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Update BR1M 2016 Status

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Update BR1M 2016 as soon as 1 December 2015

The ongoing government one-off payment (BR1M) is still very much valid after announcement to continue the scheme on Budget 2016. The application process made easy when introduction of E-BR1M materialized which any eligible citizen of Malaysia with the Internet could apply online and get the funds into their respective bank account.

Previously, anyone who are eligible obtaining BR1M are those applying through getting form at LHDN.

Anyone who had registered through online method, there is no need for another registration. The only thing to do is The "status update".

Annually, there is a need for status update in order to obtain legally newest BR1M. It is likely that anyone who has updated obtain the newest BR1M. In this case, it will be BR1M 2016.

As you can see on the top, The status update has been received on 23/12/2015.

After all necessary items filled in, there will be a pop-up screen more like a declaration notice. (Make sure allow pop up screen )

Using Google Chrome is ideal choice to visit the E-BR1M website.

Successful BR1M online application as below :

Get to see the >> Proof BR1M 3.0

Get to see this >> Proof Obtained BR1M 2015

BR1M 2015 is out on January 14, 2015

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Maybank users received BR1M as early as 14 January 2015 on Wednesday

BR1M 2015 on 14 January 2015

Some of us were not received due to not from the same bank. Maybank users who have applied for BR1M had obtained more or less RM350 as a one-off fund to eligible participants. The initiative of BR1M is part of the budget 2015 tabled by Malaysian Prime Minister.

Easy Steps to Apply BR1M 2015

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"Kemas Kini Permohonan" & "Semakan Status" should be enough for one to get the handouts

BR1M 2015

Author have received a letter about the BR1M recently. A big and latest news about BR1M is the BR1M 2015 or BR1M 4.0 application could be applied on December 1, 2014.  I would say nothing important inside the letter.

Due to author has make BR1M registration in the year 2014 which is the BR1M 3.0, there is no need for another registration.

The red highlighted "Kemas Kini Permohonan" is the first step must be completed. One must put honestly in filling up the blanks. If there are changes in salary or address one must give the information. When entering "Kemas Kini Permohonan" one will encounter IC numbers and two more additional questions about personal information such as postcode, full name and the state you were given.

BR1M 2015

This is one of the important step before one tick on the "Saya bersetuju dengan terma dan syarat di atas" make sure double check on your personal information. Tick it and click "Setuju & hantar"

"Semakan Status" this is your second most important and last step. Entering your IC numbers and answer correctly two given questions. After that, one will get the ultimate answer of approval BR1M 4.0 or 2015. I think my application has been received

Visit this site :

BR1M 3.0 scheduled to be release on February 2014

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Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed the date of releasing BR1M 3.0 to successful applicants

Rising cost of goods impacted every corner of the world included Malaysia. Despite that, Malaysian government is committed reducing people's burden through handouts that has been ongoing since 2012. BR1M 3.0 or Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia, it is an initiative by the government helping low-income earner to stand up again.

Previously, BR1M is entitled by the people earning less than Rm3,000 a month but recent budget 2014 announced that, people earning between RM3,000 - RM4,000 also eligible for BR1M. However, those earned more than RM4,000 will receive lesser than those who earns RM3,000 a month below. 

BR1M 2014 logo

Under the budget 2014 tabled by Prime Minister on 2013, the increasing of BR1M handouts has been announced to RM650. RM150 more than previous handout. Subsequently, announced RM450 for those earning between RM3,000 - RM4,000 . Addition to that, family who has young adult age 21 and above could apply for it separately and entitle RM300 although their family has applied for household handout.

Furthermore, authorities are encouraging people put their bank information when applying BR1M as they could deliver directly to bank account respectively prevent huge traffic of people flows into bank. As for those who does not have bank account, they will collect it at counter. 

Source: BR1M3 facebook

February 22, 2014(UPDATE) - As promised BR1M 2014 will be released on this date. See this proof !  

BR1M Malaysia Apply Now on Internet

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Government of Malaysia rolled out initiative to help low-income earner who earn less than RM3,000 (USD 1,000) by implementing RM650 household handout. It is a one-time handout for every household who qualify in the poor segment. More than 60% population will take away the BR1M 2014. It has been announced at the budget 2014 recently handouts will be disbursed February 2014 . Registration can be done on January until the end of the month.

Official Website BR1M online >> BR1M <<

One can get registration of BR1M done by internet or by submitting form. Author of the have taken the form submitting method in order to get BR1M. You can get the form from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) office . In English, it is Malaysia's Inland Revenue Board.

The tips of BR1M for everyone who read this. If you have grandmother or grandfather who are 60 and above. You are entitle 2 times BR1M. If you have 1 brother who are 21 older, he is entitled for another BR1M which make it 3 BR1M. You must submit form without their names of your elderly folk or your brother name who are older than 21.

Have you heard anyone get 3 times BR1M for their family?? It seem like the tips are real and right but it does make hassle. In order to receive more than 1 BR1M, you need to remove name at the counter where there are line of people waiting to receive BR1M.

Brief details requirements of qualification for the BR1M

1. Malaysia citizen holding valid IC
2. Those who are 60 and above are encouraged to apply. 
3. 21 years old and above are encouraged to apply. Single 
4. Husband and wife who are earning less than RM4,000 combined (Not so sure it might be combined income)