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Movies in Malaysia July & August 2014

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Malaysian made movies were on the cinemas nationwide in the month of July and August.

Check this out these are movies released in the month of July and August 2014. All of them are made in Malaysia. Some of them are really good due to factors such as budget and cinematographic team in the company production.

Good Malaysian made movies were always made by some company such as Astro Shaw, Metrowealth and Grand brilliance. There are many more movie production company in Malaysia that produced good movies. According to Finas website, Mat Tudung and Adnan Sempit Sawadikap received well response over 1 million sold ticket each respective movie.


Starring : Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ladyana, Along Cham, Yana Samsudin

Genre :  Action and Comedy

Production Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

Movie released on August 7, 2014. two families travelling in six peoples including two babies. They were travelling to Bangkok but their wives did not brought their passports. After going through frustration, they finally passed the gate. Adnan made the biggest mistake by putting his young born son at the luggage collection after arriving at Bangkok airport. It was too late when he found out his baby missing. He found out someone took the baby from him when he seek thoroughly the Bangkok airport.

Youtube trailer : Adnan Sempit Sawadikap trailer


Starring : Aaron Aziz, Nur Fazura, Luna Maya, Khir Rahman

Genre :  Thrill

Production Company : Excellent Pictures

Summary / Synopsis

This movie aired on cinema national the same day Aidilfitri in Malaysia July 28, 2014. Conflict in the family leads to many unfortunate incidents. Their family began to feel tremendous emotional breakdown when their only daughter went missing. Who kidnapped their daughter and will they even find it out rescuing her out without any physical abuse.

Youtube trailer : Tembus trailer


Starring : Shaheizy Sam, Siti Saleha, Faizal Ismail, Azad Jasmin

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Grand Brilliance

Summary / Synopsis

At its 21 birthday, Jamaluddin or MJ acted by (Shaheizy Sam) granted a wish by his father to be boss of his father mamak restaurant business. He did not have the same dream as his father and do not wish to follow his father footstep in mamak business. MJ have a dream to become the best cupcake master rather than becoming employer of his father buisness.

Youtube trailer : Mamak cupcake


Starring : Yassin SYJ, Kumpulan Bocey, Epy Kodiang

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

They are 3 best friends living in a rented house. As the time passed by, they felt something strange about the house. The house owner did not inform them anything unusual and they did not ask about the past tenant of the house. They felt supernatural presence but they just cant make rush decision moving to another house.

Youtube trailer : Kawan Aku Mati Dalam Rumah Sewa Trailer


Starring : Desmond Chan, Amethyst Leong

Genre :  Horror

Production Company : Renbash Entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

Release in the month of ghost believed by Chinese community.

Youtube trailer : Curse of the spirit trailer

6. JIN

Starring : Zul Ariffin and Mon Ryanti, Zarynn Min, Harun Salim

Genre :  Horror

Production Company : RAM entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

A horrow movie by director Pierre Andre. A business man bought a spacious and comfortable house for his family. They like the house and immediately bought it from the property agent. Few days later, they encountered unexpected unknown presence. As you watch the trailer, you would know one of the family member have been possessed by JIN.

Youtube video : JIN trailer


Starring : C.Kumarasen, Shaila Nair, Hanuman and Gheeta, Rabbit Mac, Shamini.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Summary / Synopsis

A Malaysian Tamil movie directed by C. Kumarasen though he himself involving in the main cast of the movie too. The main actor failed badly in his love life and get involved himself in alcohol drinking. A random old guy showing up in front of him always talking with him about his future life if persisted in this behavior.

Youtube video : Maindhan trailer


Starring : Fizz Fairuz, Nelydia Senrose, Izzue Islam, Harun Salim Bachik

Genre :  Drama and Comedy

Production Company : TGVP

Summary / Synopsis

Falling in love in first sight, Johari want to know more about Zizie. However, Zizie did not like talking with boys. Johari resorted to being a female with hijab in order to get closer to her. Johari pretended to be sister of Johari hiding his own identity. His masking of real gender proved work but whole new twisted event approaching Johari. Will he succeed in getting her love Zizie ??

Youtube video : Mat Tudung trailer