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Speed Test: Digi Unlimited Data in Sabah

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Digi has extensive mobile Internet coverage throughout the nation.

Digi unlimited data RM100 speed test
Digi RM100 unlimited postpaid plan. Speed test done in Sabah

The battle of unlimited mobile Internet data is officially started. Thanks to Webe (unifi mobile), paving a new trend that followed by many local Internet mobile companies. Webe's reign on the term "unlimited data" is unrivalled for nearly six months from 2016 to march 2017. In an attempt to stay competitive, Digi continued effort revised its postpaid plans. 

Digi unlimited postpaid plans has a significant difference that would be no blockage on mobile tethering to other devices such as laptop and other device with Wi-Fi. Depending on your package, you may open tethering on your mobile phone to a laptop and watch 20GB of contents on your laptop. in an event of usage of 20GB is fulfilled, you may opt for a topup or surf the contents in your mobile phone without tethering to your laptop until the next billing month.

Besides, the new postpaid is constantly  run on 4G with 5mbps internet speed. However, Digi is prominent in dealing with user downloading stuff with the torrent software. Most of Digi users have experienced huge speed throttle while downloading any torrent files.

Digi has solved the issue of Internet coverage in many rural parts of Malaysia. In recent years, there have been lots of projects involving communication towers. In fact, those tower seem to be stabilizing LTE/4G Internet connection.

In the near future, we may observe another promotions battle among local mobile Internet providers in term of mobile internet speed. Since we have unlimited data now, consumer may suggest unlimited data and 20mbps instead of 5mbps. 

Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu

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MIMMA 1 borneo kota kinabalu
Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Mall, Kota Kinabalu

It pretty much not a typical Malaysian routine conversation with their friends about wresting / martial mixed arts. A well-received reception in the Malaysian Invasion Martial Mixed Arts held in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu told a different story. It is emerging of Malaysian passion on this sport.

Get ready to watch well-built body be slammed down within the arena. The energetic environment will surely run over your body wishing the person in the arena is you because the feeling is so strong for the need to be beaten up or beat somebody down.

Not an usual pin your opponent 1 to 3 in order to win the match by the referee. It more like a match to cheer up the crowd, some fancy finishing move, some continuous punch delivered to a pinned down person.

The blue and red spots are designed for the training of the contestants before going into the arena. The chairs covered black are meant for VIP.  

MIMMA 1 borneo Kota Kinabalu

The high-definition big screen is one of the attraction of this event displaying all kinds of humorous video clips. Tunetalk is pretty much a very serious in organizing a mega MIMMA event.

MIMMA at 1 Borneo Hyper Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu

Even before the contestants start tearing their shirt off showing some huge muscles and 6 packs or even tattoo if they got one, some local supporters are waiting patiently exciting match. It get a little bit intense as the DJ or speakers started to talk about the event details and promoting their stuff.

Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Art with 300 crowds in 1 Borneo Mall

I was not so sure the amounts of crowd right now. But, as if it was some newspaper reporting, they would literally say 5,000 without hesitation. Phone cameras flashing repeatedly as the contestants walking slowly into the chamber. Did I miss to mention ? Some heavy camera flash congestion happening in the moment when the female contestants walked in to the chamber.

The show is pretty eye-catching. The titles of the matches were female 1 versus 1, male 1 versus 1, heavyweight and lightweight.

Heavy weight Malaysian Invasion MMA

Catch some glimpse upon the MIMMA heavyweight match. As the match started, 3 video recording mans climbed up the edge of chamber tried to record down all the mind-blowing moves delivered by both contestants.

The chamber cant hold any longer fury unleashed by them. Both are enduring the heavy punches and lightning-speed kick, the suffering and pain to stand both feet continues the fight till the last bell rings.

The sound produced when hard slamming an opponent to the chamber floor is pretty much astonishing. Heard and seen it for the first time in my life in a close proximity.  

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant Review

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Singapore Chicken Rice Shop

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Air-conditioned restaurant serving mostly customer who want to have decent meal served with fried deliciously-marinated chicken. There is another Singapore Chicken Rice restaurant situated at Karamunsing shopping mall.

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Although one could virtually find any restaurant serving decent chicken rice but not many restaurant actually installed air-conditioner. Your lunch meal is better feast under an air-conditioned environment especially for those working adults with fancy tie and nice suit.

Unlike normal fried chicken, Singapore Chicken Rice adopted half steamed half fried cooking method. The skin surface is smooth and not as crunchy as KFC. One could guess it is much more healthier. 

Breakfast at Kim Hing Lee Coffee Shop

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Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee or 金兴利茶室 literally means in English as Kim Hing Lee's Coffee Shop 

Kota Kinabalu Kim Hing Li 1982 Raw Pork Noodle-Sang Nyuk Mian

When I glimpse on this tagline "Kota Kinabalu First Raw Pork Noodle", "Kim Hing Li 1982 Year" I thought of entering a time machine travelling back to year 1982. I quicky jump back to reality or year 2014 when they ask me to pay RM9.30, that was really close because I was about to pay cents like RM1 ??

Who knows how much it costs in the year 1982 a bowl of Sang Nyuk Mian. They said, Raw Pork Noodle is first invented in Sabah, originated from Sabah we should be proud, they said.

You must at least see the above pictures 10 times because you apparently hungry right now and the word "breakfast" makes you even more I know it as I am having that now in front of the screen. That black Soya sauce and that salty pork soup it will make your day brighter and don thank me for that !

If you want an oily-heavy-pork-salty-noodle-black-soya-sauce breakfast choose Sang Nyuk Mian ! 

That was a RM2.50 or lesser Nescafe Ice ! Prepare RM10 because that is the rate you are going to pay for Sang Nyuk Mian and Nescafe Ice when you are breakfast at Kim Hing Lee Coffee Shop. 

I wonder if they serve 100 peoples in a day that would be RM1000 gross profit before deduction of material cost. 100 peoples eating Sang Nyuk Mian that not some difficult task. 

Place: Kota Kinabalu Sinsuran (Nearby Centre Point, Le Meridien Hotel)

Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate and Meat Ball Spaghetti

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International chain restaurant Secret Recipe opens another chain restaurant at Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

Beef Meatball Spaghetti

Secret Recipe restaurants are located at Centre Point Sabah or Oceanus Waterfront mall and various other places. Expanding rapidly due to favorable market condition. Unrivaled making of mouth-watering cakes and serving western style foods is just a perfect place for casual dining. The beef meatball spaghetti priced at RM18.50

Staff are adorable and quick in learning their mistake without arguing with their customer when they billed wrong item into my bill. I have paid extra foods that I did not order and consume. 

Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate Cake

It is not worthy visiting Secret Recipe without ordering its cake, A big slice of chocolate banana cake at RM8.00 is more than enough for your afternoon tea break. Life is wonderful with Secret Recipe cake !!

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Secret Recipe

One of the place to hangout after salary disbursed to employees !!

Delicious Japan Boat Takoyaki at Sabah

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Available for only RM3.50 with a special sauce plus the juicy seafood meat hidden just cant get enough of it.

Sabah Japan Boat Takoyaki

It is not selling ramen or sushi. They are mainly serving the ball-like snack from Japan. It will be good if they do serve ramen. What is your first impression on this decoration ?? All they need is a linen enough to cover the body of customer till knee and import some quality Ramen with experienced Ramen chef !!

Japan Boat Takoyaki

The demand of Japan Boat Takoyaki in Sabah is great leads great expansion of Japan Boat Takoyaki business in Sabah ! It used to be RM3.00 only around the year 2012. There is a RM0.50 price increase between 2013-2014.

Japan Boat Takoyaki at Sabah

I never know what was inside till today. It was minced octopus !

Another Japanese delicacy happening in Malaysia. Takio Ikayaki's Ikameshi (Giant Squid)

Sabah Restaurant Receipt shows GST 6%

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It is under business right to exercise prior to the agreed date ?

It never one intention to harm anyone but to states the fact or truth or reality. I will never reveal because it will be a common thing at the future nagging it just feel no right. Demand and supply still rule. . You have the right to impose but we have the right to say and comment!

When demand and supply rules the above receipt is nothing at all. World crude oil fell 40 dollars and more it is amazing to know that nothing get affected at here everything is still normal because there is no decreasing price in our local oil price. When the oil price just increase a little bit locally, everything seem goes up !

There is one significant question in my head a little voice saying that "When it the right time for our favorite restaurants trim it price down ?" I had this questions when I am still young I always glimpse on the price of my favorite food. Apparently, it was just a fairy tale ! As I grow up, I realized that when food and service goes together nothing really goes down.

It never goes down I was hoping a miracle that could bring this dream materialized. The reasons behind it I heard that the restaurant owner wants to maintain profit. Due to some minimum wage policy or local oil price increased or 5-star service. One of the most sound reason of all will be go and you try to open a restaurant business yourself !  I was so guilty being so naive by stating all this facts

Business operator used to be charging RM3 for a bowl of kon lao men or RM 3.50 for big portion chicken rice or RM1.50 for 3 Dim Sum or RM0.70 for a roti canai. Nowadays, no one hardly get the prices

Do you ever miss paying RM 1.00 for a fried rice or fried noodle ?? I mean it not like the salary is catching up the inflation of food. There is only one certain thing in the future "price of your favorite foods goes up in the restaurant if demand is still strong" . 

We talk too much about demand what about the supply well, my favorite restaurant might want to maintain it price if there are many new and good restaurants doing business around there. Besides, people changes their diet too during a life cycle or due to some significant event happened like disease that would be something entirely unpredictable but it does occur !

So stop everything start eating your favorite food with the food price set by the restaurant ! Although their business depend very much on customer do not forget they listen when you comment on the food taste but not food price !

Photos Taken inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall

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Some of the brands opened outlets while most of the shop lots were yet to be occupied 

I have seen Hard Rock Cafe banner and Nando's banner advertising that they are about to open outlet within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. Oceanus Waterfront Mall is strategically placed patrons are likely visiting Oceanus Waterfront Mall after Centre Point. Just like patrons would visit Wisma Merdeka , Wisma Sabah and Suria Sabah due to the close proximity.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall project is finally completed delaying for couple of months.

The Face Shop  Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Anyone would like to buy some cosmetics imported from Korea ? I presumed it must be a Korean made cosmetic because the ambassador look like a Korean celebrity. 

I have seen Lazo Diamond outlets in various shopping malls they are expanding rapidly. They are at Centre Point, Suria Sabah and One Borneo

Starbucks Coffee Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Merely opening for two days, Oceanus Waterfront Mall most frequented shop lot is ..... StarBucks Coffee. One is never wrong opening premium coffee shop overlooking a wide view of South China Sea. One can sip Starbucks's premium coffee at One Borneo, Suria Sabah and of course, Oceanus Waterfront Mall. A cup of Starbucks coffee is in the price range of RM14 - RM 17.

Secret Recipe Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Secret Recipe is another popular brand among Sabahan for its well known gourmet cakes.

South China Sea and rainy day

It was 5.35 PM, dark clouds the view from one definitely will be stunned sipping Starbuck coffee or eating Secret Recipe cakes

Captured within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. 

Sabah Optical Gallery

It is a book store or optical store ??


It was flippers or fipper your best choice shopping for sandals

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Information Centre

Ask them anything let say you wanted to know about how big the shopping mall or where is the food court, maybe ?

Photo taken date : December 16, 2014

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Open for Public December 2014

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Opening of newest and grand shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu 

Oceanus Waterfront mall

Some would argue Kota Kinabalu is crowded with shopping malls there are Karamunsing, Warisan square, Centre Point, Suria Sabah, Wisma Merdeka, But, it seem like Suria Sabah, our latest shopping mall's shop lots are to be fully occupied then most of them would argue that please establish another shopping mall at the heart of Sabah capital city!!

When Oceanus waterfront mall opens its door to the public, Suria Sabah and One Borneo are respectively ranked on 2 and 3 in term of opening date. I would agree that when on festive season there are many shopping mall patrons and no doubt the number of Sabah population is rising.

The most intriguing questions are what are the brands is coming to open in Oceanus Waterfront Mall ? Will it takes 2 years to lease all the shop lots inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall ?? I am pretty sure Nando's restaurant management have taken the earliest initiative alerted us by putting a big advertisement board that they will open a branch inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall which each meal cost around RM20.00 plus.

It hard to guess whether or not another cinema is open up there ? Despite that, we are anticipating the opening of Oceanus food court it must be overlooking the South China Sea as pretty as the view of Suria Sabah food court.

The top of the Oceanus Waterfront Mall is yet to be completed. I bet it must be a hotel. The question we need to ask is do we have too much hotels in Sabah ?? In the coming years, we will see fierce competition among the hotels and resorts. Besides, I have seen employment opportunities for local community.

More about Oceanus Waterfront Mall at Photos Taken inside Ocean Waterfront Mall

Lunch at Upperstar Restaurant Suria Sabah

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Christmas theme decoration for the upcoming XMAS celebration.

The Xmas celebration is approaching Suria Sabah's Upperstar restaurant at Kota Kinabalu. One of the restaurant you must not miss when visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / North Borneo. Upperstar serves local cuisine, burger and pizza. They do not serve pork but one could get alcoholic drinks here.

Tell you why you should choose Upperstar because the food is served in a plentiful portion the price is not that bad with government tax and service charge combined. I would rank Upperstar in a level equivalent of KFC and McDonald's  

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

The decoration is stunning local community like to come dine here. In weekend, there were people lining up outside due to no more available seats.

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

WiFi and computer are presence you would not notice time ticks away dining here. I guess there are noise absorb objects no matter how noisy next table it will not affect your dining experience.

Upperstar Staff wearing xmas hat

The Upperstar service is commendable as soon as one left the restaurant seat the leftover food and plates are to be carried away immediately.

Upperstar lunch menu

The best time visiting Upperstar restaurant would be lunch time. The foods are priced cheaper. The portion is still sizable apparently there is no double standard. Hey, they care about whether we are satisfy with the portion.

Nasi Lemak King
coconut plain white rice, curry chicken, marinated BBQ chicken wing and nasi lemak

This meal should be RM11.00 in total after tax. There are 4 BBQ marinated chicken wings pretty tasty and plentiful

Roti Kahwin Upperstar restaurant

Pretty delicious and one of the iconic small bites appetizer. I think this is something like RM 1.80.

Spent RM15.70 for Nasi Lemak King and two plates of Roti Kahwin.

10 Things to Know about Tabin Wildlife Reserve

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One of the tourist destination in Sabah to the far east

A door to a Dipterocarp forest or well known as Rain forest in North Borneo. Away from oil palm trees you will see for yourselves the magnificent Mengaris tree on your way to Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

In the daytime, you will have a chance to see primitive in North Borneo. Such as, Macaque and Gibbon. When the night fall, leopard cat and flying squirrel are presence. Besides, Borneo Pygmy Elephant and Horn bill are living within the perimeter. In the river, sometimes, Egrets and otter swimming around seeking new home.

  1. The water are sterilized although the color might be a little bit of yellowish. ( I have no problem with the water after stayed there for 1 week)
  2. Canned soft drinks and alcohols were sold.
  3. Bring raincoats prepare especially for raining season.
  4. Mud volcanoes with mud certificate.
  5. There were electricity generator reset at fixed time. Blackout for 30 seconds was not that bad.
  6. Bring some essential medicines the hospital or private clinic is 1 and half hour away.
  7.  Best time visiting Tabin Wildlife Reserve and high season is in the month of  February to October.
  8. Book your reservation at Lahad Datu airport is possible.
  9. Bring binocular for bird watching.
  10. Do not feed the animals especially primitive one with 90% human DNA similarity.

Maswings plane
It illegal take an image of the plane at this proximity but no one seem noticing 

The fastest option to Tabin Wildlife Reserve is depart by plane arrive at a rapidly growing town "Lahad Datu". I believe there was only one aviation company operating to Lahad Datu it is "Maswings". Took approximately 1 hour to reach there from Kota Kinabalu (Capital city of Sabah) to Lahad Datu.

As soon as you have arrived to Lahad Datu airport, there is a Tabin Wildlife Reserve's office nearby within the airport your inquiry they would gladly answer.

Lahad Datu Sumatran Rhino statue
Rhino Statue at Lahad Datu

Sumatran Rhino statue next to Lahad Datu airport. They are facing population extinction and one of the protected animal in Sabah.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve entrance

It takes 1 hour and half to reach Tabin Wildlife Reserve from Lahad Datu Airport and away from vast oil palm trees. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve buffet lunch
Plain rice, shrimp, fried chicken meat
We were served buffet-styled lunch. There were alcohols and some canned carbonated soft drinks to be purchased. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Coffee & Tea
Coffee or Tea ??

Drink tea if you have just standing there feel the rain coming down hitting your face. It will help a lot get one better tomorrow. Besides, one could opt for morning coffee.

River lodge Tabin Wildlife Reserve

There is a nearby river at this lodge. Sometimes, gibbon or macaques might knock door it was not that uncommon. One will see hornbill at the morning and owl at the night. River lodge is big enough for three persons.

Tabin wildlife Reserve bridge to otter trail and hill lodge

Notice that bridge, it leads you to otter trail where a nature guide will take you go through rain forest explaining trees and plants. Mind you that giant forest ants and brown leech are presence inside. Wear some long sock, comfortable shoes and bring some rain coat if possible. If you do not want dirty your shoes, there are some shoes from Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

Besides, this is a way to hill lodge.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Hill lodge

500ml mineral water everyday is served. One could turn on the air-conditioner if you feel the weather is hot. In fact, living nearby a flowing river and within rain forest, you will feel like the humidity on your bed.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Restaurant during the night time

There is only one restaurant you could go at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Local internet connection is weak although they use local broadband company such as streamyx or celcom or whatever. But, calling and messaging should not have any problem. Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat smartphone application are affected but bearable.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Dipterocarp forest

Some of the things you will see in "otter trail" are Lantern Bug, Mengaris Tree, Liana Vine, Rengas, Memosa, Wild ginger, giant ant, coral fungus, earth worm, brown leeches, ebony trees and wait-till-you-see-it.

Trip to mud volcano Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Nature guide is doing routine dos and don's

Do not feed animal , do not leave anything but footprint do not take anything but photograph, do not provoke. These are some wisdom from experienced and veteran nature guide. First of all, we need to do some grabbing when riding the 4 wheel truck because the road ahead is way too bumpy. 1 4 wheel truck could carry 12 persons. We were doing this mud volcano something like 2PM the weather was good although there were some rain on the way to mud volcano.

North Borneo Pygmy Elephant Dung
Elephant Dung

There is a distance where the road is inaccessible by 4 wheel truck we must walk to the mud volcano. 4 wheel truck will wait outside. We were very lucky witnessing horn bill, wild boar along the bumpy trip. Before the walk, we were briefed that there were pygmy elephants just passed the sole road to mud volcano. As if there were elephants standing our way, we would need to turn our way around and call it a day. 

Fortunately, there were no elephants standing against our way !! we have found some fresh elephant dung it was not smelly at all guessing because the strong smell of mud covered it

Mud volcanoes Tabin wildlife reserve experience

Some people covered themselves with the mud volcano to the extend no parts of the body was clean. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve cleaning up after mud volcano

Exhausted trip to mud volcano at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. It time for shower cleaning up boot, clothes and mud on body.

Night safari Tabin Wildlife Reserve

It was an insane night a trip to the jungle watching some active-on-night creatures. There were gliding squirrel and leopard cat. Most of the time enjoying the night landscape, the stars and moon. 

It was a great getaway and this is the end of journey at one of the tourist destination in North Borneo/Sabah Tabin Wildlife reserve