 are presented by One HD with supporting Sponsor Red Bull No.1 Energy Drink in Malaysia. Do not get overwhelm excited as the date of releasing tickets is yet to be announced.

Do not forget to share this out with your friends on this exciting news. Watch the video below and start to question "Where is Gary " ?

Watching 22 Jump Street Movie in Malaysia Review

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We Jump Street and we are about to jump in your ass, right in the crack. Yo !

22 Jump Street
The coolest poster in cinema July 2014

Channing Tatum is the only reason I went to cinema and watch this movie. I have watched a lot of funny and hilarious movie but, Jump Street 22 jokes are seriously not funny at all. It heavily promoted by Sony because it was captured by Sony camera. That the only reason I am against this. I do not like Sony made movies. Particularly, the Amazing Spider man 2. 

As If 22 Jump Street movie were not filmed by Sony camera, I would not say anything about it. Sony made movies is simply destroying my movie experience and movie mood. I am not saying Sony camera in not clear and good but it just not meant to film a complete movie. Good and cutting-edge camera cant make a comedy movie become more funnier.

Jump Street 22 is a sequel but not much different from previous one. Firstly, they went to college as a police undercover to investigate a drug called "WhyPhy" which is sound like Wi-Fi in some sense. Beside Jonah hill and Channing Tatum, here come another funny actor Ice Cube. Who is a police chief. I cant believe he assigned Jenko ( Channing Tatum ) and Schmidt ( Jonah Hill ) a secretive mission to infiltrate drug business in a college.

Before they got the mission, Jenko and Schmidt were sent off being a Mexican trying to catch some bad guys. The funny part is that one of the bad guy really looked like Mexican version of wolverine and Jenko sound like a retarded one. If I got this movie in my computer, I would replay this hundred times. No, the octopus part is not funny at all. Schmidt is almost chocked to death by those dark liquid.

A series of action scenes emerged however they did not catch the smugglers. A failed mission rendered them another mission to infiltrate a school drug business. The existence of the mission were due to a death of a college student. 

It was not an easy mission for them. They had suffered high and low in their friendship throughout the mission. At the lowest point of their friendship, Schmidt and Jenko embraced a theory that the drug dealer is still out there causing harm to the public. They begin to working together and their determination yields fruitful result that the fat girl who scolded them " Oldest man in the college " and " Shut the F up everyone is studying ". The girl who had watch Schmidt sleeping with his girlfriend were the wanted drug dealer.

Jenko and Schmidt proved their theory right by catching Mercedes ( Drug dealer) alive with his boss around. Well that the most funniest scenes ever in the movie was when Schmidt were trying to catch Mercedes. 

There were not much funny moves or funny scene around but this movie is more leaning on funny jokes. If you understand their joke you might want to see them on cinema. There were really lot of F words around. If you want to see Channing Tatum first F word this is it. 

Attraction : Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, first comedy movie in 2014

Weakness : Film in Sony, Cant cope with their jokes, no crazy and funny move, college is boring, no explicit scenes probably censored or cut.