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Lunch at Upperstar Restaurant Suria Sabah

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Christmas theme decoration for the upcoming XMAS celebration.

The Xmas celebration is approaching Suria Sabah's Upperstar restaurant at Kota Kinabalu. One of the restaurant you must not miss when visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / North Borneo. Upperstar serves local cuisine, burger and pizza. They do not serve pork but one could get alcoholic drinks here.

Tell you why you should choose Upperstar because the food is served in a plentiful portion the price is not that bad with government tax and service charge combined. I would rank Upperstar in a level equivalent of KFC and McDonald's  

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

The decoration is stunning local community like to come dine here. In weekend, there were people lining up outside due to no more available seats.

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

WiFi and computer are presence you would not notice time ticks away dining here. I guess there are noise absorb objects no matter how noisy next table it will not affect your dining experience.

Upperstar Staff wearing xmas hat

The Upperstar service is commendable as soon as one left the restaurant seat the leftover food and plates are to be carried away immediately.

Upperstar lunch menu

The best time visiting Upperstar restaurant would be lunch time. The foods are priced cheaper. The portion is still sizable apparently there is no double standard. Hey, they care about whether we are satisfy with the portion.

Nasi Lemak King
coconut plain white rice, curry chicken, marinated BBQ chicken wing and nasi lemak

This meal should be RM11.00 in total after tax. There are 4 BBQ marinated chicken wings pretty tasty and plentiful

Roti Kahwin Upperstar restaurant

Pretty delicious and one of the iconic small bites appetizer. I think this is something like RM 1.80.

Spent RM15.70 for Nasi Lemak King and two plates of Roti Kahwin.