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Eating Dinner at Taste Two Restaurant Tawau

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Choose to dine inside with air-conditioning or outside with cold breeze

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

Sitting outside is awesome choice enjoying the natural air and dim-light surrounding. Another advantage will be after you have finish dinner, take out lighter and light up the cigarette which is quite convenience. Whereas, sitting inside enable patrons enjoying air-condition and bright light surrounding.

Taste Two restaurant is one of the best hangout places. In weekend, a rare event of people waiting for vacant table does occur sometimes because there is a higher chance every tables are occupied. No one is seem leaving it table couple with the attraction of free Wi-Fi.

Around the area where Taste Two situated, there were not much restaurants could compete with Taste Two due to it strategic place. It easily spotted and placed at corner side. Everyone know that business opened at corner usually getting lot of attentions. If you cant find it you need to ask the driver go to the one-and-only Giant Tawau, Taste Two is just nearby there.

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

24味 or Taste Two Restaurant & Bar is rather confuse whether it is a non-halal or halal restaurant there were alcoholic drinks in the menu but it seem like they do not serve pork. If you are Muslim I guess you are welcomed as nothing will happen to you if you avoid ordering alcoholic drinks. You can always order hot coffee or Taste Two signature coffee.

The price of each food is above average expecting something above the kopitiam price. It typical fancy and service-orientated concept restaurant.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Black Bean sauce Chicken
Black Bean Sauce Chicken

It fish with black bean sauce mixed with carrot and tomato.

I have witnessed myself there were Muslim and non-Muslim patrons around. This is the signature drink of Taste Two, pearl milk tea

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gangnam Fried Noodle

It Gang Nam Fried Noodles. I believe it not related to gangnam style or the korea town.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Mexican Chicken Chop

Mexican Chicken Chop. Tell them to bring a bowl of rice because it either rice or noodle and not just chicken alone.  I waited quite sometimes for this chicken chop. Other foods have arrived at least 5 minutes earlier.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gon Lou Mee

Thai Chicken Gon Lou Mee. There is a small chance you could eat Gon Lou Mee at nighttime. The black sauce noodle hiding in the bottom.