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Photos Taken inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall

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Some of the brands opened outlets while most of the shop lots were yet to be occupied 

I have seen Hard Rock Cafe banner and Nando's banner advertising that they are about to open outlet within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. Oceanus Waterfront Mall is strategically placed patrons are likely visiting Oceanus Waterfront Mall after Centre Point. Just like patrons would visit Wisma Merdeka , Wisma Sabah and Suria Sabah due to the close proximity.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall project is finally completed delaying for couple of months.

The Face Shop  Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Anyone would like to buy some cosmetics imported from Korea ? I presumed it must be a Korean made cosmetic because the ambassador look like a Korean celebrity. 

I have seen Lazo Diamond outlets in various shopping malls they are expanding rapidly. They are at Centre Point, Suria Sabah and One Borneo

Starbucks Coffee Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Merely opening for two days, Oceanus Waterfront Mall most frequented shop lot is ..... StarBucks Coffee. One is never wrong opening premium coffee shop overlooking a wide view of South China Sea. One can sip Starbucks's premium coffee at One Borneo, Suria Sabah and of course, Oceanus Waterfront Mall. A cup of Starbucks coffee is in the price range of RM14 - RM 17.

Secret Recipe Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Secret Recipe is another popular brand among Sabahan for its well known gourmet cakes.

South China Sea and rainy day

It was 5.35 PM, dark clouds the view from one definitely will be stunned sipping Starbuck coffee or eating Secret Recipe cakes

Captured within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. 

Sabah Optical Gallery

It is a book store or optical store ??


It was flippers or fipper your best choice shopping for sandals

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Information Centre

Ask them anything let say you wanted to know about how big the shopping mall or where is the food court, maybe ?

Photo taken date : December 16, 2014