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Video Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long BWF 2014

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Chen Long vs Lee Chong Wei in Men's single at Copenhagen for the BWF 2014 World Championships

Lee Chong Wei the world no 1 badminton player is enthusiast in winning the BWF 2014 although there was report saying that he was not well and injured. As expected, he did not lost the chance to be in semi-final of any badminton matches. In fact through out his badmin career, there was a minimal chance for him to obtain third place or not qualify. It either no 2 or no 1 in any badminton matches held around the world.

Chen Long hails from China competing with Malaysia no 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei. The clash of titan between world ranking no 1 and world ranking no 2 is a no-miss match for badminton fans all over the world. The badminton tricks they were performing amazingly wow the audiences.

The heat in Copenhagen stadium was intense. They played really well and many badminton fans coming from danish, Malaysia and China. They were cheering for their country. Who wins the match get the chance to sing their respective country national anthem at the award ceremony. The winner will sing with the audience at the raised platform standing as the No 1 in this match.

The Men Single final match was seen by many spectators there were many sponsors's brands showing around the corner at the sideline. There were redbull and Li-Ning. As usual, Lee Chong Wei is carrying the sponsorship brands, Maybank and XOX.