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Plastic Microbeads Destroying Water Systems in Malaysia

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Will Malaysia follow US banning plastic microbeads products selling in the market

 Gatsby Anti Acne

Eye-catching brand "Gatsby" definitely men's ideal face wash. Imagine to have Mr Zul Arifin facial skin after using it.  As if you never discover this article or the story about microbeads, you never know the adverse effect of these tiny particles. It should have been just a normal face wash with weird-looking tiny colorful beads. I still remember purchasing it with the price range between RM15 - RM20.

Pretty satisfy with the Gatsby Anti Acne and going to use even though there is a complication about it. A threat to the environment.  It seem like everyone care about a clean acne, oily-free, face and ignoring the fact that the plastic microbeads

Gatsby Face Wash
Not that much but it there !

While using it, it was surprising enough there were loads of plastic microbeads. Even more shocking, found out that US has passed a law banning microbeads containing products in coming years. The objective is to eliminate pollution in US water systems.

As if US is concerning about their water systems being polluted by these tiny particles, the question is how could advanced country such as United States still could not invent a perfect water systems filters these tiny particles ?

Probably there is an another proper question to ask, When will Malaysia starts set a halt in products containing plastic microbeads washed down to drain causing so much mayhem due to its resistant on decompose.

 Watch the video below !

Microbead Ban Signed By President Obama
President Obama is finally banning microbeads, those tiny particles in your face wash.
Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, December 31, 2015