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Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu

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MIMMA 1 borneo kota kinabalu
Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Mall, Kota Kinabalu

It pretty much not a typical Malaysian routine conversation with their friends about wresting / martial mixed arts. A well-received reception in the Malaysian Invasion Martial Mixed Arts held in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu told a different story. It is emerging of Malaysian passion on this sport.

Get ready to watch well-built body be slammed down within the arena. The energetic environment will surely run over your body wishing the person in the arena is you because the feeling is so strong for the need to be beaten up or beat somebody down.

Not an usual pin your opponent 1 to 3 in order to win the match by the referee. It more like a match to cheer up the crowd, some fancy finishing move, some continuous punch delivered to a pinned down person.

The blue and red spots are designed for the training of the contestants before going into the arena. The chairs covered black are meant for VIP.  

MIMMA 1 borneo Kota Kinabalu

The high-definition big screen is one of the attraction of this event displaying all kinds of humorous video clips. Tunetalk is pretty much a very serious in organizing a mega MIMMA event.

MIMMA at 1 Borneo Hyper Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu

Even before the contestants start tearing their shirt off showing some huge muscles and 6 packs or even tattoo if they got one, some local supporters are waiting patiently exciting match. It get a little bit intense as the DJ or speakers started to talk about the event details and promoting their stuff.

Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Art with 300 crowds in 1 Borneo Mall

I was not so sure the amounts of crowd right now. But, as if it was some newspaper reporting, they would literally say 5,000 without hesitation. Phone cameras flashing repeatedly as the contestants walking slowly into the chamber. Did I miss to mention ? Some heavy camera flash congestion happening in the moment when the female contestants walked in to the chamber.

The show is pretty eye-catching. The titles of the matches were female 1 versus 1, male 1 versus 1, heavyweight and lightweight.

Heavy weight Malaysian Invasion MMA

Catch some glimpse upon the MIMMA heavyweight match. As the match started, 3 video recording mans climbed up the edge of chamber tried to record down all the mind-blowing moves delivered by both contestants.

The chamber cant hold any longer fury unleashed by them. Both are enduring the heavy punches and lightning-speed kick, the suffering and pain to stand both feet continues the fight till the last bell rings.

The sound produced when hard slamming an opponent to the chamber floor is pretty much astonishing. Heard and seen it for the first time in my life in a close proximity.  

Photos Taken inside Oceanus Waterfront Mall

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Some of the brands opened outlets while most of the shop lots were yet to be occupied 

I have seen Hard Rock Cafe banner and Nando's banner advertising that they are about to open outlet within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. Oceanus Waterfront Mall is strategically placed patrons are likely visiting Oceanus Waterfront Mall after Centre Point. Just like patrons would visit Wisma Merdeka , Wisma Sabah and Suria Sabah due to the close proximity.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall project is finally completed delaying for couple of months.

The Face Shop  Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Anyone would like to buy some cosmetics imported from Korea ? I presumed it must be a Korean made cosmetic because the ambassador look like a Korean celebrity. 

I have seen Lazo Diamond outlets in various shopping malls they are expanding rapidly. They are at Centre Point, Suria Sabah and One Borneo

Starbucks Coffee Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Merely opening for two days, Oceanus Waterfront Mall most frequented shop lot is ..... StarBucks Coffee. One is never wrong opening premium coffee shop overlooking a wide view of South China Sea. One can sip Starbucks's premium coffee at One Borneo, Suria Sabah and of course, Oceanus Waterfront Mall. A cup of Starbucks coffee is in the price range of RM14 - RM 17.

Secret Recipe Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Secret Recipe is another popular brand among Sabahan for its well known gourmet cakes.

South China Sea and rainy day

It was 5.35 PM, dark clouds the view from one definitely will be stunned sipping Starbuck coffee or eating Secret Recipe cakes

Captured within Oceanus Waterfront Mall. 

Sabah Optical Gallery

It is a book store or optical store ??


It was flippers or fipper your best choice shopping for sandals

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Information Centre

Ask them anything let say you wanted to know about how big the shopping mall or where is the food court, maybe ?

Photo taken date : December 16, 2014

Where to Eat on Sunday at Suria Sabah Food Court

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Halal and non-Halal, Noodle and Chicken your no 1 choice hangout at the heart of Kota Kinabalu

Suria Sabah Food Court

Brings Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Chicken Rice Shop and order a drink at here. I guess there were no restrictions imposed that you should order food there in order to occupy that area. It was crowded with local peoples on Sunday. A location you have higher chance overlooking the wide sea. 

One thing I have observed was the hardworking staffs cleaning the table so that the next customer could occupy the dining table. Without them, you will dine on a table with leftover food. It is not Sabahan culture throwing food leftover. Besides, there is no designated place where Sabahan could learn throw their own leftover food.

As if there were a designated place, they could throw away the food and returning the plate which is a good idea. However, it would take away the jobs. Besides, I would suggest putting the recycle dustbin increasing public awareness on protecting the planet since there were tourist we should set example but, it would jeopardize our culture ( Not all actually left their food on the tablet). Furthermore, outlets could use recycled plastic instead of solid plate or make a recycled plastic and put Suria Sabah Food Court logo or something.

Suria Sabah Food Court on Sunday

Hangout and blend in local community. Suitable for all ages. There were pastry, noodle, malay cuisine, chinese cuisine, chicken rice, buffet and many more.

Suria Sabah Food Court Sea View

You could see boats go forth and back they are transporting people to islands. Today, it was a rainy day. the clouds are blackish. 

Crowd Suria Sabah Food Court

On Sunday, some of the food stalls were off on the non-halal section. Suria Sabah Food Coury operating hour is 10AM - 8PM.

Heavy Smoke Kota Kinabalu Island November 6, 2014

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Pulau Gaya on Fire again ? Captured between the time 11.30AM-12.00PM 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

It was not a big fire but, the heavy dark smoke covered the sky. Everyone was like wondering what happened at the other side of the land. There were speed boat hovering nearby. 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

I guess there was nothing serious happened. As there were no large explosion or wave of earthquake or something really frightening. I am not so sure what happened I would like to make closure that it should be another purposely training ?

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

The smoke lasts for somewhat 40 minutes. There were no major panic. I am guessing that you should feel panic when mentioning whether or not this is related to the Penampang shooting ?? That was not my intention I think it just another bad day for the affected victims.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Kota Kinabalu

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Sabah capital is having another shopping mall that build on used to be part of the sea

Facing Marina Court the luxury condo at the eyes of local peoples, there will be another shopping mall for Sabahan people after Suria Sabah and 1 Borneo seem to have fully occupied and business is growing in a steady pace.

I heard peoples said Kota Kinabalu should not have another high-rise shopping mall back in the year of 2011 due to the Suria Sabah was still not fully occupied there were many empty tenants. But, it seem like many investors renting shopping mall tenants and the event of Suria Sabah no more shop lots to rent could occur in the coming year. Some of the biggest shop brands in Suria Sabah are Metrojaya, KFC, Chicken Rice Shop, Upperstar, GSC and many more.

I wonder which cinemas Oceanus Waterfront Mall is going to have, GSC or Growball ? It could be no cinema like Wisma Merdeka.

Oceanus waterfront mall


As the shopping mall name suggested, I hope the management brings in more popular seafood restaurants in Sabah. Something like invitation sent to Sandakan and Tawau popular seafood restaurants asks them to set up stall there. That just my suggestion this mall should live up its name.

I do not know when they will fully operating because many works needed to be done at the top of the building. I guess it will be completed and fully operate on May 2015. Oceanus seem to be officially recruiting leasing activity. Notably, I think the business will flourish in this one because the city bus is operating at this area.