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Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate and Meat Ball Spaghetti

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International chain restaurant Secret Recipe opens another chain restaurant at Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

Beef Meatball Spaghetti

Secret Recipe restaurants are located at Centre Point Sabah or Oceanus Waterfront mall and various other places. Expanding rapidly due to favorable market condition. Unrivaled making of mouth-watering cakes and serving western style foods is just a perfect place for casual dining. The beef meatball spaghetti priced at RM18.50

Staff are adorable and quick in learning their mistake without arguing with their customer when they billed wrong item into my bill. I have paid extra foods that I did not order and consume. 

Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate Cake

It is not worthy visiting Secret Recipe without ordering its cake, A big slice of chocolate banana cake at RM8.00 is more than enough for your afternoon tea break. Life is wonderful with Secret Recipe cake !!

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Secret Recipe

One of the place to hangout after salary disbursed to employees !!