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Collection of Sabah Fishes

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What kinds of fishes they are selling in the market ?

1 Barracuda / Ikan Alu Alu/梭鱼

Barracuda or Ikuan Alu Alu

Aggressive type fish. A predator in an open sea. Some Barracuda has a fierce looking and sharp jaw. Some hawkers are selling this 1KG = RM8 (Value in 2014) only. This Barracuda weight more than 3 kilograms

2. Garfish / Todak


The legendary fish recorded in Malaysia history book. Malay called them Todak in the past. In the myth, there was a king ordered his mens to stand in a line near the shore where the Garfish attacking anyone near the shore. All the mens sacrificed. A boy jump out and voice out his idea to the king, "why don we build a banana stem along the shore". The king agreed to the idea. Banana stems were placed near the shore, when the Todak attacked again, its sharp snouts pierced stuck there later killed by men standing nearby. The past Singapore was no longer threatened by it.

This Garfish weight is 2KG. Some fishmonger sells it 1KG = RM5 (Value in 2014)