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Easy Steps to Apply BR1M 2015

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"Kemas Kini Permohonan" & "Semakan Status" should be enough for one to get the handouts

BR1M 2015

Author have received a letter about the BR1M recently. A big and latest news about BR1M is the BR1M 2015 or BR1M 4.0 application could be applied on December 1, 2014.  I would say nothing important inside the letter.

Due to author has make BR1M registration in the year 2014 which is the BR1M 3.0, there is no need for another registration.

The red highlighted "Kemas Kini Permohonan" is the first step must be completed. One must put honestly in filling up the blanks. If there are changes in salary or address one must give the information. When entering "Kemas Kini Permohonan" one will encounter IC numbers and two more additional questions about personal information such as postcode, full name and the state you were given.

BR1M 2015

This is one of the important step before one tick on the "Saya bersetuju dengan terma dan syarat di atas" make sure double check on your personal information. Tick it and click "Setuju & hantar"

"Semakan Status" this is your second most important and last step. Entering your IC numbers and answer correctly two given questions. After that, one will get the ultimate answer of approval BR1M 4.0 or 2015. I think my application has been received

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