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Ikameshi at Takio Ikayaki Kiosk

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Craving for Crunchy Seafood and mouth-watering sauce.


It is true to say that there were no much existence of seafood restaurants in Malaysia that actually serve giant squid or "Ikameshi". Derived from the name tag, it means Japanese seafood delicacy.

Emptying the squid and stuff some delicious rice or fish ball, plating with fresh lettuce, topped with yellow special sauce one could not imagine how tasty it would be.

Takio Ikameshi

Due to less business competitors in serving squid and soft shell crab, the Takio Ikayaki kiosk serving Ikameshi received tremendous good reception during it opening in Malaysia. Now, they have more kiosks at nationwide. Serving seafood lovers in Malaysia

Besides, the achievement of another Japanese delicacy "Takoyaki" in Malaysia. Kiosks serving mainly Takoyaki. It is a good business indeed.