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Malaysian joins MBC Star Audition in Korea

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Her real name is DIDI MOO and she got the attentions of the judges as well as everyone enjoying her performance 

"Talents are everywhere" These words are perfectly fit for describing her. Although she does not have a celebrity looking but when she sings you will be transported to a fantasy wonderland, a beautiful ever dream. Her singing talent will make anyone crazed.

In audition, she has performed 2 songs and traditional Sabah dance. The songs were Hot Chocolate and Bubble Pop. Besides, she was wearing Sabah traditional wear performing and she was happy and conquering stage fright feeling.

Didi Moo snapped the opportunity performing at Korea when she saw MBC advertisement recruiting for talents back on 2011. She met all the requirements and one of the requirement was uploading a video of herself performing her best talent. Subsequently, she got shortlisted. She told her mum about it they are very proud of her.

She did not just make her mom and herself proud, Sabah Tourism Board Minister have met her after her success in participant MBC star audition in Korea. Most of you guy did not know her but she is actively uploading new cover song in her Youtube channel.

Author of Unitedmy have listened her cover songs strongly encourage supporting her. We need to see her living up to her potential !

Didi Moo Facebook : Didi Moo Facebook

Didi Moo Youtube channel : Didi Moo Youtube channel

Didi Moo MBC Star Audition video link Facebook video ( Due to some issue, Facebook did not allow embedding video, you need to go Facebook and watch the video there)