Winners of Anugerah Lawak Warna 2014

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Who are the most funniest guys in Malaysia ? An award dedicated for their lifetime achievement to make people happy and laughing

Last time when you told your parents about wanting to become a comedian. They say to you a big "No". A kids with parental motivation against their passion. The life is a long journey if you do not do what you love you will struggle along the way. Some of them determined to pursue the passion. their passion and consistency to become a comedian now has been recognized by all Malaysian.

There were no less talented comedian in Malaysia. Anugerak Lawak Warna 2014 is the platform for many to know some of the most talented Malaysian comedian. This is a prestigious award was held on September 19, 2014 only watchable on the channels Astro Warna & Astro Mustika HD.

List of celebrities and peoples attended the award show were Dato' AC Mizal, Nabila as host of the show. Others were, Yusoff Naslam, Luna Maya, Kamal Adli, Nong Cham, Wak Doyok, Yana Samsudin, Elizabeth Tan, Amir Jahari, SVJ, David Teo, Feeya, Khir Rahman, Kak Engku, Krill, Jambu Sharifah, Hairul Azreen, Nad Zainal, Arja Lee, Harith Iskandar, Shaarnaz Ahmad, Salleh Yaacob, Fouziah Gous, Jasmin Hamid, Almy Nadia, Zul huzaimy, Elfira Lov, Jihan, Sofi Jikan, Noor Khiriah, Mr.Os, Enor and many more. Sadly Zizan Razak and Maya Karin did not attend the show. There were few nominated actors and actress did not make appearance.

If laughter and smile is the best medicine and best expression then these guys deserved an award for their brilliant contribution.

Comedy TV Series 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Oh My English-April Fools (Winner)
  2. Osman Baku Musim 2
  3. Projek Memikat Suami
  4. Yem Rempit
  5. Benci Vs Cinta 

The Best Directors in Comedy TV Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Jamal Khan          - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Nazir Jamaluddin - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  3. Kye Fariz              - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  4. Shamyl Othman    - Oh My English - Hello America
  5. Tan Suhaimi         - Pengancam Perkahwinan

The Best Variety Shows in Non-Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Fuyoo Raya Zizan
  2. Karoot Komedia Raya (Winner)
  3. Kaunter Kaboom Raya
  4. Warna Raya
  5. Lari Lari Raya 

The Best Variety Shows in Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Super Spontan 2013
  2. Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013 (Winner)
  3. Sembang Tek Tarik
  4. Bintang Mencari Bintang
  5. Kan Dah Kena Siri 2

The Best Directors in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Osman Ali (Sejoli)
  2. Halmy Yusof (Kental Bikers)
  3. Shamyl Othman (Kami Histeria)
  4. Ismail Bob Hasim (Adnan Sempit 3)
  5. Waan Hafiz (Hantu Tok Mudim)

The Best Comedy Movie of the year 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Bikers Kental
  3. Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Kami Histeria
  5. Hantu Tok Mudim

Special Awards 2014

  1. Dato Jama Shada  (Winner)
  2. Pak Hamid Kurga (Winner)
  3. SENARIO band    (Winner)

The Best Actress in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Maya Karin - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Nur Fazura - Kami Histeria
  3. Yana Samsudin - Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Diana Danielle - Kami Histeria
  5. Intan Ladyana - Adnan Sempit 3

The Best Actress in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Jasmin Hamid             - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  2. Jihan Muse                 - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  3. Nadiya Nissa              - Pengancam Perkahwinan
  4. Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Awang Senandung
  5. Khatijah Tan              - Atan & Atoi

Most popular by voting for Female Comedian 2014

  1.  Tizz Zaqyah
  2. Didie Alias
  3. Jihan Muse
  4. Sharifah Sakinah (Winner)
  5. Noorkhiriah

The Best Actor in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Bront Palarae - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Azad Jazmin - Sejoli
  3. Zizan Razak - Bikers Kental
  4. Shaheizy Sam - Adnan Sempit 3
  5. Sofi Jikan - Hantu Tok Mudim

The Best Actor in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Shuib Sepahtu - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Kazar Saisi      - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah  (Winner)
  3. Hairie Safwan - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  4. Sharol Shiro    - Atan & Atoi
  5. Ajak Shiro       - Yem Rempit

Most popular by voting for Male Comedian 2014

  1. Jep Sepahtu (Winner)
  2. Johan
  3. Zizan Razak
  4. Achey
  5. Nabil Ahmad

Most Popular Comedy Radio Segments

  1. Spontan Era
  2. Gosip Mah Jemah
  3. Sketsa Johara (Morning Era) (Winner)
  4. Drama Ke Laut
  5. A.M Crew Bersama Dr.r Hot. FM


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