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Oceanus Waterfront Mall Open for Public December 2014

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Opening of newest and grand shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu 

Oceanus Waterfront mall

Some would argue Kota Kinabalu is crowded with shopping malls there are Karamunsing, Warisan square, Centre Point, Suria Sabah, Wisma Merdeka, But, it seem like Suria Sabah, our latest shopping mall's shop lots are to be fully occupied then most of them would argue that please establish another shopping mall at the heart of Sabah capital city!!

When Oceanus waterfront mall opens its door to the public, Suria Sabah and One Borneo are respectively ranked on 2 and 3 in term of opening date. I would agree that when on festive season there are many shopping mall patrons and no doubt the number of Sabah population is rising.

The most intriguing questions are what are the brands is coming to open in Oceanus Waterfront Mall ? Will it takes 2 years to lease all the shop lots inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall ?? I am pretty sure Nando's restaurant management have taken the earliest initiative alerted us by putting a big advertisement board that they will open a branch inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall which each meal cost around RM20.00 plus.

It hard to guess whether or not another cinema is open up there ? Despite that, we are anticipating the opening of Oceanus food court it must be overlooking the South China Sea as pretty as the view of Suria Sabah food court.

The top of the Oceanus Waterfront Mall is yet to be completed. I bet it must be a hotel. The question we need to ask is do we have too much hotels in Sabah ?? In the coming years, we will see fierce competition among the hotels and resorts. Besides, I have seen employment opportunities for local community.

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