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Movies in Malaysia September 2014

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These are awesome movies made in Malaysia in the month of September 2014. 

Support local production movie. There are Malay and Mandarin movies in this month.  


Starring : Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Ayu Raudhah

Genre :  Drama and Love

Director : Sharad Sharan

Summary / Synopsis

Released in September 11, 2014. One of the most successful movie that take you whole new level of dramatic loving story. Kasyah cant accept the fact that his beloved wife and daughter were gone. He determined to start a new life with Kate. The OST of the movie was prepared by Yuna the song title "Bicara".

Trailer : Youtube video


Source :

Starring : Chen Zeyao, Guo Xiaodong, Zhou Zhou, Huang Zhongkun

Genre :  Drama and Love

Company : S100 Entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

There is a Facebook page about this movie garnered 10,000 likes >> thegatheringmovie << . Two couple deeply in love to each other. Problem arise when Xiao Mei's mother did not allow this relationship. Many things happened in the school now and then. As the time tested their relationship, in one of the night gathering of school mates, Xiao Mei and Fang Tai will meet each other up for a final closure.

Trailer : Youtube trailer


Source : Beautiful Nara

Starring : Adiba Yunus, Azwan Kombos, Shima Anuar, Along Eyzendy

Genre :  Horror

Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 18, 2014. There was a myth that the power to retain a male or husband there was a very guaranteed way yet illegal and deemed as witchcraft. It was widely known in Malaysia community. A black magic that will draw evil spirit too.

Trailer : Youtube video


Source : GSC

Starring : Sofi Jikan, Nadia Mustafar, Syuk Balas, Shuib Sepah, Rashidi Ishak

Genre :  Thrill

Company : Astro Shaw

Director   : Mamat Khalid

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 25, 2014. Heavily dependent on casts's humorous talent. Amir & Loqman decided to quit triad to start a new life. Entering to be triad member is easy but quit is not as easy as that. In order to be free again, they were to perform another task. The promise to set them free again they will do whatever thing to achieve freedom. In the trailer, they seem like robbing a money exchange branch

Trailer : Youtube video

5. FANTASIA 爱。疯王

Source : GSC

Starring : Yise Loo, Teddy Chin, Cathryn Lee, Koe Yeet, Billy Ng

Genre :  Drama, Fantasy, Thrill

Company : Juita Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Director   : Jason Kok

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 11, 2014. A same production company of "Bullet over Petaling Street" which I think it a cool movie. A lonely hectic metropolitan. A movie is told from the perspectives of three single women. Each of them are finding price charming which they spent lifetime with. A romantic movie with a great ending.

Trailer : Youtube video

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