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Update BR1M 2016 Status

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Update BR1M 2016 as soon as 1 December 2015

The ongoing government one-off payment (BR1M) is still very much valid after announcement to continue the scheme on Budget 2016. The application process made easy when introduction of E-BR1M materialized which any eligible citizen of Malaysia with the Internet could apply online and get the funds into their respective bank account.

Previously, anyone who are eligible obtaining BR1M are those applying through getting form at LHDN.

Anyone who had registered through online method, there is no need for another registration. The only thing to do is The "status update".

Annually, there is a need for status update in order to obtain legally newest BR1M. It is likely that anyone who has updated obtain the newest BR1M. In this case, it will be BR1M 2016.

As you can see on the top, The status update has been received on 23/12/2015.

After all necessary items filled in, there will be a pop-up screen more like a declaration notice. (Make sure allow pop up screen )

Using Google Chrome is ideal choice to visit the E-BR1M website.

Successful BR1M online application as below :

Get to see the >> Proof BR1M 3.0

Get to see this >> Proof Obtained BR1M 2015